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Guide Startup Ideas

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A free library of “crowd sourced” electronics repair instructions, with a database of more than 100,000 step-by-step guides for common problems with over a million unique parts.


A startup that sells a personalized service for connecting international visitors with travel guides


A company that helps home builders like ApartmentPlace, ApartmentGuide, and Zumper create a single-page listing that embeds all of their properties into an app that they can distribute through the Apple Store and Google Play.


A software company that helps government agencies track and report compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines.


A platform for creating and sharing content related to the local community, such as local guides and news.


Algorithms that guide humans and machines to make better decisions.


Salesforce.com’s Wave is a platform aimed at salespeople that lets them collaborate on calls, track KPIs, and use AI to guide future calls.


A real estate website, with listings for apartments, houses, and condos, as well as a guide to nearby amenities and things to do in the area. The company wants to be one of the tools that helps people buy a home, and then helps them settle in.


A digital platform that provides what its founders call a “dynamic ‘recipe’—a step-by-step process that guides users through every step of the creative process from start to finish.”


The startup uses AI to guide you through the process of buying a home, starting with a base salary and home costs, then dividing up the costs per square foot and getting a personal loan.


A startup called “MyBoat” that helps you find guides, captains, and crews for your next adventure


An AI-powered chatbot that will guide buyers through the home buying process, with an interface that is designed to make the experience very similar to that of a real agent. The startup believes that this will lead to a significant increase in home sales.


A navigation app for the blind, which can display arrows and text to guide users in the right direction.


A simple way to set up a company, with a clear, no-nonsense guide for the process.


To help people make better financial decisions, the startup is building a mobile app that guides users through financial modeling, much like a savings calculator.


A company that creates interactive guides for business by mixing text and video.


This startup’s idea is a combination of a travel guide with an Instagram feed where you can find unique places to eat and stay. The company is working on bringing in new geographies and businesses to get more exposure.


A platform that provides data-driven analytics to help guide companies in making the right decisions. They’re currently in early seed, with the founders describing their value as helping companies “make better decisions with less data”.


A digital field guide for animals.


A web-based video platform for providing short-form, on-demand “how to” guides for small businesses. The idea is that users can subscribe to specific topics, such as ‘how to sell on eBay’ and then be notified when a new video is available.


A platform that enables customers to rate and review their favorite stores. The startup uses a crowdsourced model to encourage customer feedback and use it to guide the company’s product development.


A tool that builds customizable online guides for listing services like Airbnb and Etsy.


A company that builds and maintains a digital kitchen and dining guide (think a Yelp-style app for food).


A startup that helps guide companies through the often confusing world of employee equity.


A free app that uses GPS to guide runners on their runs. The startup is building a way to get people from one place to another, by showing them what’s around obstacles on the way.


A startup that helps people make “life-saving” decisions by using data and AI to guide them. The startup has already raised $2.3 million in funding.


A tool that lets employers collect and visualize employee feedback, as well as uses that data to guide organization-wide employee performance.


The Parisian startup is building a digital version of a tour guide. The app will help people feel more connected to a place and know more about it than they currently do. The company has already raised €4.1 million and is currently on track to close a €5 million round.


"The Definitive Guide to SaaS for CMOs: Understanding the Business Model and Marketing Value of Software as a Service" (2018)


A wearable for the visually impaired, which uses machine learning to convert a video of the world, like a restaurant or a landscape, into an audio guide.


A startup that lets you easily manage your personal and professional finances, with features like built-in savings and spending guidelines. It’s currently free for personal use, but charges $5 per month for companies.


A company that allows users to connect with people they’d like to learn from through a private, guided coaching program.


A platform that allows people to choose the best time of day to start a workout, with a built-in coach to guide them through their workout session.


A startup that wants to use computer vision and AI to help guide surgeons in the OR.


A cloud-based video chat system, one that allows businesses to see and guide customer service reps in real time.


A video training platform that helps coaches guide their athletes through their workouts.


A platform to help guide a user through a particular process to achieve a goal.


The company’s idea is to create a service that helps re-integrate people with mental illnesses into the workforce. The app employs standard HR practices, but is customized for people with mental illness, offering support in the form of a personal guide for each person.


A startup that creates community guides for real estate.


The concept is a “dynamic price guide” that helps consumers decide on the best price for a product. It’s a knowledge base of price comparison numbers and historical data to help users decide which store has the best price.


A digital tool for creating guides for just about anything. This startup is building a service that uses artificial intelligence to create guides for people by learning from the internet.


A platform for homebuilders to communicate with their customers, allowing them to update price guides and send out newsletters.


a tool for people in the UK to hire a plumber in an instant, and guide them through their job.


A tool to help guide and monitor a company’s sustainability efforts. It hooks into a company’s internal systems to track the amount of water and energy used.


A Pinterest-like social network for artisans, with a focus on artisans in developing countries. The platform uses a marketplace to help artisans sell their goods and connect with customers, and features "artists in residence" to help guide new sellers.


This startup is building a platform that helps people create and share custom guides to the markets they work in.


A “Starter’s Guide to Getting Into the Tech Startup World”


The Startup Genome is a resource for founders and investors. It covers early stage startups and is a non-profit that helps entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. The Startup Genome aims to improve the ecosystem by providing entrepreneurs with data to help guide their decisions and spread best practices.


A buyer’s guide for the home chef. The startup wants to help people learn how to cook new dishes without having to get too technical.


A startup that helps people who are going on a cruise put together a packing list and guides them through the packing process


A startup that gives people a guided tour of a city (I know there’s one for NYC, but there could be one for other cities)


Idea: A platform that helps people create videos of themselves talking through things like a how-to guide, or a testimonial, to help them market themselves online


Idea: A mobile app for first aid responders, allowing them to better coordinate in the field. The app has a fast search capability, letting responders easily find supplies and guides.