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by @levelsio

Grade Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides credit to college students based on their predictive ability of their future grades


A tool to help teachers grade homework by grading it automatically, in real time.


A startup that’s building a “smart” conference room intercom system, in which conference room intercom speakers can be upgraded to allow different types of speakers, including video.


An enterprise-grade analytics solution for social networks that makes it easy for people to see what posts their friends are sharing on social media sites.


A startup that builds out self-service enterprise-grade analytics for businesses. FastForward provides tools for a profitable, high-volume marketing campaign.


A medical-grade mattress that uses sensors and algorithms to track a person’s sleep cycles, and then provide feedback to help improve a person’s sleep.


 A private-label membership-based platform that lets users pay to upgrade their access to health-related content.


An enterprise-grade dashboard for managing customer service. It’s for in-person contact with a customer. It will be a hybrid of a self-service solution and a dedicated service.


A startup that provides software for college students to help them manage their grades and schoolwork


A company that wants to make it easier for companies to manage their sales force by helping them upgrade their CRM and marketing software on a weekly or monthly basis.


A tool to help connect students with secondary education with students in a similar grade at a university. The startup helps with translation and registration, and says it has successfully helped one student find a roommate for her roommate’s apartment.


A company that makes earbuds made with medical-grade silicone with no wires for more sensitive ears and better sound quality.


A platform for teachers and students to interact that can be used to share notes, assignments, and homework via a visual interface. They are developing a way for teachers to grade students' work in real time, as well as a way for students to get feedback from teachers and classmates in real time.


A cybersecurity startup offering enterprise-grade security for small companies. The company claims to have already brought in $1.5M in revenue. Possibly a conflation of the financial services startup and the cybersecurity startup,


The startup is developing a personalized learning platform that connects students with academic experts, helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses and to improve their grades. In a space that typically focuses on grades, the startup is looking to provide a holistic approach to learning.


A new way to get enterprise-grade security for all your cloud apps using orchestration from a single source. It’s a security automation tool that promises to make security management easier for companies of all sizes.


This startup is building a service for businesses to organize and grade their internal performance reviews.


A startup that helps teachers use their classroom’s data to better serve their students. TeacherSitter tracks a teacher’s attendance, assignments, and grades, and helps them decide how to help their students the most.


A company that wants to improve the way people pay for airline tickets. The startup is building a new online travel booking platform that they say will help travelers get the cheapest and best seats, and even get upgrades.


A Y Combinator alum is building a system to help companies build their own enterprise-grade mobile apps, saving them from having to build everything themselves.


A micro-app that helps teachers (and students) create and share lessons online. Zoono is currently in private beta, and is designed to help you teach, review, and grade lessons more efficiently by providing a single platform.


A digital assistant that helps teachers manage grading. The founders say it has an “A+ grade” and is already being used in twenty schools.


A tool that helps college students and professors create, collaborate, and grade assignments.


A cloud-based platform that provides end-to-end accounting upgrades for small businesses. The company was founded by two former Intuit employees.


A new start-up that wants to make it easier for students to access their grades, assignments, and other materials. The company is currently offering a free plan for students and has raised a $2.5M seed round to date.


This startup is building an enterprise-grade CRM for the legal industry.


This is a tool for teachers to grade students assignments. It also allows teachers to create lesson plans on their iPads.


A cloud-based security management platform that offers enterprise-grade security, compliance and governance.


A startup that works with companies to upgrade their HR systems, starting with onboarding and benefits.


An enterprise-grade mobile app that makes it easier to hire freelance contractors. The startup’s software tracks hours, overtime, time cards and more, and automates the process.


The startup is building an enterprise-grade email platform that allows marketers to send emails directly to employees, rather than having to use an external service like MailChimp or Mandrill.


A startup that is building an "enterprise-grade" Bitcoin wallet for enterprises. They hope to eventually provide enterprise-ready tools for other blockchains, as well.


A company looking to build the ultimate medical-grade exam table. The startup has built a prototype that can raise and lower patients in ways that medical professionals often describe as “magical”.


A 4th grade student created a video explaining the new health care bill and has over 1 million views on YouTube.


An enterprise-grade video conferencing platform for business. The startup is already profitable and is looking to double its 50 employees over the next year.


A startup that provides tutoring services for students so that they can get better grades and get into better colleges


A startup that sells iPhone cases that are super protective (IE has a military grade case and is tested to withstand drops of 6 feet)


Idea: A platform to bring great coffee to everyone, everywhere The startup is building a barista-grade coffee brewing system using the Nespresso capsule format The company says it has $8,500 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool that lets you share your high school student’s grades and progress with colleges


Idea: A startup that’s building an enterprise-grade business intelligence product that allows companies to better understand and track their customer data. The company says it’s already working