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Government Startup Ideas

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SITU is building a messaging app to help people connect with their local government. It’s meant to make government more approachable and transparent to the public.


A SaaS platform that helps companies with how to sell to the government.


A toolset that helps small businesses receive updates from the government and other stakeholders in an organized and timely fashion.


This’s the second time around for the company, which previously launched a version of its product in China in 2017, and lost most of its customers after the Chinese government blocked its service.


A solution for poorly performing government-run schools in India, with plans to expand to other countries in the future.


A company that’s building advanced software to help the government battle terrorism.


A software company that helps government agencies track and report compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines.


A company that helps nonprofits and local governments hire digital marketing agencies that are more targeted to their needs. They’re currently offering 5 hours of consulting and digital marketing services for $200.


A group of entrepreneurs who were tasked with building out the Internet of Things for the US government. The team is building a programmable thermostat, which they say will “change the way people live and work”.


This startup’s software makes it easier to communicate with people in the U.S. government and military in order to facilitate disaster relief.


A platform that connects people who need help with people who can help them. They’ve partnered with cities, governments, and nonprofits.


A free service that makes it easy for businesses to use the government’s services, like Medicare and Medicaid.


A connected car startup focused on providing an on-demand ride service. It’s one of the companies that was part of the Telangana government’s PPP program.


A data center with a 1 MW capacity for storing data and a network of 20,000 servers. It aims to help businesses and governments solve big problems with big data.


A messaging app for urbanites in India, where the government has banned SMS and WhatsApp, and SMS is often unreliable.


A startup for managing knowledge management tasks for local government, such as data governance, mission management and knowledge management.


A software solution for governments to more efficiently and easily collect and process data and information.


A startup that builds security tools for the cloud. The startup aims to use threat intelligence from the NSA and other government organizations to create a platform that can help find and stop hacker attacks.


A form of payment supported by the federal government that allows people to pay for taxes and other fees with an app.


A startup where the US government buys excess military equipment and resells them to civilians. It’s not the first attempt to make the surplus military equipment market accessible, but it’s the first to be backed by the US government.


A platform meant to make it easier for city governments to build and manage their own smart cities.


A startup to help students get the most relevant and affordable loans from the US government.


This startup, which is a subsidiary of a government agency in Brazil, is focused on building technology to provide transparency into the country’s elections.


The app is meant to help people feel connected to their communities and to learn about local government, news, and weather. It’s being built by the tech team of a Philly-based newsroom and has been in the works since 2013.


A company that is building a new kind of search engine that helps you find the best vendors in a given local market. It’s part of the idea that government services should be made more efficient and easy to use.


A startup that conducts research on the effects of technology on society, and then works with companies and government to find solutions


A messaging app for the US government that allows users to set up a “digital safety net”. Users can set aside extra money to pay for medical bills, car payments, or other expenses. The government’s been piloting the app with its own employees.


A tech company that makes digital services for the public health sector. They’re focused on getting government agencies to talk to each other.


An enterprise software company that works with local governments and educations systems, pitching its product as “the one app for everything.”


A startup that builds apps based on data from the real world. For example, the startup has a tool for data scientists to visualize the conversation of a crowd and see what words and concepts are trending, and a tool for the government to monitor traffic.


A startup for government contracts that’s supposed to save government agencies money.


A software company that helps companies manage their customers' email communications. The startup is currently working on products for the US government, and hopes to launch an SaaS version of the product later this year.


A P2P lender that works with government sponsored housing programs in the US.


A tool tasked with helping local governments and non-profits collaborate through digital tools.


A startup with an app that can block websites that operate in countries where the government is blocked. The startup is currently focused on the Chinese market.


A company that helps companies sell insurance to UK residents who are not covered by the government.


A startup that’s building a platform to help people take advantage of free food and services. It’s a way to get free food and services from restaurants, or even the government.


City-state management software company, enabling governments to be more dynamic, efficient, and effective. The startup was founded in May, and has over 50 clients nationwide.


A startup that wants to help the US government better manage its IT infrastructure.


A chatbot that can answer questions about social security benefits. The startup is building a chatbot that is programmed to answer questions about social security benefits, creating a conversational interface between government and citizens.


The company launched an online tool to help local governments manage payroll and other administrative functions.


A company that builds software that helps local governments and non-profit organizations use data to build better services for their communities. The startup wants to build a cloud-based platform that acts as a repository for all local government data.


A platform that helps local governments make decisions about vacant properties. It's similar to other services like Airbnb, but for rentals.


A tool that converts your tax returns into a report for the government. It’s built for people who do not have access to a tax professional.


A company that makes it easy for anyone to get online in the Philippines. The startup partners with telecoms to provide Internet in areas where it’s not a priority, and has also partnered with the government to provide WiFi in the streets and public areas.


A startup that helps people get their wages deposited electronically into their bank accounts. They’re using data from the US government’s MyEBT card and are aiming to make getting paid faster and easier for people who are on the edge of the financial system.


A startup that helps governments with the problem of how to enforce and monitor their immigration laws. Their goal is to let immigration enforcement agencies be more efficient and humane.


A startup that is building a mobile app to help drivers avoid parking tickets. They’re also looking to partner with local governments.


A platform for hiring and managing employees at the city level, connecting businesses to local workers, and also to city governments for help.


An on-demand on-demand surgery service. Patients go to a hospital, get a procedure done, and go home the same day. The company is still bootstrapped, but has been working with both the UK government and the NHS.


Provides a way to identify, and then communicate with, identified individuals who are in the process of going through a government program. The startup is currently in the process of raising funding.


An API for the U.K.’s government’s Open Data platform, which is released under a Creative Commons license. It allows users to interface with the data in a variety of ways, including filtering by utility.


A company that’s building a platform for government and non-profit organizations to find and hire remote workers.


A tool that helps streamline managing relationships with your customers, suppliers, and partners. They’re also working with a few government agencies to help companies build better products.


A tool that helps businesses and governments keep track of their data in real time.


The company wants to become the Amazon of US foreign aid. It wants to help US citizens save money on international travel and give non-profits and governments more money to spend in the developing world.


and Founded in 2011, it’s a cloud-based platform for managing enterprise data; a startup that’s building a data warehouse for the government


A company that helps government workers find their pensions and retirement accounts online and plan accordingly.


A B2B company building an app that helps companies get into government contracts. Their app helps companies get contracts that are in line with the company’s core values.


A startup that lets you find a job by location, offering an extensive database of job listings, in addition to job postings from companies and government agencies.


The team behind the app is looking to work with new and existing government agencies as part of the White House’s national cybersecurity framework. They want to help the Federal government more quickly and efficiently identify and contain cyber threats.


A user-interactive tool to help local governments communicate with citizens about issues


A company that is working with local governments to help them use the power of social media to bring transparency to city hall.


A platform that helps local governments and organizations work with volunteers to reach people who might not otherwise be reached.


A “business intelligence” tool for government agencies that aggregates and visualizes data from disparate sources so they can make better decisions and make the best use of limited resources.


This is a global health platform that helps people in developing countries get health care. The company hopes to work with governments to set up “medical hubs” that combine healthcare data to make it easier for people to find doctors and make better decisions.


Innovation in the US has become a flashpoint for the rest of the world. From its inception in 2010, the French government has invested in French Tech. In France, startups have received €4.5 billion in funding in recent years, according to INSEAD.


A software company that provides a platform to help companies sell their products and services to governments, nonprofits, and businesses. The platform allows for both quotes and payments to be made.


An API for home energy-monitoring, aiming to make it easy for users to track their energy usage. The startup is targeting the UK market by building on the existing Home Energy Rating System (HERS) that the government uses.


A startup that’s building a platform that lets people connect to local artisans, which it uses to sell their products. It has a Slack channel for vendors, and will be launching a “shop local” app in partnership with local government in September.


A startup that helps users navigate the legal process when dealing with the government. The startup has been working with regulators in Malaysia to implement a compliance platform for businesses.


A tool that streamlines how companies and governments can track and monitor their employees' data and activities through their devices.


A startup that wants to create a “virtual cycle” for getting employees, students, and governments better benefits and services through “social innovation”.


A tool that helps local governments run better.


A tool for finding and reporting on all the relevant information about any country, including the government, economy, and culture. It’s available in English.


(New Zealand) The startup helps B2B companies expand and grow their customer base. They recently won a R10M contract from the New Zealand Government.


A company that wants to build a bus network that’s better than what’s currently offered by the government.


A startup that helps people who are applying for government jobs find out when they are going to be hired


Idea: A job-matching platform for companies and local economies in developing countries The company works with local governments and communities to create a better match between employers and job seekers


Idea: This startup is building a way to use AI to safely clean up online hate speech, with a focus on areas where a person’s access to the internet is controlled by a local government and there’s a risk of them being punished.


Idea: A startup focused on helping US government employees make more qualified decisions about their health.


Idea: A startup that wants to make it easier for people to do business with the federal government. The company helps companies go through the process of bidding on federal government contracts.


Idea: A software company that helps the Philippine government’s DoTCo build out their management trainee program. The startup sets up the trainees with a computer-based learning curriculum and helps the government manage their data.


A startup that uses blockchain to help the US government save money and reduce fraud on government contracts