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Going Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps young job candidates get a sense of what’s going on within the company they’re applying to so they can tailor their cover letter and resume toward what’s expected.


A startup that provides a service for people who are going through a breakup


A startup that helps people who are going through a divorce by providing a calendar of all the things that need to be done


A mobile app for finding the closest parking spot to where you’re going, with the ability to pay for it with a credit card.


A “Facebook for your finances”, enabling people to see where their money is going and how it’s being spent.


A software for consumers to share their credit with friends without going through a bank.


A startup that helps customers change loyalty cards without physically going to the store.


A startup that produces a checklist for people who are going on vacation Gives them a list of things to do before they leave and things to do when they return


A platform that allows users to record tasks that they’re going to complete, and the app then monitors what users do and makes sure they don’t miss any of their goals.


A platform for small business buying and selling services, which it says is more cost-effective than going through agents.


A company that lets you “quickly build out your own restaurant”, with a kit that includes everything you need to get going.


A startup that helps people who are going through a divorce get access to lawyers and other professionals who can help them get through the process


A startup that automatically bookmarks the location of where you’re going for your next Uber ride and updates it each time you call.


What happens when you start going to boring networking events A startup that sells tickets to events in a non-standard format, taking the pain out of organizing and selling tickets.


The company is building an app that uses artificial intelligence to try to predict what you’re going to want based on what you’ve bought before.


A startup that has an online forum for people to talk about their problems For example, they would help people going through a divorce or would help people who are going through a hard time at work


A startup that wants to take the friction out of the process of purchasing a home. Instead of going through a bank, you can do all the paperwork online.


A way of creating a digital storefront to sell products on Amazon.com with 3% of sales going to the seller.


A product that tracks the digital footprints of their clients (by tracking device signals) and then uses machine learning algorithms to predict what they’re going to do next. They want to use this data to build a digital reputation system for brands.


A startup that wants to let you check your bank account online without leaving your computer — and even pay bills — without going to the bank. It’s a bit like Google Wallet, but with banks.


The CEO of this startup started out as a professional taxi driver and quickly realized that there was no way for him to know how to maximize his taxi revenue. He set out to solve the problem and came up with a solution. As a result, he says, “I’m making a lot more money than the taxi drivers in Bangkok, and they’re never going to tell me how to make more money.”


This startup is going after the $2.5 trillion PBOC, or People’s Bank of China. A financial technology startup that wants to serve the Chinese populace that isn’t as online-savvy as westerners.


A new way to donate blood. The startup wants to make giving blood as easy as going to the gas station.


A seed-stage medical tech startup focused on helping patients undergoing surgery and managing their pain through a smartphone app. The founders say they’ve been featured on 60 Minutes, and have raised a $1 million seed round


This is an ongoing list of startups that have raised funding. This list is compiled from Crunchbase and other news sources.


 This is a marketplace where people can sell their expired Amazon and eBay gift cards, with a small percentage of the proceeds going to charity. The startup takes a cut from each sale.


A tool that measures a company’s chances of going under based on their current financial situation.


A startup that offers an online subscription service to pay for parking in downtown San Francisco. The startup also offers a mobile app that allows customers to pay for parking without going into an office.


(Note: This is an ongoing list, and I’m adding to it as soon as I hear about new startup pitches every week. I’ll keep updating when necessary.)


A device for the elderly that monitors what’s going on with their blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels. The company also wants to build a “elderly safe” home that automatically adjusts itself to the needs of the elderly.


A “smart” home that uses your smartphone to monitor your energy usage, giving you a report on how much heat you’re putting out and how much your bill is going to be


This company is going after the $1.5 billion USD market of people who have a ton of receipts, but can’t manage them. They’re building a toolset that uses artificial intelligence to scan receipts and automatically categorize them by month or a year to help people use them for tax filing.


Provides a way to identify, and then communicate with, identified individuals who are in the process of going through a government program. The startup is currently in the process of raising funding.


This startup is building an app that allows users to buy and sell local goods to each other directly in person, without going through a middleman.


An on-demand food delivery service for going out to dinner.


A startup that builds robots that deliver groceries. The first robot is going into a store in Berlin in early October, and wants to expand to other countries.


A startup that helps journalists publish content without going through Facebook’s “disengagement” process


A platform for event organisers to sell tickets to tickets for their events, with the typical markup going to the organisers.


A $5 device that connects to your browser and helps you keep track of your spending. The device tracks your checking account and credit card transactions, and lets you enter receipts, to see where your money is going.


A tool to help people find out what’s going on in the world, or what’s happening around them.


A company that does data collection for nonprofit events. The company is going to help nonprofits run better, faster, and cheaper events through a better toolset.


In December 2018, a short video was released on the startup’s Twitter feed in which co-founder Isaac Lee described the company’s culture as “our culture is that we’re always going to be one step ahead of you.”


The startup aims to make a less expensive version of the smartphone, while also going beyond the smartphone. The company wants to make a more general purpose device, a super-smart watch, a fitness tracker, a camera, a fitness tracker, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band, a smart health band,


This startup is building a marketplace for professional services, meaning companies can get services from agencies online rather than going through a broker.


In 2015, when asked about the app, founder and CEO of Asana, Dustin Moskovitz, said, "...it's not like you would have to go through and check every single piece of content on Facebook. It's not that hard to check if it's a link to a website. ... But we can't be 100% sure that the link is safe. And you want a social network that's not going to take you down."


"We all have a lot of data. And we’re going to continue to have a lot of data."


A startup that’s building a platform to help retailers better understand their customers. The idea is that retailers can use the platform to track customer behavior, and then use that information to better understand what’s going on inside stores and why customers are making the decisions they do.


A tool that allows people to create a video of their daily activities, like going to work or getting groceries, and post it to a social media channel.


A financial management tool for small businesses in China, with a focus on going global.


A B2B service that’s been in beta for over a year that helps restaurants manage their finances. The service helps restaurants manage their business from a single location and get a better sense of how they’re doing and where their money's going. The company was founded in 2013 and is profitable and growing.


A new kind of online marketplace for buying and selling used cars. Instead of going to a dealer, it's a platform where people can bid on cars and sellers can list them on the site.


A company that helps allow companies to share data internally, while still going through a third party. It’s a bit like a P2P version of a company that helps share information between employees internally, but without the need for a third party.


A startup that provides a service where they help people prepare for job interviews by actually going to the company and getting a tour and pretending to


A startup that helps people who are going on a cruise put together a packing list and guides them through the packing process


A startup that provides a service for people who are going through a divorce They do everything for you, including finding your next partner


A startup that helps people who are applying for government jobs find out when they are going to be hired


A startup that makes a mobile app that lets you know what is going on in the world based on your location


Idea: An enterprise tech that helps companies manage the process of going from a workday to a workweek.


Idea: A software that answers the question, “What’s going on in my business” by building a dashboard for business owners to see the inner workings of their business.


A startup that sells products for people who are going through a divorce and are going through the court system


A startup that provides a service for people to use when they are going to a new city for business It helps them find places to go, things to do, and restaurants to eat at


A startup that helps people who are in the process of going through a divorce or are already divorced