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Global Startup Ideas

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A decentralized insurance marketplace for global insurance.


A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.


A “global prescription drug purchasing company”, with offices in New York, LA, and London.


A business process management tool that helps companies deal with an increasingly complex global business environment.


The founders of this startup say they are “building the first truly global, blockchain-based, decentralized and transparent peer-to-peer marketplace for advertising.”


A software company that makes its product in India, and sells it globally.


A global marketplace for travel-related purchases with an app and an online platform.


A startup that helps e-commerce businesses expand globally. The company says it has helped over 1,000 merchants expand into more than 60 new countries. The company has already launched its first product, a global e-commerce marketplace, to the public and has launched in six countries.


A global B2B company that provides “Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Digital Marketing Consulting,” with offices in Sydney, London, and New York.


A software company that creates an API for a network of processors and license holders to manage payments in real-time. The startup was founded by two former executives of Adyen, a global payment processing company.


A company that helps companies build a global presence for their products without having to hire overseas workers


Digix wants to create a gold standard for digital currencies, with the goal of making a digital currency that can be stored and transferred digitally. The company wants to create a way for buyers, sellers, and investors to exchange digital currencies and reap the benefits of a global digital currency.


The startup’s service allows users to create custom-designed and branded debit cards to be used at millions of locations in the US, UK, Canada, France, and Australia. It also does global spending and cross-border payments for businesses that need it.


This company’s goal is to organize global trade data in one place. It wants to be the Amazon of global trade.


A global insurance company that helps people buy and insures their homes via a mobile app. The startup is looking to operate in 30 countries.


The startup wants to build a global “decentralized, distributed version control system” where users can collaborate directly with each other to do things like improve code or collaborate on core products.


A startup that wants to create a “Global Economic Graph” with a database that will track international trade.


A platform that links global banks, payment networks and businesses.


A global marketplace for finding, purchasing, and delivering personal care products in the US


A startup that tracks the global movement of goods, in real time, using RFID tags.


A remote meeting solution for companies that want to meet where people are, like coffee shops or bars. The startup is currently focusing on a few dozen US and European locations, but plans to go global in 2018.


A global payments platform, SendFriend is a virtual bank account and payments platform that allows users to purchase goods and services without a bank account. It’s similar to TransferWise but with a focus on emerging markets.


A platform for managing your international company’s global payroll


 A “Global Credit Network” where you can borrow money from anyone in the world — no credit checks and no collateral. The startup is building the infrastructure to make international microlending easy.


A chatbot that helps people eat better. The startup is targeting the $20 billion global market in the next 5 years.


A platform for connecting with an expert on the other side of the world, contracting workers from global markets.


This startup wants to build a toolset to help create a global network for small farmers.


A platform that helps companies manage their product lifecycles and is currently being used by “leading global brands,” as per the founders.


This startup helps people track the status of their favorite charitable causes. They helped raise $50,000 from the Center for Global Development and the Connected Ventures Fund in NYC.


The startup introduces a new way to think about the internet and data centers. It rethinks the internet as a global power grid, where countries have their own little data centers that sit atop each other.


A startup for global citizens to find other global citizens to connect and collaborate with.


An API for global real estate prices


A startup that wants to build a global network of incubators for small businesses. Started in October, the company is currently working with a few dozen companies.


A solution for the $4 trillion global oil market where producers don’t have reliable inventories and retailers don’t have a clear picture of demand or low prices. Oil can be stored in underground tanks and is more valuable if it’s in the right place. Oil Tracker aims to connect all the different stakeholders in the oil market.


A global payments company that wants to help small business owners get paid.


“An insurance company for the global freelance economy”


This company is building a platform for large retailers to run a giant global inventory system that can be used by partners and independent merchants.


Disrupting the $1.6 trillion global student loan market as we know it. According to the company, there are currently more than 200,000 different student loans, but very few of them are offered by the same company.


A startup that wants to help people in developing nations to access the global stock market in a way that helps them avoid high fees and complicated paperwork.


A bicycle sharing startup that's looking to build a global network of bike-sharing services. The company wants to bring bike sharing to places it's been absent thus far.


A software platform that helps companies manage a global supply chain on a single platform.


A Chinese startup that’s building a global marketplace for movies. The startup wants to make it easier for people to buy and sell movies, with an interface that will integrate with sites like Vimeo and YouTube.


A digital currency for the global market. It’s first product is a stablecoin for local currency payments in the US and across the world.


A global insurance company that aims to help small and mid-size companies in need of insurance solutions. The startup operates in 20 countries and has 2 million customers.


A global marketing software platform for merchants. This startup is building a platform for retailers to manage their marketing efforts.


A platform that allows people to find and buy products throughout the world. The startup is developing a global marketplace for goods and services.


A company that aims to create a unified market for global enterprises to buy and sell global inventory. The startup is taking a basic model of eBay for sourcing global products and turning them into a full-service marketplace.


A digital platform for the entire global construction supply chain. The startup is building a software platform that allows construction companies and construction service providers to manage the entire supply chain.


A new startup that wants to create a platform for the sharing of knowledge, data, and expertise in the global marketplace. The startup is also planning a crowdfunding campaign to help build out their platform.


A project of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is the largest global network of entrepreneurs, young professionals, and innovators. The network’s purpose is to connect the global network of young professionals with the global community of entrepreneurs. The network was founded by the World Economic Forum and Swiss Re in January 2016, with the first annual Global Shaper Summit taking place in Davos, Switzerland. Over the summer of 2016, the World Economic Forum announced that it would be partnering with the Global Shapers Community to create the World Economic Forum Young Entrepreneur Council, which completed its first meeting in October 2016.


A global online marketplace for more than 5,000 businesses, connecting them with small business owners in a variety of sectors.


a global digital health company. The company’s platform is designed to convert health data into insights that can be used to improve health outcomes.


A global payments platform that connects businesses to their local community.


A blockchain-based invoice financing platform. The company wants to lower the cost of capital for the global invoice financing market. It’s using the blockchain to replace the middleman and make the process more transparent.


Startup Grind is a global community that aims to connect entrepreneurs and their startups with like-minded people, resources, and events in order to accelerate their growth. Startup Grind Philly is one of the first chapters based in the United States.


 A global P2P insurance marketplace that aims to disrupt the traditional insurance market. Founded in July, the startup is currently in beta.


A startup that helps manage the risk of a global network of life insurance policy holders.


A startup that aims to connect the world through the Internet of Things at a global scale. It aims to use the Internet of Things to enable the connected devices in homes and businesses to communicate with each other and the world while offering new services for consumers.


The global e-commerce and shipping company is building a new, mobile-first checkout experience.


A global real estate marketplace for global investors. The startup wants to revolutionize the way homebuyers and sellers transact, and have raised $6 million.


This startup wants to democratize access to medical research data for students and researchers. It’s a software platform that allows medical students and researchers to build their own datasets and access global research in a user-friendly way.


The startup aims to build a global network of systems integrators who can leverage its platform to help companies with other integrations, including those that require products to be manufactured overseas.


A North American-based women’s health company looking to expand globally, with a focus on finding a way to provide women with a safe and easy way to have regular checkups.


This startup is building a global network of local legal aid attorneys to help low income people in the US access legal aid, from free legal clinics to pro bono legal services.


This is a startup that builds financial products for the European travel industry, with a focus on the global student market. It offers a student loan re-finance product in the UK, as well as a personal loans product in the UK, Germany, and Ireland.


The startup’s pitch is that “we help people save money by visiting restaurants that are good, but not the best.” The app now has 100,000 users in the UK, and its founders say they’ll be able to expand globally if their funding round meets its goal.


They’re building a platform that helps companies across the supply chain create global partnerships, with a focus on the fashion industry.


This company is building a platform for global NGOs to better track and respond to the needs of vulnerable people around the world.


This is a global health platform that helps people in developing countries get health care. The company hopes to work with governments to set up “medical hubs” that combine healthcare data to make it easier for people to find doctors and make better decisions.


A global loyalty app for travel agents


This startup is building a platform that aims to help small businesses connect with global clients and distribution channels.


 A company that’s building a global marketplace for products and services from freelancers and contractors.


A startup that’s looking to help the global microfinance community use new technology to reduce losses.


A tool for people who want to manage their social media presence. The startup has a global team with offices in the US, UK, and China. It has raised $35M from investors including Sequoia Capital.


A company that focuses on the needs of the global entertainment industry, by helping to manage the licensing process for music, films, and TV.


A company that hopes to win the $2 billion global insurance market by reaching underserved populations and saving billions on claims.


A platform that connects small farmers to buyers. The platform’s mission is to eliminate the middlemen in global trade by making it easier and more cost effective to purchase local produce.


A global payments company that wants to reduce the friction of international money transfers and make them easy and seamless for consumers. The startup’s product is a platform that uses “local currency bias” to make international transactions as easy as possible.


A financial management tool for small businesses in China, with a focus on going global.


This startup is building a global network of sports stadiums. It’s first project is in Brazil, where it is partnering with an insurance company to run a stadium that hosts games for the local soccer league. The startup is also working with a real estate developer to build a sports stadium in China.


"A global network of talented women, connecting and collaborating to build a modern company for tomorrow"


A product that helps companies automate the process of signing up new employees. Currently the app signed up the team behind the globally popular app Ima Robot.


A startup that’s building a tool that helps big companies manage their global supply chains. They say they’re already working with Motorola Mobility.


A platform that helps businesses with a global reach, from small companies to multinationals, to grow their brand in a country where they have no footprint. It charges a small monthly subscription fee and allows you to add your business to a pool of companies to bid on.


A global education platform for students, parents, and educators.


Idea: Global Cybersecurity Education Platform


The company wants to build a global wholesale platform that enables small businesses to trade cash in and out of their digital wallets.