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Given Startup Ideas

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This startup wants to build a new type of credit card for the underbanked, especially in developing countries. It takes the form of a prepaid card and is available in any currency. Given the lack of banking options in many such countries, the startup sees a lot of potential for growth.


A startup that helps freelancers get paid up front, then moves that money to a business account if they don’t get enough gigs booked in a given period of time. Today it has paying customers in the US, UK, and Australia, and is profitable.


A shortcut to finding new restaurants in a given city


A startup that uses AI to analyze online reviews to show consumers what to expect from a given product and service.


A tool for recruiters, that lets them upload their resume to a centralized network and have it automatically filtered to candidates that are a good match for a given job.


A startup for startups looking to grow internationally. It’s a more self-serve approach than other startups, but the founders believe that they can provide the best service for a given price.


A platform that helps colleges and universities manage their relationships with alumni who have given money.


A iOS app that uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to help you figure out how far you have to walk to complete a given task.


aims to aggregate all the deals and coupons for a given region or city. Users can search, compare, and subscribe to the best deals in their area, then get updates on new deals, or even unsubscribe.


An online learning platform for students, whose teachers are given a stipend based on student enrollment.


A platform for employers to create a job marketplace to connect them with the best talent in a given region.


A startup for finding out which restaurants are open on a given day, with 6,000 cities and 1,500,000 restaurants.


This startup is building a better way to find local services. The company is taking a data-driven approach to finding services for residents in a given city and helping them find what they are looking for.


A startup that’s building software that helps doctors and health providers strategically manage the number of patients they see in a given day


Given that it was the first company to launch in the YC Demo Day, the list below is the most complete list of all of the startups that have been accepted into YC.


"Idea" is a series of articles that provide a comprehensive overview of the startup scene in a given area. The goal is to highlight the most interesting and unique startups in a given city.


A company that is building a new kind of search engine that helps you find the best vendors in a given local market. It’s part of the idea that government services should be made more efficient and easy to use.


An API that gives developers access to a database of all the restaurants in a given area, with frequent check-ins and comments, and the ability to customize the menu.


Predictive modeling technology that can help marketers understand where consumers are and what they’re interested in at any given time.


A data science tool that automatically turns data into “actionable, knowledge-rich insights” about any given user, looking for insights like “which users are most likely to convert to customers, or which users spend the most money”.


An artificial intelligence engine for the U.S. Air Force. The startup uses machine learning to predict the behavior of drones in a given environment.


A startup that wants to help people find reliable electricians in a given area.


 A startup that lists the best deals on a given topic, for example, “The best pizza in San Francisco”


A tool for electronics repair technicians that is now available in the US. The idea is to give them better tools beyond the manual they’re given to learn.


A tool that helps users to create and edit their own “competition packs” of decks for a given game, which they then use to play against friends or strangers online.


A software that helps companies manage investment in cryptocurrencies. The company’s product is a dashboard that tracks cryptocurrencies for a given company, and allows them to buy, sell, and trade them with relative ease.


A startup that searches and identifies the best places to drive for any given route.


This startup is building a platform to help people who have given up their phones or are reluctant to give them up, to still communicate with loved ones, friends and coworkers. They’ve built a chatbot that allows people to send text messages and make calls to their friends without the phone.


A B2B company that promises to reduce the number of meetings that employees have to attend for a given task by as much as 40%, as well as bring meetings to a company’s employees.


A startup that wants to use AI to help you increase the value of your product photos. It wants to be a sort of digital gallery, with a tool to help you decide between multiple options for a given photo.


The startup has a patent-pending algorithm to help people find the best performing stocks in a given market.


A visualization of wages in the US for any given job.


 an online showcase of emerging artists, curated by a curatorial team. The site showcases a rotating selection of the best of a given category of art, and promotes the artists on social media and in the press.


A social network for Indian Americans. It’s not clear how the company plans to operate in the US given the very different social norms here.


This startup is building a system that can help a central authority know a lot about a given community, including the political, religious and social values of a particular population.


A startup that wants to let you determine what kind of car you want without having to go to a dealer. Given a list of cars, you can split them up into different categories. You can then go to a dealer and pick the one that suits you best.


A framework for building apps that run on any given mobile platform, including Android and iOS.


A company that tracks fashion trends and provides a service to help consumers know which styles will be popular in a given season.


A platform that consolidates different shipping companies into one place, using AI to recommend which is the best shipping company for a given shipment.


A free app that helps people find good places to eat in a given city by rating and mapping the restaurants, and providing reviews by community members.


Idea: A startup that wants to connect travelers with locals The idea is to enable people to go on trips and connect with locals who can show them the top things to do in a given city


Idea: A startup looking to bring the concept of “swag” from concerts to corporate events — employees are given a “swag bag” of items to take home with them in lieu of a company swag bag. The startup makes money by selling the items in the swag bag.