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A startup that is building a network of solar power microgrids, allowing users to self-generate their own power.


A software platform for real estate agents that allows agents to manage their relationships with their clients, and track and analyze the leads generated.


A startup that gives musicians and artists the tools they need to generate and sell music, sound effects, music videos, and interactive experiences.


A startup that generates a custom color palette for a product


A solar-powered $15,000 jacket that generates energy from the sun and has a built-in battery to charge itself.


A tool that allows businesses to track and make sense of the data they generate.


An online marketplace for independent artists to sell their art online and generate income from commissions, and a portfolio of creators.


A startup that helps small businesses create data and marketing plans that will be more effective and generate more revenue


Idea: A startup for “solar powered cars”. The startup wants to build a rooftop solar system that generates energy for your car, allowing the car to run on solar power.


A platform that lets users create an online resume to show people. When you want to get a job, it generates a “real” one for you.


A platform that allows anyone to create a community for people who want to develop a product and generate revenue from it.


A platform that allows teams to collaborate on their marketing and sales tasks. The platform allows teams to move through the sales cycle, from evaluating opportunities to closing. The company says it has over 1,000 customers and is on track to generate over $1.5 million in revenue in 2019.


A platform that helps you make never-ending, premium video content for your YouTube channel. It allows creators to generate content and not worry about the ad revenue.


A company that wants to help people generate revenue from their Instagram accounts, by selling their content to advertisers. It has a built-in sales system to help clients monetize their Instagram growth.


A software company that makes it easy for organizations to save energy with their buildings, turning off lights when the room isn’t needed and using the heat generated by other machines.


A company that provides a platform for the ability to manage, track and process all of the data generated by the billions of sensors that are embedded in the world’s devices.


An AI platform to help retailers generate more revenue by surfacing data and trends to help them drive in-store sales. The startup has a goal of helping retailers spend less time managing and more time connecting with customers.


A startup that helps online publishers generate revenue by allowing them to create targeted ads based on the content they are reading


A platform that helps small businesses design and manage user-generated online profiles and meta data for their products.


A solution for female entrepreneurs to generate revenue online without having to deal with the day-to-day work of running a business.


This startup is building a tool that allows companies to build a shareable video about their business. Users can clip the video and share it on social media, and companies can see how many views it generates.


A new way to pay for goods and services. The app helps you request a payment and the mobile network operator (say, a mobile operator or telecom company) will generate a token that is then transferred to the merchant. The app will then notify the consumer to confirm the payment.


Builds mobile apps for small and medium-sized businesses that are typically handled by outsourced developers. It helps the client keep track of their employees and their weekly hours, track expenses, and generate invoices.


A provider of “AI-empowered” imagery for advertising, which identifies and tags objects in photos to generate ad campaigns.


A startup that connects users with local businesses, so they can find services and goods to buy and use. It also generates revenue by helping consumers save money on things like groceries, dry cleaning, and layaway.


A computer vision startup that wants to be the “Google of facial recognition”. The company uses algorithms to analyze people’s faces, generates “a list of face-matching identities”.


This startup is building a platform for turning the data generated from social media posts into leads, and then pushing that data out to sales teams.


The startup is building software for waste management companies that allows them to track, manage, and channel their waste, from the moment it’s generated to the moment it’s disposed of. The startup is working with clients like Recyclart and others.


A paid content platform for YouTube channels that enables content creators to generate revenue from their efforts.


This startup is building a service that automatically generates an article and blog post for a journalist based on their content.


A startup that uses machine learning to provide its more than two million members personalized financial advice. Users input their financial goals and the startup generates a personalized financial plan.


A user-generated marketplace for project management tools, allowing companies to sell them to the public


A company that generates 3D models of structures, which it sells to architects and engineers.


A platform for independent content creators, allowing them to monetize videos and generate revenue through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and selling ads.


A tool to help finance teams and executives track their spending and generate reports that can be used to improve management of funds.


This startup is looking to automatically generate and sell weekly email subscriptions to people based on their buying habits. The email service is for people who want to make sure they get email notifications for products they purchase frequently, like coffee or a subscription service, like Gilt or Birchbox.


A messaging app that uses AI and machine learning to automatically generate text. After generating a list of the most common questions and phrases that people send, customer support can use this tool to pre-write responses.


A tool that will take a photo of your face in the palm of your hand and then generate a 3D print of your face.


A startup aimed at employers. The startup has raised $2.5 million in funding to date. It helps employers manage employees on the fly and quickly generate reports.


A mobile app that generates income for the user - a college student who buys cheap phone cases from China and resells them at a profit.


This wearable device generates a heat map of the area around the wearer’s head, allowing him to better understand his environment.


A facial recognition startup that lets brands create custom-built advertisements by uploading a photograph of a user and getting a real-time computer-generated version to match with the real one.


One of the most important parts of the mission is to create a platform that allows workers to generate a living wage while keeping them connected to their friends and family.


A new startup helping small businesses like grocers, restaurants, and events get new customers. They say they’ve already generated over $1,000 in revenue from 5 customers.


A platform that helps companies generate traffic and leads, which it uses to sell its own lead generation services


A tool that helps with all aspects of booking training and events. It helps you find venues, speakers, and attendees, and generates an end-to-end proposal for pricing and payment.


A digital storage service for webpages and other user-generated content.


A free SaaS service to help build a brand. Independent artists can use the app to generate custom content to promote their work, and publishers can use it to sell books and merchandise. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive.


A digital tool that generates a power point slide deck from a PowerPoint file


A company that helps companies make sense of data generated by their sales leads, stock trades, and invoices.


A platform for storing and sharing user-generated content, designed for use with Twitch and YouTube.


A startup that helps businesses manage all their customer data and automate tasks across the customer lifecycle. The company says revenue will be generated through the use of its software, which runs on the company’s API.


This startup is building a tool to automatically generate landing pages for your campaign. The startup is a Y Combinator alum, having raised a seed round in 2013.


A platform for building mobile games that lets you generate data for your game via crowd-sourcing.


A machine-learning engine for creating and analyzing user-generated content.


A platform that helps people build custom AI into their business processes. The company wants to use AI to automatically generate data for business reports.


This startup is building a platform to help farmers and ranchers generate and manage their data on a farm level.


A company that helps companies with their email marketing. The startup sends targeted emails to the right people at the right time. For its first customer, it’s already generated more than $20,000 in revenue.


New startup that generates and sells 3D models of buildings for architects and designers to use.


A startup that wants to build AI-powered chatbots that can automatically generate chat transcripts, allowing companies to save time and money by using automated chat systems.


A 3-year-old startup that’s building an AI that can generate 3D models of objects using consumer video.


A company that generates emergency alerts for users to see and hear. The startup is currently in the pilot phase.


A healthcare company that vets doctors via video and social media and generates reports on their abilities to practice medicine. The company already has a network of about 23,000 doctors on its platform.


A startup that generates business data for marketing just in time for the holiday season.


A platform for online marketers to sell and promote user-generated content for brands like to make content, and allows companies to manage it easily.


The company wants to help marketers predict which city will see the most growth in mobile app usage. They’ve built a machine-learning algorithm that generates possible markets based on a number of factors, including population density and the amount of money spent on mobile devices.


Want to know exactly how much money you spend on a particular product, or how much revenue that particular product generates SaaS company Vitable wants to help.


A startup that wants to help you “make money while you sleep” through its web-based app that saves personal finance data, generates personalized reports, and helps you automate transactions.


A startup that offers a tool for users to generate comps, which it says is a more effective way of promoting products online.


A company that helps advertisers try out new ad formats and measure their effectiveness. For a small fee, advertisers can use the startup’s service to generate a report on their campaign's success. The company claims to have a list of over 100 clients, including large fashion brands and big insurance companies.


A tool that allows users to generate, edit, and share Minecraft worlds (sort of like the world of Terraria except on the web). Users can create worlds with custom dimensions and dimensions on a per-world basis.


An online platform that allows you to create and upload barcodes for products. The startup charges customers a small monthly fee for each barcode it generates for them.


A tool for photographers to easily manage their workflows and send photos to clients. The company boasts that it has already generated over $25,000 in revenue with over 200 customers.


A tool for salespeople to generate new leads. The company’s co-founder used to go on sales calls where he’d be asked to generate leads, but then sit on his hands for days while he waited for new leads to appear. So he built a tool that automated this process, which has already generated 500 leads.


A company that makes software that allows cities to track their public transit performance and generate data that helps other cities learn from other cities.


A tool for teachers to automatically make links fit the curriculum. The startup has built a tool that generates links to lesson plans, which are then embedded into the lesson plan itself.


A platform that lets people generate a custom quote for their own project at their own price.


Idea: A startup providing free credit scores to customers, funded by a paywall around their credit report They believe this will generate better engagement than the traditional credit monitoring model, which pays customers to read their credit report


Idea: A “personalized” bot that helps customers order and track shipping from stores The team says they’ve already generated $50,000 in revenue so far


Idea: A startup that is building a cloud-based service for selling collectibles. It allows users to upload images and details about the item, and generate a barcode. It’s free for sellers, and takes a flat 3.5% of sales.


Idea: A platform that makes it easy for marketers to generate print-ready campaign collateral.


Idea: A tool that lets you generate legal documents like NDAs out of a simple web form. The company says it makes generating and maintaining legal docs easier, cheaper, and more transparent.


Idea: A startup that helps retail businesses create personalized images and videos for their products. The company’s CEO says that the startup’s technology has already been used to create over 3,000 videos, and the startup has generated $50,000 in revenue so far.


Idea: A way for developers and designers to collaborate on design projects, the way they used to, with the added ability to generate a GitHub-ready invoice at the end.


Idea: A startup that's building a new type of database that can handle the massive amount of data being generated


Generate a “voiceprint” of a voice and use it to train a remote worker to sound like someone else