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Future Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps people save for their future retirement needs


A team on a mission to build better and more accurate algorithms to predict the future of the US presidency.


A tool that predicts the future of hiring using artificial intelligence.


A company that wants to build a system that predicts the future of cities as they grow and change.


A solution for poorly performing government-run schools in India, with plans to expand to other countries in the future.


A startup that provides credit to college students based on their predictive ability of their future grades


The Startup Genome is a biannual report on the state of entrepreneurship. It is produced by a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The report is based on interviews with founders about their businesses, the challenges they face, and their plans for the future. The report is intended to give entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem in a particular country, and to help predict trends between countries.


a software platform meant to help people make better decisions about the future, by using an AI algorithm to help you forgo the status quo, and take more risks.


This startup is looking to make organic food shopping for the Whole Foods shopper a little easier. They’re working with farmers to create an easy-to-use app that allows users to buy produce from their smartphones. They’re currently working with three farmers in the Midwest and hope to add more in the future.


A company that helps people pay their electric bills by building apps that use your electric usage history to estimate your future bill, and allowing you to pay the amount you expect to pay.


Salesforce.com’s Wave is a platform aimed at salespeople that lets them collaborate on calls, track KPIs, and use AI to guide future calls.


This is a startup that’s building a data science team for brands in order to get smarter, more predictive and better at predicting the future of marketing


A company that helps developers use machine learning to help turn apps that are live right now into future-proofed and useful apps. The company’s software is meant to help developers avoid common pitfalls when building apps, like forgetting to correctly define dates and times.


This company uses algorithms to predict what things you like based on your online browsing history and then matches you with like-minded people for future purchases.


This startup wants to make it easier to sell tickets for events by allowing users to sell tickets to venues directly. Currently, the startup is only working with venues that have their own ticketing software, but in the future it hopes to work with event organizers as well.


A company that allows entrepreneurs to raise money with their credit cards (and pay back later with future earnings).


A new kind of company that uses algorithms and machine learning to predict how well its customers will do in the future. Possible applications include helping companies set up 401k plans that are as good for their employees as they are for the company’s bottom line.


A startup that is building an algorithm that predicts the future of retail.


A product that allows companies to create a “futures account” in which the companies has a savings and investment account.


• "Future Billionaires" (US edition), Forbes, November 30, 2013


A startup that connects high school students to internships and part-time jobs at startups. It operates in the US, Canada, and the UK, with plans to expand to Australia, the Netherlands, and Germany in the future.


Future of Food is building an API that will allow food manufacturers to build custom labels for their products, allowing buyers to scan a QR code along with their smartphone and get product details and pricing.


A new type of event registration system, which is a hybrid of Google Apps and Eventbrite. The company’s founder says that while it currently is free, it will be a subscription model in the future. The startup was founded in June.


"The Future of Space" is a VR experience that encourages people to become astronauts.


This is a software-as-a-service platform that allows members to buy and sell bitcoin with zero fees. The startup currently only works with digital currencies, and only with verified users, but plans to expand its service to other financial instruments in the future.


This is a personal finance software that helps people save for retirement and future goals.


Baker, Justine (2017, August 27). "How These Two Women Are Driving the Future of Tech", The New Yorker, .


Unisex clothing brand that envisions a future in which energy consumption is decentralized, and you can just charge up your clothes.


A startup that wants to replace the need for cashiers at your local grocery store. It’s a kiosk with a full-sized grocery store inside, with plans to expand to more locations in the future. They’re currently in beta in Philadelphia.


A tool to help companies estimate the time it will take to complete software development projects. Currently only for-profit SaaS companies, the startup wants to expand into the nonprofit and hardware sectors in the future.


A tool for creating and managing your software project portfolio and tracking future projects.


This is an “ATM of the future” where you can quickly find the nearest cash machine and pay with your phone, with the machine having the capacity to be disassembled for easy travel.


A startup developing a platform for the “future of smart contracts”.


Canvas is a new type of digital canvas for creating digital objects. Users can create a design or pattern using images and use it as a template for an object. It has four different types of canvas with different features, and the startup says it will be releasing another in the future.


A startup that’s building an AI to help predict the future of the US government by monitoring and analyzing data and information.


An effort to build a more efficient and humane way to process and store food for the future. It starts with a food-loss tracking app and is working on a connected fridge.


An online platform for sharing and selling small tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and other DIY goods. The company’s founders say they want to make it easy for people to find and sell their tools, and the startup is planning to add more categories and tools in the future.


A “pre-purchase” platform that helps people make decisions on whether or not they should buy a particular item. The goal is to help people save for the future without having to waste time or money on unnecessary purchases.


This is streamlining the process of managing employees in-person and remotely by making it much easier to communicate with employees, set up meetings, and review schedules. The company is currently piloting with large retailers, and plans to expand to other verticals in the future.


A company that helps people record and share their medical stories for future doctors to review by using a social network.


A fix for the “gig economy”, offering a comprehensive insurance package for independent workers. Their product is designed for the future and will work for any independent worker, anywhere in the world.


What’s the future of retail A startup that helps retailers visualize, optimize, and design their stores using the latest AI and machine learning technologies.


A platform of the future for self-driving cars, with a marketplace that lets companies sell their services to automakers.


The startup is initially focused on the US, but plans to expand into Europe in the future. It’s a “one-stop shop” for local food, covering restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty shops.


This is an app that aims to help people understand their credit score and how it can affect their future. “The app provides a user-friendly credit score calculator that is designed to give you a quick and easy understanding of your score. The calculator gives you a score based on your credit history and helps you understand how your credit score is calculated, how it will change, and what it means to you,” the company says.


A company that helps independent contractors sell their services to large corporations. The startup is based in the US, but in the future wants to use artificial intelligence and relationship management to help businesses buy services directly from contractors.


A tool for tracking and managing moves and moves to happen in the future


A platform for people to sell their personal belongings with an eye toward a future that involves not owning any physical possessions.


A startup that provides on-demand access to a local barista. The concept is similar to Uber Eats, except these “district kitchens” are meant to be in neighborhoods that don’t have their own cafes. The service is currently only available in one city, but plans to expand to others in the near future.


 A company that gathers data from 10 million office spaces around the world and uses AI to predict how offices will be used in the future. The startup, which launched in May, will use this data to help companies with building out spaces in the future, by using it to determine which workspaces are most needed.


The startup wants to help companies meet the needs of their customers with a new tech platform that lets users talk directly to their bank services, like the automated teller machines of the future.


A product that aims to change the way people save for retirement. Its main product is a small savings account for younger people, with a plan that pays out a percentage of future earnings.


Data is the new oil, and the oil of the future is data. And with the rise of AI, the data is becoming more valuable. The startup is meant to help companies extract value from all that data.


A platform that helps small businesses create marketing videos, and plans to expand to other video platforms in the future.


Missed the deadline Here are the other ideas that didn't make it, but hopefully will in the future.


The company’s founders speak of a future where the internet of things (IoT) and the internet of everything (IoE) converge, allowing users to control the devices in their homes directly from their phones.


A startup that uses AI to predict your health, using a mix of data from your medical history and the future to predict your risk for a variety of age-related illnesses. The company wants to use data to provide “preventative care” to people with chronic illnesses.


A startup that helps teams make decisions by using machine learning to predict the future based on past decisions.


A company aiming to help people with obsessive-compulsive disorder learn to deal with it, and to help their physicians and therapists more effectively treat it in the future.


A startup that lets you easily communicate with other people. It allows users to easily share their location or message other people on the same journey, and lets them easily save that data for future use.


The company’s founders say they’ve developed a product called The Future of Productivity, which is a way for people to map their processes to a set of rules, and to share their achievements with a community of peers.


A system for keeping track of inventory and estimating future sales


A startup that uses AI to help streams of data such as customer feedback, sales, and more, be used to help a company make better decisions and get a better sense of the future.


The company is working on building an AI-powered chatbot that can sort through all your different college degrees and track your progress. The idea is that college degrees can be tracked in a way that makes them useful for future employers or graduate school applications.


A startup that wants to bring an inventory-based mobile commerce platform to the store of the future. It wants to track inventory in real-time, without the need of a physical store.


A startup that allows people to schedule or “book” housing for future events. The startup lets users find available apartments, book them, and pay for them ahead of time.


What is it: An AI-powered HR tech company, with the CEO saying it’s “the future of HR tech.”


A startup that helps users buy tickets for bus, train, or plane rides, and has partnered with over 400 different transit agencies in the US. The service also has a loyalty program, allowing riders to earn points and then spend them on future tickets.


A digital platform for the organic food industry to sell directly to customers, with its current focus on e-commerce fulfillment. The founders envision a future where they can send one of the world’s most trusted brands of food directly to your doorstep.


A video series that helps people make better decisions by evaluating their past behavior to predict what sort of decisions they’ll make in the future.


A credit platform for small businesses in the U.S., with plans to add a debit card option in the future.


A phone-based savings app, where users can create mini-savings accounts to be used for purchases in the future.


This app lets users create customizable timelines for their future, with the goal of helping people make decisions about careers, relationships, health, and life.


Mentioned on Forbes as an example of “a group of entrepreneurs who are making some smart decisions for the future of transportation.” They’re making an electric scooter that’s more than just a toy and aims to build a fleet of them for riders in places where people deal with traffic and don’t have a car — and to not just be a toy for rich people.


A startup that’s building out a marketplace where people can sell their old smartphones, which the startup says will be used to fund a better future.


A venture backed start-up that wants to be a digital concierge for all things you’re looking for (from food to drinks to tickets). They’re hoping to be the Amazon of the future.


FuturePundit helps companies in the US and Europe to better understand how consumers’ online comments and reviews will affect their sales, and how such sentiment can be used to decide on future marketing and sales strategies.


A start-up that helps people plan and manage their next vacation, using an app that pairs with a future travel service. People can opt to book their travel services (airline tickets, rental cars, etc.) before they leave, and then pay and track their expenses later.


 A way to automate and scale the data collection process for future weather data.


Idea: A startup that runs a marketplace for co-working spaces They have a large number of employees already, and want to grow into a way for people to easily find co-working spaces in the future


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool for online tutoring, but its focus is on the digital-first approach it’s taking: the startup sees the future of education as a lot more digital, and so it’s building a teaching platform that works with students’ tablets and phones.


Idea: This startup is building a tool for people looking to understand their own credit and financial health. The app answers questions like “How much money do I need to retire” and helps them make projections for future expenses.


Idea: A community directory for short-term housing aimed at tourists and newcomers to a city. The startup is planning to expand to other cities in the future.


Idea: A 3D audio startup that is trying to make podcasting more immersive by using binaural audio. The app has a pretty strong take on the future of podcasting, and its founder says that the company is profitable.