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Furniture Startup Ideas

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A platform that helps people easily sell used furniture, household goods, and other items.


A startup that sells furniture for people who live in tiny homes


A startup to find and buy used furniture, which makes the process easier for both buyers and sellers. The company is currently in beta, with the site having been live on a small scale for just over a year.


A web-based platform that connects people who want to move furniture to those who want to buy it


A startup that lets you buy furniture from Ikea without seeing Ikea


A startup that provides a service where you can hire someone to find lost furniture that you left on the side of the road for pickup


A software platform that helps people shop for second-hand furniture and home decor


A startup that helps people get a better price on furniture, car rentals, and other purchases.


A startup that pairs you with a community of debt-free, budget-conscious people who are willing to split the cost of a car, home, furniture, or other major purchase.


A platform that enables people to buy and sell things like furniture, cars, and apartments, and rent out unused rooms. Borrowers can use the platform’s software to manage the loan, and borrowers can access the property remotely. The platform is currently focused on the UK.


A San Francisco-based startup that wants to help you build your own customized products, from custom business cards to custom furniture. The startup is building a catalog of products, and shipping internationally.


The company has a fleet of self-driving delivery vans that can deliver anything from groceries to dry cleaning to furniture. The startup has 100 drivers in its first city of Los Angeles and plans to expand to other cities in the US and abroad.


A platform that helps people find products and services that fit their needs, be it products for their home, furniture for their office, or services for their pets.


A startup for buying and selling donated furniture, which it says is worth more than $30 billion, has been in operation since 2012.


Designing new, custom-made furniture for the home. The startup is working with builders and architects to create bespoke furnishings for the home.


 A tool for making 3D-printed furniture and other DIY items.


A platform that helps users pick out furniture and decor that’s appropriate for their age and style.


A C2C marketplace for buying and selling used furniture. There’s a big market for people looking to buy used furniture but no good way to find them. The startup’s website shows a few beautiful tables and chairs, but the bulk of the site features the items for sale.


An online marketplace for selling used furniture. The startup is currently focused on selling used furniture in the San Francisco area.


A startup that allows people to make money by selling their used items, such as clothes, furniture, and books, through an online platform.


A digital platform for people to share and sell items like furniture and artwork.


A line of 4-foot tall furniture made of wood that uses a patented process to create a wooden frame that is filled with foam and then wrapped in fabric. The product is meant to be customizable and customizable.


People who want to sell their old furniture can list it on the site, which acts as a kind of garage sale, then buy it for a dollar.


A community of freelance designers with an emphasis on high-end products like furniture, ready-to-wear, and toys.


A startup for people who want to donate their old home appliances, furniture, and other items for reuse. The startup says that in the US alone, more than 10 million items go unused in storage every year.


A BoxCar is an online marketplace for buying and selling used equipment and supplies, including furniture, construction equipment, industrial machinery, and vehicles.


A startup that offers a “buy now, pay later” option for renting furniture.


A tool that helps people in the U.S. and UK buy and sell furniture and home goods online.


A company that makes modular office furniture that can be built by a customer, shipping it in 5 parts. It currently has 3 large manufacturers that it works with building its products in China.


Cleaning company that cleans up carpets and furniture. The startup offers an online booking system, and software to help businesses be more efficient in their cleaning.


A company that helps people hire workers who can make their own furniture.


company that creates and sells 3D printed furniture.


A startup that wants to make it easy to make furniture with 3D printing. A woodworker or designer can go to their website and select a model, upload their CAD files, and in just a few hours they’ll get a 3D-printed version of their design.


An online marketplace for selling and buying high-end furniture and other home goods.


A startup for secondhand goods to help you get the best deal on that old furniture you’re using to store your old cat’s remains.


A platform for buying, selling, and exchanging secondhand goods, like clothing, furniture, and toys.


A company that allows people to find and rent out their unused furniture and appliances. The startup wants to upend the industry by offering a way to sell the stuff you own while making money on the stuff you don't.


A startup that provides a service for people who are moving The startup will come to their home, take all their furniture, and deliver it to their new house


A startup that is a marketplace for furniture that is designed by students of architecture school


A startup that provides people with a directory of all the furniture stores in their city so they can go out and buy furniture for their new place


A startup that sells a tool for people to use when they are moving so that they can take apart their furniture


A startup that sells a service where they ship you furniture you buy from online stores that don’t ship to your address


Idea: Amazon for New and Used Office Furniture


Idea: A startup for companies that need to ship large goods, like furniture and appliances


Idea: A business that helps shoppers buy and sell used furniture from each other.


Easily accessible credit. The idea here is to enable people to set up accounts and be able to borrow money for things like furniture, or home improvement. So far, they’ve raised $5.2 million.


This company is building a platform for sharing and selling used furniture. The startup has a website where people can view and purchase furniture.