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Funded Startup Ideas

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A credit card that is funded by users rather than banks, with a cap on monthly spending.


A startup that helps small businesses take advantage of a new type of insurance: self-funded insurance.


Y Combinator has funded a wide variety of companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, and Reddit.


A consumer credit card that’s crowd-funded


 TinyDesk is an online service that lets remote workers have “a desk in their pocket”. This is a product that helps employers manage their remote workers’ desks, and allows employees to take their work with them. The startup is funded by Y Combinator and CRV.


A self-funded, fast-growing accelerator for retail ventures and consumer brands.


A crowdfunded service that helps people get their photos on the TV screen with their voice.


A venture-funded mobile app that helps users book hair and makeup services.


A tool for stores to sell goods online, funded by an angel investor.


A tool for automating and streamlining the many steps it takes to launch a startup. Currently focused on the US, they want to help companies “bootstrap faster, raise better and get funded more easily.”


A crowd-funded project to bring the benefits of underfloor heating and cooling to the underdeveloped world. The startup’s founders came up with the concept for a client-focused project as a way to combine the technology with other humanitarian efforts.


A tool for setting up radio stations, which is self-funded, but a side-project.


A free digital interface for app developers, allowing them to create virtual machines for testing. It was crowdfunded by the company’s own customers.


The following are the companies that Y Combinator has funded.


A crowdfunded loans startup that helps credit unions offer small business loans to their members. It partners with Fiserv and its lending platform.


The company is a funding-and-dissemination platform for science projects. It’s funded by Y Combinator, and has raised $2.6M in seed funding.


This is an app that allows people to pay their taxes with bitcoin, in a program that’s funded by Coinbase.


"This list of startups is a non-exhaustive collection of the best companies funded by YC. It's not intended to be a comprehensive list of all startups funded by YC. Regardless, we'll be publishing additional startups funded by YC at a later date."


A web-based platform that offers customized reports and analytics for projects that are funded or in progress.


A platform for makers to connect with people who want to make their products. The company is funded by Maker’s Mark and Breyer’s among others.


A startup that wants to make it easier for new startups to get funded by providing an online platform for finding investors.


A crowdfunded fundraising platform for startups. The startup wants to help startups get better funding, and wants to do it by bringing together investors and startups.


A self-funded startup that’s looking to solve the problem of acquiring large amounts of data without having to pay a lot for it: they sell data as a service.


A software platform that helps companies manage the customer data and retention process. The startup says it’s been customer-funded for 2 years and raised seed funding for another 6 months.


This company is making it easier for small businesses to invest in their own ventures, by providing them an online platform for managing investments. The seed round has already been funded, and the company is looking to the next round to help it scale.


A “crowd-funded credit card” for people with bad credit.


A tool that helps manage grants and contributions for non-profits. The company has been funded by YC and the National Endowment for the Arts.


A California-based startup that makes a low-cost, low-power, solar powered charger for phones and other devices. It’s a rival to the crowd-funded Fission, which offers a similar product.


A crowd-funded business that seeks to build a “smarter” retirement system for Americans.


In September 2014, Y Combinator announced a second batch of companies it funded, including the following:


A company that sells a “price guarantee” guarantee that if a store’s price is lower than a customer’s online price, the latter will be refunded.


An accelerator that helps women in tech get funded


Idea: A startup that is building an end-to-end solution for businesses making hardware to help them get funded and bring their product to market. They want to automate a lot of the backend work needed to launch hardware like creating a company and getting funding.


A company that works with local governments and nonprofit organizations to help them get free, city-wide WiFi for their residents. They have funded and built their own network in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and expanded to New Orleans, Detroit, and Indianapolis.


Idea: A startup providing free credit scores to customers, funded by a paywall around their credit report They believe this will generate better engagement than the traditional credit monitoring model, which pays customers to read their credit report


Idea: A software company that sells a free version of its software for up to 10 team members. The software helps teams track their time and sell their products or services. The startup is self-funded and