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by @levelsio

Friendly Startup Ideas

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An iOS app that aims to help parents build their own kid-friendly games.


A way to book a ride-share with a friendly driver to your exact location.


A “family-friendly” social network for college students.


This startup is building a way to make API integrations more user-friendly.


A company that’s a Slack alternative, designed to be more intuitive and user friendly.


A collaborative platform for creating and sharing workout videos that users can comment on and rate. The startup is currently working on user-friendly video editing tools.


A startup that helps quickly build custom web pages for brands, selling them to clients at a fixed price. The startup wants to replace the very expensive full-page print ad with a mobile-friendly digital display ad. Their potential clients include agencies, brands and ad tech companies.


A software that helps users create and manage their online portfolios. The software is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that helps users design a portfolio that is SEO-friendly and engaging.


A design studio that helps companies create engaging, unique, and user-friendly websites. They have a portfolio of clients, including Liberty Mutual, and are looking to expand their market.


An API for companies to manage their own payroll and benefits. The company wants to offer a better experience for companies, and says most payroll systems are “untimely, expensive, and less than customer-friendly.”


This startup wants to make bank deposits and withdrawals more efficient by making them more user-friendly and integrating with various systems.


Collaborating with organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank, Geotime provides demographic, economic, and climate data in a user-friendly way that’s useful for businesses.


This startup is building a new, more private-friendly messaging app for cryptocurrencies.


A platform that helps small businesses find pet-friendly locations and protect against data breaches.


A family-friendly AI chatbot that allows grocery shoppers to chat with the AI through voice or text to help them pick out the best deals. The company says it’s already up and running in grocery chains like Walmart.


A Chrome extension that helps people find the best dog-friendly outfitters to take their dog hiking


An eco-friendly conference for startups, focused on innovation, sustainability and technology.


This startup wants to help people manage their finances through a simple, smart, and mobile-friendly interface. It has raised $1.3 million to date.


A startup builder that lets you create beautiful, interactive, mobile-friendly websites for your business, with no coding required


This startup wants to sort the news you read to bring it to you in a format that’s somehow more relevant to you. The startup uses machine learning to determine which stories are most relevant to you, and tries to bring you the most relevant news. It’s a bit like Flipboard, but less user-friendly.


This startup is building an AI chatbot that acts as a friendly customer service rep. The startup is using a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and domain expertise to make its chatbot more human.


This is an app that aims to help people understand their credit score and how it can affect their future. “The app provides a user-friendly credit score calculator that is designed to give you a quick and easy understanding of your score. The calculator gives you a score based on your credit history and helps you understand how your credit score is calculated, how it will change, and what it means to you,” the company says.


 A startup that’s building a new and more user-friendly way to create and manage group texts, similar to GroupMe.


A new brand of budget-friendly eyewear.


A customizable, female-friendly skincare brand that uses AI to make products that are good for the skin.


This startup wants to democratize access to medical research data for students and researchers. It’s a software platform that allows medical students and researchers to build their own datasets and access global research in a user-friendly way.


A startup focused on user-friendly music discovery. The startup wants to create a desktop experience around music discovery that will allow users to browse and listen to songs, and also see what others are listening to.


A millennial-focused startup that wants to create a locally-sourced and craft beer-friendly alternative to “traditional” craft beers. LocalBev will work directly with a brewer to create a unique beer style, with each batch brewed on an on-site system.


A startup that wants to build a marketplace for more environmentally-friendly products. With a business that was founded in the UK, they now have an office in the US.


The doc app is meant to work with any electronic health records system. It’s built on the idea of user-friendly dashboards, so users can see all of the data that’s relevant, in one place. HealthBlitz is currently working with the Mayo Clinic to build out a prototype. HealthBlitz says that it’s already working with nearly 3,000 healthcare providers.


A startup to help people find gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly options at restaurants.


“Eco-friendly” shipping containers that can be used to build shipping crates or other shipping products.


A company that works with schools to make the school environment more parent-friendly.


A way to transform a website into a mobile-friendly experience


Idea: A user-friendly way to buy and manage cryptocurrency


Idea: A startup that makes a lightweight, mobile-friendly way to trade options for retail investors, promising a user experience similar to Robinhood.