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A startup that connects brands with influencers It’s a marketplace for influencer marketing, and it’s currently focused on influencers that have large Instagram followings


A “social network for influencers”, a platform for those who have large social media followings to connect with brands and offer free content.


In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the following:


A rewards platform that lets people earn points for doing things with their phones, like taking a photo, following accounts and businesses, and more. Bunch can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or travel.


A startup for finding and “following” people you’ve met, using data from all your social networks and identifying the people you’ve never met.


The 2017 batch was selected based on their work in the field, their potential to drive positive social impact, and their fit with Y Combinator’s mission. The following companies were selected:


A startup that is building a platform to help musicians increase their social media following


The following were selected by our judges in a preliminary round of judging:


The following startups were all listed in the “premier” category at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, but didn’t make the final cut to the demo stage of the event.


Delivery service that promises to get an item to you after a certain interval, following a route that minimizes driving, and lets you pick up items from a store.


Pitchbook, a media company that covers the venture industry, has released a list of the top Y Combinator companies to watch. It includes several companies from the summer batch, including the following:


A startup that lets you create a site for a sports team in four minutes and then charges them a monthly fee based on their social media following


The following companies are either currently bootstrapped or plan to bootstrap in the next year.


This is a tool for the music industry that automatically alerts you when someone you’re following releases a new song. The B2C startup is working with music companies and artists to make the feature happen.


A chat app for the former French colony in West Africa, the Ivory Coast. It was launched in August 2015 and has already built up a following among young people.


The following are the companies that Y Combinator has funded.


The following startups were named to the list of top startup ecosystems for the sixth year in a row.


The following companies were selected as semi-finalists in the 2014 Y Combinator Winter batch:


The following companies were featured in the Inc. 5000 in the “Healthcare” category:


A social platform for a new generation of sports fans. The company wants to attract the casual sports fan who never watches their local teams on TV, but enjoys following them online. The startup is currently in YC Summer 2019.


A video sharing app for events and conferences. Following a seed round, it’s been acquired by Live Nation’s Blink.


A platform that helps you manage your online credit cards and create a spending plan. The goal of the startup is to create a solution to the following problem: “When you spend money, you don’t know what you spent it on.”


The following startups are featured in Inc.’s 2019 Inc. 5000 list, a ranking of the 5,000 largest privately held companies in the United States.


The following startups are no longer in YC but will be returning for the 11th batch in June:


A tool to help people create content and build a following online.


A startup that wants to create a universal code of conduct for employees, so that companies can be sure they’re following the same rules for everyone.


There are a staggering number of these startups. The following are just some of the more prominent ones.


The following startups have been accepted to the 10th batch:


The following is a list of notable consumer product startups in North America that have raised venture funding, according to Crunchbase and its sources.


A video game that teaches how to drive a car. Players control a virtual car and drive around a course, following the rules of the road, and avoiding obstacles such as other cars and pedestrians. The game is meant for the very beginning of novice drivers, teaching them to drive without the risk of crashing.


This list was gathered from the following sources:


The following is a list of companies in the batch who have been accepted into Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 class.


The following are notable U.S. venture capital firms that invest in or work with startups in the areas of healthcare:


A mobile app to help tourists book trips in real time, in a way that’s similar to using a mobile app to book a ride-share or a hotel. The company has a large following of users, and a potential to build a global brand from the ground up.


The following startups were featured on the show as a part of the Airtime segment, but did not have a pitch session:


A startup that uses AI to promote its customers on social media. The startup is also working on a social media marketing platform that allows companies to attract more customers and grow their social media following.


The following companies are the newest additions to the Crunchbase 50:


AdExchanger ranked them as the #2 ad tech company to watch in May 2018, following their acquisition of Adform in September 2017. AdExchanger ranked them as the #4 ad tech company to watch in June 2018, following their acquisition of Rapportive in July 2017. AdExchanger ranked them as the #6 ad tech company to watch in July 2018.


The following startups were selected because of their unique and innovative approaches to building businesses.


In September 2014, Y Combinator announced a second batch of companies it funded, including the following:


A tool for helping companies to ensure that the people they do business with are following the law.


"TechCrunch" has included the following companies in the Crunchies Awards.


Idea: A startup that is building a decentralized version of YouTube. Users of the platform are able to earn money by posting content and advertisers are able to put ads on the content. The startup wants to give people the ability to build up a following without having to go through a traditional platform.


The idea generator is based on the following key concepts:


The following is an incomplete list of major startup acquisitions: