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Focusing Startup Ideas

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A small business marketing strategy and planning tool that lets small businesses measure their marketing performance across all channels. It started by focusing on social media and has expanded to include web traffic and content marketing, email marketing, and paid search.


A platform for sharing and selling reusable office supplies to businesses. The startup focuses on 8 great office supply items that are used a lot, but don’t get recycled as often as they should. They’re currently focusing on the US, but plan to expand internationally and into business software.


A startup focusing on the supply chain and logistics for the cannabis industry


A health-maintenance company for the elderly, focusing on their social needs. The company’s founder and president, Alejandro Ortiz, said that for many older people, social engagement often goes missing, making it harder for them to stay healthy.


Another company looking to build a social media platform for dating, focusing on the Latinx market in the US.


A mobile app that allows customers to book services from home doctors. They’re also focusing on providing privacy for health services, by ensuring that the doctor never sees the patient’s name, phone number, or address. The company is currently working with a hospital in NY.


A startup that helps businesses manage their membership programs. The startup is currently focusing on the restaurant industry.


This company is focusing on anonymized data for companies. The startup lets anyone sell anonymized data about their customers, which can be used by businesses to provide better services.


A social find-a-ride app that’s loosely based on Uber, but with a different business model, focusing on peer-to-peer rides that take place in a ride-sharing network.


A venture capital firm that invests only in female founders, focusing on early-stage companies that focus on women’s health.


A startup that wants to help companies build special-purpose blockchains for their use cases, eliminating the need to create an entirely new blockchain. The startup is currently focusing on the health industry, with an emphasis on micropayments.


A remote meeting solution for companies that want to meet where people are, like coffee shops or bars. The startup is currently focusing on a few dozen US and European locations, but plans to go global in 2018.


A different kind of charging station for electric vehicles, focusing on the home. Rather than wirelessly charging vehicles, the startup's stations are stationary and have a separate charging port for plugging in phones and tablets.


A startup that’s helping small businesses in the US automate payroll and create financial reporting with minimal cost. The company is now focusing on being a one-stop shop for small businesses.


A startup focusing on the hardware side of the IoT ecosystem, building a “smart battery” for things like refrigerators and air conditioners.


A platform for helping people design and build virtual reality experiences. The startup is focusing on the gaming side, but says they’re open to partnering with other verticals as well.


A startup that aims to deliver affordable, high-quality storage to the home. The company is focusing on a particular vertical, which is a new one.


The company is building a digital marketplace for people who want to buy and sell their used goods at wholesale. The company is focusing on the US but they plan to launch internationally.


SaaS company that helps hospital nurses and doctors build secure online patient portals. The startup is focusing on the healthcare vertical and has its first client.


An ad network that focuses on under-served demographics, focusing on users who are under 18 and worth around $600 to advertisers.


A platform to help people easily track their finances. The company is focusing on “low-risk” investments to make it easier for even the novice to invest.


A startup that makes a tool allowing any organization to track their contributors and payments in real-time. The startup is currently focusing on helping NGOs track the status of their contributions.


A company that used to provide computer science education in English before shifting to the Indian market and focusing on autodidactic AI education.


A startup that wants to bring a “hybrid” approach to the online dating market, focusing on creating a community for people to find dates on the platform, but also connecting them with people they know in real life.


A bitcoin exchange for retailers and small businesses that want to accept the cryptocurrency. The startup is currently focusing on the US, with plans to expand internationally.


A startup that creates apps for restaurants, choosing to partner with restaurants that have a “local” feel. The startup is currently focusing on the US and UK, but plans to expand to other countries.


A startup to help people create and manage their social networks. Currently focusing on the Asian market.


Companies that have benefited from Y Combinator are focusing on the problems of the modern worker not because they’re trying to build the next Klout or IMVU, but because they think these problems will be solved by technology.


Part of the problem with software is that it’s hard to measure how well an app is working. AppZilla wanted to solve that problem by building a platform for developers to track their app’s stats. The startup is focusing on mobile apps, and has already raised $1.5 million.


A company that helps people order food using language. The startup is building a platform to translate menus and order food, currently focusing on Spanish and English.


A company that focuses on a specific vertical, like consulting or data science. It’s a subscription service for software developers, focusing on the areas they’re most well-versed in. They’re working with other companies in that vertical.


A new app that helps users easily find the best deals on flights and hotels. Currently focusing on the UK and Europe.


A mobile app that helps people build a virtual reality experience while they walk around a city. Currently focusing on VR adoption in India.


Focusing on the healthcare industry, this startup wants to take the pain out of securing data on the blockchain.


A platform that connects homeowners with local contractors to provide home maintenance and repairs. The startup is currently focusing on Chicago.


A B2B company that delivers on demand services. For example, they can send someone to help clean up your garage or install a new car battery. The startup is currently focusing on the US market.


Automates the process of getting a fingerprint scanner to work on a device you already own. The startup is focusing first on Android devices and then extending to other platforms.


The startup is building a platform for the gig economy, letting people earn money through online activities, like cleaning homes, or driving Uber. It’s currently focusing on Indonesia.


Idea: A startup that helps people in the US save for international travel by converting their credit card rewards into cash. The startup is focusing on helping people who are about to travel abroad in the next three months.


A team of three full stack engineers, two graphics designers, and a marketing lead, Capital’s goal is to disrupt the legal sector of the marketplace by providing a full service legal shop. Capital is a firm that represents individuals and small businesses in a variety of legal matters. The team is currently focusing on the representation of individuals, but also does work for small businesses.


Idea: A startup for hand-made products. The startup is looking to disrupt the marketplace business by focusing on a niche of handmade goods. The startup claims it can make handmade goods more profitable for producers and more affordable for consumers.