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Flexible Startup Ideas

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A company building a platform for employers to offer flexible work arrangements to their employees. The company, which was launched in August, is already working with over 500 companies.


A product that helps financial advisors create discounted and flexible investment plans for clients.


A company that offers a scheduling software that helps businesses schedule their employees for flexible hours.


This startup wants to build a customizable, flexible, and affordable credit score.


The company is building an online tool to help businesses automate payroll and human resources, with features like time tracking and flexible pay.


The startup is looking to pair the benefits of a collaborative economy with the efficiency of a shared economy. The company offers a system that can match the right person with the right job while also providing them with a flexible schedule.


A health insurance company built for small businesses. It’s a “flexible, affordable, and transparent platform by which businesses can get coverage for in-house doctors and nurses.”


A company that makes solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles. The startup has built an entire flexible solar panel that can be connected to any car.


A platform that helps companies offer their employees flexible benefits and healthcare


This startup is building a new kind of pay-as-you-go mobile device, which can be used for a variety of purposes, from music to glasses to medical and molecular research. The device is meant to be flexible and easy to use, with a range of options for the hardware and software, and a monthly fee that is based on usage.


This startup is building a tool that lets companies charge their employees for taking time off or for using the company’s own time. The service is meant to make work more flexible while also giving companies a way to track time.


A company that wants to get people into yoga while helping them get more flexible.


A San Francisco-based startup that wants to disrupt the way that flexible manufacturing is done. Its purpose is to help customers determine the optimal amount of materials needed for products, and help companies manage materials.


A software platform to help companies find new hires. The company wants to help companies become more flexible and efficient in the hiring process.


A company that builds flexible, adjustable shipping containers that can be used for housing, shipping, and construction.


A group of startups that wants to build a more flexible alternative to the more common SaaS model. The startups want to build tools that let people customize their solutions into “custom apps” that can be sold to customers directly.


A startup that wants to create a new way of managing content that’s more dynamic and flexible than traditional CMSs.


A tool that allows employees to set up a flexible work schedule. This is currently in an early stage of development and has no immediate plans for the growth of the business.


This company wants to develop a new kind of soft robotics. They’re building robotic arms that are more flexible, and move more naturally, than most robotic arms on the market.


A startup that makes car rentals cheaper and more flexible


This startup has developed a new type of phone case with a 3D printed flexible OLED screen that gives users a heads-up display of important information at a glance.


A business management tool for logistics companies, geared towards help desk in particular. The startup wants to help logistics companies be more flexible with their hours and be better at managing the flow of information from customers.


A company that makes a product called “Flex”, a flexible structural material that can be used to build buildings instead of using steel beams.


A company that builds a platform for non-legal software contracts, allowing businesses to use a contract that’s more flexible and can be altered without getting a lawyer involved.


This startup looks to build a more flexible, less expensive alternative to traditional DNS (domain name server) services (think Cloudflare.)


This startup is building a new generation of web browsers, called “containers”, that work like operating systems. Containers are like virtual machines (VM) in that they run programs inside them, but they’re a lot more flexible. You can build a container that can run a Ruby or a Python, for example, and you can run a container that runs a ton of different kinds of programs. Containers can also be used to run a group of VMs, and VMs can run each other, too. The tech is still in its early days, but it’s a promising tech that’s been used to run the Linux operating system.


A startup that makes it easy for startups and businesses to create and manage virtual organizations so workers can be hired and managed in a flexible way.


A startup that is building a new kind of payment processor that is more flexible than existing ones.


A tool to help nonprofits offer more flexible and affordable services to low-income populations.


A flexible budgeting app that makes it easy to budget at the moment and see how much you can free up by cutting back your expenses.


A new way to book airfare with a focus on flexible travel options. The startup wants to expand the options to include home-away-from-home programs, and will work with companies to offer payment plans, etc.


A “payroll for the sharing economy” where companies can hire independent contractors with a more flexible relationship with customers and company. The company claims it’s cheaper, faster, and easier than traditional payroll systems.


A company that helps companies set up flexible working arrangements.


A tool for businesses to manage their group fitness memberships, allowing businesses to offer group plans in a much more flexible way than the big vendors.


A flexible wand that lets you control your phone, your TV, and your lights using different motions


Idea: A startup that provides a better way for companies to manage their sales team’s calendars The startup hopes to replace the traditional calendar with something that is more flexible


Idea: A startup for turning your apartment into a hotel. It allows hosts to rent out rooms via a smartphone app, and comes with features like cleaning, check-in, and flexible cancellations. It’s currently free for hosts, and makes money through a 7% cut from bookings.