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Fix Startup Ideas

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The startup is building an app that connects car owners with mechanics who can fix broken cars.


A startup that provides a service to help people learn how to fix things around the house


A Brazilian startup that helps fix cars via its app.


A startup that makes it easy for people to learn how to fix things themselves


Makes your iPhone photos look better. The startup takes a lot of photos and fixes them up, including helping with color.


A startup for professionals to sell their expertise, such as fixing your computer, building your app, opening your car door, or giving you a pedicure.


A startup that helps people find a reliable plumber or other fix-it guy on the same day they need him


A startup that sells a directory of people who will come out and do odd jobs around your house - like repairing fixtures, painting,


A company that wants to help companies find their best employees by showing them what they’re doing wrong and how they can fix it.


A startup that provides mobile phone repair for $5, and a service in which customers can have their phones fixed by their friends.


A tool for banks to vet potential borrowers based on their credit score, then offer guidance to help them get approved. “If you have a credit score, we can fix your credit score.”


A student loan refinancing platform that allows borrowers to pay off their debt in a number of different ways, including a lump sum or a fixed payment.


A startup that helps quickly build custom web pages for brands, selling them to clients at a fixed price. The startup wants to replace the very expensive full-page print ad with a mobile-friendly digital display ad. Their potential clients include agencies, brands and ad tech companies.


A startup focused on making it easier for employers and HR professionals to manage the onboarding process. The company is building a process for hiring new employees that’s “one of the most frustrating parts of the process”. It would be used to help the company add new employees, fix the onboarding process, and help identify the right kind of jobs for the company.


A company that makes it easy for brands to build and launch their own social media accounts, for free. They charge brands for the pages they create rather than charging a fixed subscription fee.


A company that sells a “robot for your car”, allowing you to schedule deliveries and have them fixed remotely.


A startup that aims to help financial advisors in the US give advice to clients who are buying fixed-income investments. The startup is backed by the venture arm of Goldman Sachs.


A startup that gives people access to low-cost, high-speed wireless internet in a place they’d otherwise have to pay for a fixed line.


A startup that helps companies identify and fix inefficiencies in their marketing processes, and then helps them make better marketing decisions.


A startup that provides a service to help people with their website (ie I pay you $50 and you fix my website)


A startup that lets people take care of their bikes, which are serviced and fixed by their manufacturers.


The startup helps ISPs monitor the level of network performance in their network, helping them identify problems and fix them before they can affect the quality of service for customers.


An AI-powered solution for the construction industry. It’s a predictive maintenance platform that helps maintenance staff fix machines before they break down.


A customer support system that helps companies minimize the time it takes to fix their customers’ problems.


A series of privacy tools that’s meant to help people identify and fix security risks


A startup that aims to help businesses use AI and machine learning to detect and fix vulnerabilities in their systems.


Fixflo is a startup that helps people troubleshoot issues with their heating and cooling systems, using a cloud-based platform.


A tool for automating the process of diagnosing and fixing problems in cars.


A fix for the “gig economy”, offering a comprehensive insurance package for independent workers. Their product is designed for the future and will work for any independent worker, anywhere in the world.


A company that is building a light and motion sensor system for tracking down and fixing bugs in software.


A social network for restaurants, startups and developers. It’s a platform where restaurants can find users to fix their tables, answer the phone, and do general upkeep.


A tech startup whose product is a home-based network of technicians that fixes your home’s issues or installs equipment. The company says that since it launched in early 2019 it has already had several million dollars worth of work.


A camera system that “drives and fixes” things. “Drive and Fix” is a smartphone app that tells you when your car needs a repair, and sends you a video of it being done.


The startup is aiming to build a way for employers to track the quality of their workers, and fix any issues that might be holding them back.


A tool for developers to find out how their products are used, with the goal of helping them fix bugs.


A toolkit for managers to help them understand and talk about the problems that their employees are having. The toolkit is designed to help managers understand their employees better and fix problems faster.


A startup that is a marketplace for people who are looking to do fix and flips on houses


A platform that lets people rent tools, repair their own things, and get their things fixed instantly through the app, which uses a subscription-based service to keep costs down.


A P2P service that lets you borrow money from your friends to fix your car, fix your leaky roof, or do whatever you need to do.


A platform for selling and buying fixed-rate loans. The company is developed by former Citi, UBS, KKR and S&P executives.


This startup helps companies build software that automatically detects and fixes computer security problems.


A tool for finding the right contractor to fix a job, and making sure they’re getting paid for it. It’s currently working with 500 clients and funding 500 jobs per month.


A solution for merchants to buy a physical product, a digital receipt, and a sticker, which you affix to a physical product for a customer to trade in.


A software development company that wants to fix the “diversity gap” in Silicon Valley. The company’s co-founder says that men make up around 80% of the tech workforce, and women only 4% (and that the industry is even worse in other parts of the world).


A company that offers a new way to invest in real estate. The startup’s platform offers monthly payments of invested capital with a fixed rate of return on a pool of real estate investments. It’s a p2p lending platform, and its first customers are on a waitlist.


Idea: Fixing the security holes in the smart home


A startup that provides a directory of people who are willing to exchange services (IE I will clean your house, you fix my computer)


A startup that creates a directory of people who do odd jobs like fixing lawn mowers, cars, etc


Idea: A startup that is trying to fix the problem of counterfeit drugs in China


Idea: A startuplication that allows users to post a request for help around the house and get someone to come fix it


Idea: A self-service toolkit that helps companies organize their internal product development process so they can more efficiently build new features and fix bugs


A company that makes a small device that connects to a circuit board. The device is meant to be used by people who don’t know how to solder, to fix their electronics.