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Fintech Startup Ideas

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A fintech startup that is building a platform that will let users import financial data from different platforms and create a financial dashboard that can be integrated with other platforms.


A new fintech app that aims to make it easier for consumers to make payments


Cofounder Alex Zabludowicz co-founded this fintech company with his brother, Alex. It wants to make payments faster, cheaper, and more secure, with a focus on the developing world.


A “fintech for the legal industry”. It wants to make legal contracts easier to understand and fill out, so they don’t need lawyers to review them.


A startup that helps fintech companies with compliance work, enabling them to better support clients.


A B2B fintech startup that helps insurance companies price policy coverage, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to their data.


A fintech startup that wants to make it easier for financial advisors to do their job better.


A startup that extends the integration of the Fintech API to make it easier for developers to integrate payments into their own app or website.


Fintech company for unbanked and underbanked customers in Latin America and Brazil.


This startup is building an all-in-one platform for Fintech services, with the goal of bringing them all under one roof.


A Fintech startup that helps retailers like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus better manage inventory to help them slash their costs and increase sales.


This is a fintech startup that wants to make it easier for companies to send money to their employees. It currently has two employees and 10 customers.


Fintech company that offers investors a way to borrow against their crypto holdings.


A fintech startup in the Philadelphia area that has a platform that lets users compare loans to see the best deal


A fintech startup that provides a service that let’s users fund their bank accounts with cryptocurrencies. The startup has raised $18 million in seed funding to date.


A startup that helps hotels in Europe and the Middle East book rooms for corporate events with Fintech companies, using their own websites, without the need for a native reservation system.


Fintech startup that wants to help small businesses with cash flow and credit management.


This startup is building a platform for the fintech industry that aims to help banks manage their lending, investments, and risk. The platform was built to sit alongside the CapitalOne API.


A fintech startup built for natural gas industry. It allows users to collect and monitor their natural gas usage, and allows companies to monitor over their entire natural gas network.


Fintech startup looking to capture the $1.7 trillion market for international currency exchange.


A company that uses Artificial Intelligence to help banks and credit unions make loan decisions, with a focus on fintech and small business.


This startup will help banks manage risks by creating a sandbox for fintech startups.


The world of finance is changing dramatically, and there’s a lot of confusion around how new technologies like fintech will impact financial services. Fintech can take the form of apps, startups, and platforms, or it can be composed of a mix of all three. Fintech is a catch-all term that can include everything from cryptocurrencies, to artificial intelligence, to machine learning, and more. Fintech startup solutions help companies navigate these changes.


Cofounder of the company, a former commercial real estate agent, says she knew nothing about the fintech industry until she started researching it in 2017.


A fintech company that creates portfolios for companies to manage their employee retirement savings. It allows companies to track employees’ investment performance while offering a platform to help them manage their own retirement savings.


A fintech platform, helping companies with their transactions.


Fintech startup for facilitating money transfers between countries. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Myanmar, its beta version allows users to send and receive money online via mobile phones.


FinTech startup that allows people to send payments via text message.


Another Fintech company looking to bring a bank of tools, platforms, and services to the new generation of the unbanked.


A fintech company that is developing a platform that enables an automated corporate bond issuance.


Idea: Trim is a fintech company that wants to become a one-stop shop for credit cards The company’s pitch is that it’ll use machine learning to notch up credit card rewards for users and help them manage their spending


Idea: A software company that helps non-profits and NGOs integrate with payment processors and other fintech services


Idea: A fintech startup that provides consumer loans in the Philippines to customers who don’t have many credit options.