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Finding Startup Ideas

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This startup aims to help people around the world donate their excess stuff to the needy. The startup helps people donate excess stuff to those in need by finding charities that accept donations.


A tool for finding and sharing childcare and nanny services with other parents.


A startup for finding and reserving gyms, as well as a digital membership card. The startup wants to be the world’s first digital gym, using an app to track and manage memberships.


A platform that helps companies analyze their own data, with a focus on finding ways to make information more actionable.


A startup that helps with finding new ideas for software startups.


A mobile app for finding last-minute parking spots.


A mobile app for finding the closest parking spot to where you’re going, with the ability to pay for it with a credit card.


A startup that helps people with finding and organizing their digital photos


A tool for finding and hiring full-time, live-in housekeepers


A startup for finding and “following” people you’ve met, using data from all your social networks and identifying the people you’ve never met.


A platform for sharing, finding, and verifying restaurant ratings, based on the way Yelp operates.


A tool for finding and managing freelance contracts. The company recently raised $2.6 million.


A SaaS tool for finding and booking open-ended, immersive style tours in any city. The startup also offers a booking platform for short-term travelers and an app that lets you book tours in advance.


A tool for finding student housing.


A global marketplace for finding, purchasing, and delivering personal care products in the US


The startup’s unique approach to the problem of finding a G Suite admin. It employs a screener algorithm to automate the process of hiring a G Suite admin.


A shortcut to finding new restaurants in a given city


A platform for finding home cleaners that an individual can use to set up recurring cleaning appointments.


 A search engine for finding people by education, gender, and location.


A free and open-source app for finding, managing and sharing files


A consumer-facing startup that offers a subscription-based service for finding and saving a place to stay.


A team of medical students who want to make the process of finding a new doctor easier


A digital place-finding app in Singapore.


A startup that makes it easier for consumers to find quality products for their homes. Its app is similar to Amazon’s Dash, but for finding products in a physical store.


A software company that helps companies with the tech-heavy job of finding and interviewing candidates. Clarity has a free version for small teams and a $4,000/month paid option, which it says has “well over 100 customers”.


The startup is building a tool for finding investors for startups.


A startup for finding out which restaurants are open on a given day, with 6,000 cities and 1,500,000 restaurants.


A platform for finding and hiring freelance developers, with a marketplace where developers can find work.


You want to find someone to build you a website, but “the whole process of finding someone to build a website is so cumbersome”. You want to do the hiring, but you’re not a developer and you’re not a designer, so you need a tool that gives you a few options for each step. That’s what the startup is building.


A platform for finding and booking cheap rooms in hostels, hotels and other accommodations.


A startup for finding and scheduling contractors.


A tool for finding a nearby, qualified plumber.


A Web/Mobile-based platform for hiring, recruiting, and finding jobs. In the last year, the company says they’ve grown from $1.5 million in annual revenue to $4.5 million, and that they’ve seen 10x growth in the last 12 months. The company has more than 50 employees and is currently hiring.


A mobile app for finding parking and other services near your destination, with a built-in contact list to save you time. It’s inspired by Uber’s surge pricing and lets you set your own price and availability as well.


A recruiting platform for startups that helps automate the process of finding and hiring the best people for a job.


This startup is building a better way to find local services. The company is taking a data-driven approach to finding services for residents in a given city and helping them find what they are looking for.


A platform for finding chefs that can cook for you, for a fee, across a variety of restaurants. Peers who want to hire a chef post what they’re looking for, and chefs can bid on each request.


A tool for finding your nearest restaurant’s menu items online.


A search engine focused on finding the most relevant articles about a particular topic. The startup is building the search around data from more than 190 million sources across the web. It was recently featured on the HBO show Silicon Valley.


This startup wants to make a better platform for finding local business in your area by combining location data from your phone and the location data of your contacts.


A company that aims to help businesses get more attention from the people they want to hire, by finding them on the job sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


This startup is building an AI-driven platform for finding freelance contractors, similar to Upwork or Freelancer. The startup has raised $4 million and is based in the UK.


An automated process for finding and blocking bad reviews on Amazon.


The high cost of online advertising means that marketers struggle to find the right people to reach with their ads. Yieldly wants to automate the process of finding the right people, using a system of algorithms that finds the right person to target for the right job, based on the criteria the company needs.


Another startup in the European market, DocDoc is a software suite that manages the entire process of building a website, from finding a domain name to building a site and testing it.


A way to track and share the process of finding a new job, which can be time-consuming for employers.


A resource for finding the best yoga classes and teachers in a particular city. The company also wants to develop a global directory of yoga studios.


A startup that helps you plan your trip to the beach, from finding the cheapest flight, to finding the best hotel.


A blockchain-based platform to power collaborative research. The startup is building a platform that allows researchers to share data and research findings and get results published so that other researchers can build on the work.


A B2B platform for finding and sharing freelance technical talent, with a focus on Germany.


A tool for finding the highest-rated local restaurants, bars, or retail locations.


A tool for finding better vendors for the workplace, to help companies save money and streamline processes.


Online discovery service focused on solving the problem of finding the right home for your next vacation. The startup uses data and algorithms to help vacationers find the right home for their next trip.


A digital assistant that helps you complete tasks, like finding a restaurant, booking a table, or helping with a reservation. The assistant is currently only available in the US, but the company wants to expand to more countries.


A tool for finding and managing influencers on Twitter


On-demand software for human resources (HR) teams. It automates the hiring process, removes the stress of finding the right people, and streamlines data collection and reporting for HR teams.


A startup that wants to solve the problem of finding and maintaining backup storage for businesses.


This startup helps recruiters with finding the best candidates and matching them to jobs.


A tool for finding out how many people have downloaded your app, and how many have used it in the past week. The founders say that it’s been integrated into 75 different apps, and that they’ve seen a 20% increase in user retention and engagement once they started using it, with a 50% increase in revenue.


A chatbot that answers your questions about finding a new job


This is an AI-powered service for finding the cheapest flights online. The startup currently boasts over 1 million users, and has built a complex machine learning model that it says can find you the cheapest flights.


A platform that aims to help companies build marketing campaigns by automatically finding the right customers.


A company that promises to make travel booking and finding flights as easy as posting a free, ad-supported message on Facebook. The startup has raised $40 million in funding.


A startup for finding and sharing the best parties in your city


The BLS blog provides a daily newsletter, typically written by an economist, that summarizes recent changes in labor market conditions locally and nationally, and features summaries of research findings.


A free online tool for freelancers that simplifies the process of finding reliable clients, vetting them for quality, finding payment terms, and more.


A startup that wants to make it easier for new startups to get funded by providing an online platform for finding investors.


A web-based platform for finding, comparing, and editing photos on websites.


A startup for finding and booking travel that uses a bank of 5,000 itineraries to provide personal customization. It’s in the phase of becoming a booking site, with a desktop app in development, and a plan to open it up to all users.


A platform designed to help startups with the process of finding and hiring talent.


A visual search engine for finding files on the web.


A company that helps other startups find a founder, as well as help them with the process of finding a co-founder.


A tool for finding and hiring professional drivers. The idea is to give customers access to a marketplace where they can find drivers and vice versa.


A mobile app for finding a cheap lawyer if you end up in jail.


A company that wants to take the hassle of finding and booking a car service out of the equation and let you order a ride from your smartphone.


This is a platform for finding and hiring virtual assistants with a focus on solving problems for small businesses and freelancers.


A North American-based women’s health company looking to expand globally, with a focus on finding a way to provide women with a safe and easy way to have regular checkups.


A tool for finding and hiring independent contractors, allowing companies to outsource tasks to independent contractors with a single click.


A platform that helps you track down the best C-suite candidates among your employees. It’s a recruiting platform that uses a combination of algorithms and social media for finding top candidates for specific roles. It’s currently being used by YC and other startups including FundingPost and Foodspotting.


A fun app for finding the cheapest car rental when traveling abroad.


This is an app for finding music, movies, and TV you haven’t heard of. It’s currently in beta.


A tool for finding the best route for a drone, including data on traffic and obstacles


Building software to help with the process of finding new local talent.


A tech-enabled market for finding and hiring high-quality freelancers. The company’s aim is to help small businesses expand their reach and have access to a more comprehensive pool of talent.


A platform for finding and sharing data sets around sports, with a focus on finding statistical data sets.


A startup that helps you find a doctor in your area in seconds. It’s similar to Yelp, but it’s more focused on finding primary care physicians.


A tool for finding out how much a particular product costs on Amazon.


A tool for finding the right contractor to fix a job, and making sure they’re getting paid for it. It’s currently working with 500 clients and funding 500 jobs per month.


This is a tool for finding and buying deals on car insurance, similar to GEICO.


A platform that helps landlords market their property online, with an emphasis on finding renters and managing the property.


An online platform for finding a stylist that works with your budget.


This is a SaaS platform which allows the tracking of people’s physical movements in real-time, allowing users to automate the process of finding them.


A startup that helps streamline the process of finding people to hire for customer service, sales, and other roles at a startup.


A crowd-sourced marketplace for finding and hiring talent


A company that wants to add a social component to finding a home.


A startup that wants to help women who are having a hard time finding high-quality, affordable maternity clothes.


A startup for finding and sharing vacation rentals — especially those with unique features — and connecting renters with renters.


A travel search engine that features a social network for finding travel deals.


A startup for meeting new people and finding friends. The app is designed to make it easier for people to make new friends, and to find people with similar interests.


A tool for finding and buying used books online that helps provide more information about the seller, and helps keep prices low by only listing books from places with a known track record of selling books.


A Tinder-like app for finding local businesses. Founded by two former Coinbase employees, it has a basic but growing user base.


A platform for finding, interviewing, and screening candidates.


A Facebook Messenger bot for finding good, cheap flights.


A crowdsourced marketplace for people to connect with the services they need, including tasks like finding a cleaning service or a dog walker.


A B2B startup that’s building a platform for finding and combating fraud in online sales. It’s not an entirely new idea, but Ampli is using machine learning to comb through data to try to pre-empt fraudulent transactions.


A business that simplifies the process of finding and hiring freelance workers, with a focus on the US market.


A social network for the "minority" population. It aims to build tools for people who are hyper-aware of their social status, and want to share what they’re doing in the hopes of finding others like them.


A restaurant database that lets you search through menus, order food, and find nearby restaurants that deliver. It’s the opposite of EatWith, which is focused on finding people to eat with.


The problem with a lot of online shopping apps is that they are difficult to find, with users sometimes having to search for it. They want to change that by building a one-stop shopping app for finding anything from a local store to a nearby restaurant.


A tool for finding and reporting on all the relevant information about any country, including the government, economy, and culture. It’s available in English.


A tool for HR professionals to create training programs on the fly. The company’s co-founder went through a lot of frustration finding training programs for employees, so he wrote his own.


This is a crowdsourced platform for finding freelance labor or labor-for-hire, connecting companies needing work done with individuals who are looking for work.


This startup wants to take the pain out of finding and finding the right people for your job. Think of it as LinkedIn for jobs, with a focus on matching candidates with the right jobs.


A platform that helps people make lightning-fast alterations to their homes. The startup is trying to reduce the process of finding contractors, arranging payments and paying them.


This startup is building an app that connects people with people who need help finding help with the mental health issues that are too often seen as taboo.


A company that is building a single mobile app to help shoppers find products they want. It’s first product is a $5 app for finding high quality clothing that’s been made specifically for your body type.


In this business, the CEO says, “we are working with a small group of partners and we are finding that it is almost impossible to get a loan from a bank.” The startup uses its own software to help companies quickly verify their ability to repay a loan.


A platform for connecting developers with small businesses. The startup is looking to use machine learning to automate the process of finding a small business for a developer to implement an app for.


The startup aims to help communicate science more effectively, helping researchers and professors to communicate their findings easier and more concisely, and helping people learn more about the sciences.


An online service for finding and recommending top quality, value for money restaurants.


A directory for finding the nearest dry cleaner, restaurant, and other types of businesses. The company launched in Boston with the goal of landing in New York and Los Angeles by December.


A startup for people who are moving to a new city and need help finding new friends


A startup that provides a service for people who are going through a divorce They do everything for you, including finding your next partner


A startup that provides an app for finding people who are interested in being a part of a mastermind group


Idea: A Slackbot for finding and booking travel


Idea: A job search app for college students and recent grads in the US It takes a gamified approach, with a focus on making the process of finding a job more fun


Idea: Massively simplifying the process of finding a job in Saudi Arabia The startup wants to make it easier for employers to post jobs, look at resumes, and approve candidates


Idea: A startup that helps companies discover the talent they need. It’s the middleman that does the work of finding jobs that need to be filled.


Idea: An AI-powered chatbot that will perform basic legal tasks like signing documents or finding a lawyer for you.


Idea: A startup for finding designers/developers/analysts/etc for long term projects. It’s meant to be similar to Upwork, but less saturated and more curated.


Idea: A startup that wants to be the Expedia of travel for people with disabilities, finding and booking accessible hotels.


 A tool for finding and building mobile apps. The startup wants to be a hub for developers to build apps across multiple platforms.