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Financing Startup Ideas

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A startup that makes it easy for small businesses to get the financing they need. Pure is a platform that helps businesses build a relationship with banks or credit unions, which can then make lending decisions on behalf of the business without requiring a formal loan.


A platform that helps small businesses find financing to grow. The service is used by over 1,000 businesses in the US.


A student loan refinancing startup.


A student loan refinancing platform that allows borrowers to pay off their debt in a number of different ways, including a lump sum or a fixed payment.


A peer-to-peer lending company that focuses on college students. The company says it’s in talks with a few large consumer finance companies and would like to see itself included in student loan refinancing programs. They’re based in Delaware.


A startup that’s building a platform to help people find and purchase real estate with outside financing.


A startup that helps large companies find the best capital financing options, and helps them connect with potential investors


Provides an SaaS platform for financing and investing. The company is currently targeting small business owners in the US.


A platform for businesses to use and manage their international trade finance more easily, helping them avoid the costs and delays of traditional financing.


A software platform that helps small businesses, freelancers, and independent contractors obtain loans and invoice financing. They have a $50,000 seed round with a 4x growth rate since their launch in May 2019.


A student loan refinancing service that’s currently focused on the US.


A microfinancing platform that gives small businesses access to capital they need to grow.


A student loan refinancing startup that helps students pay off their loans before they graduate.


A startup that offers a student loan refinancing service specifically for those in the public sector.


 A way to streamline the process of getting a loan for a startup (or other company in need of financing). The company provides a marketplace for financing and a loan application, with providers ranging from big banks to crowdlending sites. They’re currently in the process of raising Series A funding.


A personal financing tool that helps consumers save for retirement, borrow against their homes, refinance student loans, and reduce debt.


A blockchain-based invoice financing platform. The company wants to lower the cost of capital for the global invoice financing market. It’s using the blockchain to replace the middleman and make the process more transparent.


The startup’s name is an acronym for “SeedMe,” which is a wordplay on “seed funding,” as it looks to “seed” equity financing for startups.


A platform for matching large hotel chains with small hotels that need to do some big renovations quickly. The startup offers hotel owners a choice of different financing options that they can use to pay for their renovations.


A B2B “banking for business” startup that helps clients with business banking needs, including payroll, invoice financing, and other financial services.


A student loan refinancing company that helps borrowers get out of student debt by consolidating all their loans into one. It aims to make this process as simple as possible by allowing borrowers to make payments via their credit cards.


Blockchain-based invoice financing for startups, which uses smart contracts to allow companies to leverage their own cash flow to finance new acquisitions.


A student loan refinancing startup that promises to reduce interest rates. It just closed a $10 million round, and its founders said they’re targeting 15% of student loan holders.


A tool for people in need of homeownership financing with access to traditional lenders.


A college student loan refinancing startup, which connects students with investors who can refinance their loans.


A company that helps small- and medium-sized companies in financial services, insurance, and real estate get financing


A micro-financing company that uses a network of community banks to help people in developing countries get loans.


A startup that helps companies find financing for trade shows, starting with the idea that the more you finance the show, the more you sell, and the more you sell, the more you can finance it.


A startup that wants to help people get on the property ladder by connecting them with companies that can help them get the financing. The company has 50 employees and has raised $1.5 million in seed funding.


Idea: A micro-financing company that provides small loans directly to merchants in Kenya. It aims to bring a better online experience to the underbanked.