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Feedback Startup Ideas

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A company that helps people figure out what kind of insurance they need, and then helps them find the best and cheapest way to get it. The startup says they’ve already gotten good feedback from people who have used their site.


A platform that allows users to create digital, social, and physical products by sending messages to a group of people in a bid to crowdsource their ideas or get feedback.


A startup that helps track and connect people who want to apply for jobs in a specific city, and allows them to see the job openings, apply and schedule interviews, get feedback on their applications, and communicate with recruiters. Available in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A digital platform for artists to share their work, get feedback, and start selling to gallery owners.


A startup that’s building an API for user feedback, allowing companies to use a platform such as UserVoice to collect feedback.


Social network for entrepreneurs, allowing them to share ideas and get feedback for their business ideas. The startup is free for businesses with fewer than 5 employees.


A web-based platform that provides users with a way to digitally record and collect feedback from their customers.


This is a company building a software company that provides software solutions for companies to build their own customer personas, give them feedback on their user experience, and then make recommendations for changing their website layouts.


A tool that allows people to create screen recordings, and share them for feedback.


A web-based, collaborative platform for teachers to give and receive feedback.


A platform for influencers to receive feedback from their followers, so they can use it to become better at what they do.


This is a “shortcut” to provide the same results as a traditional HR process, by using phone interviews, instant messaging, and video interview feedback to automate the hiring process.


A startup that provides a service for musicians to track their fans and receive real-time feedback


This is a “Y Combinator for entrepreneurs”, where people can get feedback and advice from Y Combinator alumni.


A startup that helps companies get a better understanding of their customers by using read receipts, call recording, and pop-up notifications to get real-time feedback.


A two-sided marketplace for recruiting, with employers and job seekers trading feedback and contact information. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but also has offices in Los Angeles and Philly.


In the UK, an increasingly important part of the economy isn’t bricks and mortar stores but phone apps. And one startup wants to replace the app store with a custom-built version. The idea is that you buy an app once and then get the updates for free. The company is giving away its first product for free, called The App Store, in order to gain feedback.


A startup that provides a platform for people to give each other feedback on their work It's like a wave pool for learning


This startup is building a tool for HR managers to give employees feedback that they can follow along with in real time.


A social network for remote companies that let’s you see what your colleagues are working on, see what they’ve been working on in the past, and share feedback.


A startup that provides mobile training to employees, with a program that offers employees the opportunity to collect feedback on a mobile device about their interaction with customers.


A startup that provides users with an easy way to create surveys to collect feedback about products


A platform that integrates with healthcare providers to find communities and provide feedback on their needs. Its goal is to bring community health and quality of life to this underserved population.


A medical-grade mattress that uses sensors and algorithms to track a person’s sleep cycles, and then provide feedback to help improve a person’s sleep.


A startup that offers to integrate employee feedback into a centralized hub to improve workflows.


The startup is building a platform for allowing organizations to crowdsource ideas for products and services, and to get feedback from customers.


This company is building a platform for game developers to get feedback from fans and their communities, and earn money in the process.


A digital health platform for employees that allows them to book medical appointments, track usage, and get feedback from a doctor. The company wants to use machine learning to predict when employees are likely to need care, and to allow for more timely and personalized care, making it more efficient for employers.


A mobile application that allows users to earn cash back on their purchases in exchange for providing feedback.


A discovery platform for specialized high-end clothing that’s based on the feedback of customers


A new platform that allows big companies to help their employees get better at sales by offering real-time feedback on their pitches, and to see how they compare to others who are similar in their industry.


A platform to make it easier for creative professionals to collaborate with clients. Both parties can share and comment on the project, and get feedback/input from others in the community.


A data visualization startup that combines data visualizations with haptic feedback to maximize the impact of its product.


An in-app survey tool that helps users of mobile games collect feedback on their game experience


A customer research and feedback platform for brands.


An online marketplace for small businesses to collaborate, where they can share resources, receive feedback from customers, and get more business. They charge businesses $5 per month per person to join, and charge businesses $500 a month to become a Vendor.


This is an in-house survey tool for customer feedback. It’s designed to help companies gather feedback from their own employees to help them improve their products.


Nimbix is a startup creating a platform for employees to give better feedback on their managers. The company is currently in talks with several companies to use its platform.


A tool that helps people evaluate their careers in a way that has real-time feedback from their managers. It’s currently used in early rounds at Y Combinator.


A web service that crowdsources customer feedback on products.


A way to do peer review for scientific papers, allowing scientists to post their work directly as a paper on the internet and ask for feedback from the scientific community.


A platform that enables customers to rate and review their favorite stores. The startup uses a crowdsourced model to encourage customer feedback and use it to guide the company’s product development.


A startup for female entrepreneurs where they can share products and get feedback, plus other resources.


This startup is building a video platform that allows teachers to share lessons with students and get feedback from them.


A company which helps brands and event planners create love letters to their fans, based on their feedback or engagement.


A startup that’s building technology that can detect when to deploy new products or features based on data and customer feedback.


The goal of this startup is to create a way for business to get feedback on their website from their customers, then use the data to make changes to their site to improve conversion rates. The startup is in early stages, but is attempting to attract investors and create a working prototype.


A platform that aims to make it easier to design and manage digital product and content experiences. An open-source platform that allows anyone to design a product and provide the necessary feedback to friends and followers. The startup is seeking to build on the work of other Open Platforms like Brave, or Pivotal, or Path.


A tool that lets employers collect and visualize employee feedback, as well as uses that data to guide organization-wide employee performance.


A platform that helps companies communicate better with customers, based on surveys, qualitative customer feedback and data.


A social network for businesses to share what they’re working on, see each other’s progress, and share feedback.


 A startup for hotels to receive guest reviews. It allows hotels to easily build a phone application that allows guests to submit feedback. It’s also a way for hotels to tap into a big, untapped market of millennials who like to review things on their phones.


This startup wants to take the gamification of learning to the next level, with gamified quizzes that read aloud to you and provide instant feedback.


A platform to help students communicate with professors and get feedback


A tool for online learners to share their work, with the ability to collect and collate feedback from team members.


A company that offers a tool to help users with depression and anxiety make better decisions. The company’s biofeedback tool can help users understand their brainwaves, moods, and other patterns that signal when a decision is best, and when they should stop or change.


A platform for tracking and understanding the health of small businesses. The platform incorporates data from disparate sources like patient feedback and third-party surveys to provide real-time insights into the health of a business.


A way for businesses to track and benchmark their employees’ work, so they can give their employees the feedback they need to be successful.


A crowdsourced design tool that uses user feedback to iterate on the design of a product.


A startup that lets companies receive real-time feedback on their customer service. The founders say that customer feedback is the number one driver of company growth.


A startup that provides an app that allows people to give each other feedback on their outfits


Ideny is a platform that lets users share their ideas in written form, get feedback from others, and see a live visual representation of their ideas – so they can see how others are responding to their thoughts. Their results indicate that they’ve successfully engaged more than 80,000 people in the process.


A platform that helps companies evaluate their employees and provide feedback to improve their work.


A startup that lets companies conduct discovery events and get feedback from a target market in just a few weeks.


Idea: A place for people to share their work and receive feedback from other designers


Idea: This startup wants to make it easier for companies to bring their employees to their home office The startup also is looking to build out a system that allows people to give feedback about the experience


Idea: A startup that provides feedback on your website’s design


Idea: A tool that helps companies build applications that are easy to use, with a built-in system for gathering feedback from users


Idea: A startup that’s built a platform for restaurants to manage online delivery orders, featuring a dashboard to help restaurants manage customer feedback and track their online orders.