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Favorite Startup Ideas

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Imagine an app that tells you when all of your favorite brands are offering some new deal. With their tech platform, the company is building a business that runs “brand-specific loyalty programs.”


A startup that aims to help people understand the underlying code of their favorite apps, and how to improve them.


This startup wants to make it easy to put your favorite photos on a physical slide that can be hung on a wall. It’s like a physical version of Pinterest, but for your own photos.


A way to give consumers a decentralized payment system that they can use on all their favorite mobile apps. The startup wants to replace the existing centralized payment system for mobile payments with a more decentralized system.


A tool to let people know when their favorite TV shows are on,


A company that will allow you to stream your favorite TV show to any TV device in your house. The company is building a platform to stream video from any streaming platform to any device, including TVs, computers, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and anything else that can play video.


A startup that lets you create a wishlist for your favorite products, then automatically sends you emails when prices drop on those items.


A leaderboard that uses push notifications and social media to let consumers know when their favorite brands are engaging with them.


A platform for users to rate their favorite restaurants, and a business for restaurants to use to grow their customer base.


Helps you find out if your favorite podcasts are coming back for a new season


A platform that allows users to instantaneously buy a piece of art from their favorite artists.


A startup that aims to provide a complete end-to-end solution for fans of sports teams to follow their favorite teams.


This startup is building a social network for people to share their favorite places in their city, the things they like about them, and maybe even buy things from them.


A platform that enables people to interact with their favorite brands through video. The startup’s founders say they have 40,000+ customers for the product.


A restaurant-booking app that pairs with your favorite restaurant so you can just look at the menu and book a table. The company has raised $1.3M to date.


Notebook, an online service for learning and notes, has a self-serve platform, through which users can send handwritten notes to their favorite teachers for grading.


This startup helps people track the status of their favorite charitable causes. They helped raise $50,000 from the Center for Global Development and the Connected Ventures Fund in NYC.


A digital product that allows users to create, share, and remix their favorite songs. The startup is working on its own proprietary technology that will help music creators and artists track their songs, and manage their royalties.


A startup that lets you buy food delivery from your favorite cafes and restaurants from your phone.


A startup that allows you to search the internet for photos of your favorite band, and allows you to “unlock” the images with a code.


A new way to search for your favorite podcasts, and a way to see when your favorite shows are coming out.


This startup is building a mobile-first platform that allows users to share and resume their favorite YouTube videos, in lieu of uploading to their own platforms or working hard to monetize their content


 A platform that allows users to message and schedule appointments with their favorite doctors online.


A platform that enables customers to rate and review their favorite stores. The startup uses a crowdsourced model to encourage customer feedback and use it to guide the company’s product development.


A tool that curates content from a user’s favorite publications, including news and lifestyle


A new company that makes it easy for people to order from their favorite restaurants while they’re away, and have them delivered. It started in 2012 and announced a $1.3 million Series A in 2017. They’re growing fast.


A $3 startup that builds a product that allows users to connect easily with their favorite brands without having to leave the app.


This startup is building an AI-powered bot that can help customers resolve disputes with their favorite brands


A mobile application that helps users track and listen to their favorite musical artists.


A “digital bookshelf” where people can collect and share their favorite books. The company has received $1.25 million in seed funding.


A smartphone app that helps people take better notes and organize their knowledge about their favorite movies, TV shows, books, and more.


A startup that helps fans sell tickets to watch their favorite musicians perform.


A photo-sharing service that uses AI to find the best “story” in a photo and recommend it to others. Users can also share their favorite stories with friends.


With this startup, you can get a custom, one-of-a-kind shirt, crewneck sweater, or a onesie with your favorite movie character’s face on it. They want to build a brand for fans of a particular movie or TV show to wear with pride.


A tool that helps you track the time you’ve spent on your favorite websites.


A startup that is building an AI-powered chatbot to help you find and buy your favorite sneakers. Users can create an account with the startup and then have the chatbot ask them questions about their favorite sneakers.


A startup that lets consumers rate their favorite places, with the goal of making those rating visible to potential customers.


A platform that lets people share their work-life stories, ranging from their favorite hobbies to their favorite books.


A platform that connects shoppers to their favorite brands.


A startup that helps freelancers manage their time by creating a dashboard showing how much time they have to complete a project. It helps freelancers manage their time and act on time management tips they get from their favorite books.


A platform for staying on top of news about your favorite games.


A platform for fans to get a hold of their favorite artists and get their first interview, exclusive concert tickets and more.


A platform for people to place bets on their favorite sporting events


This startup is building a platform that allows anyone to post a video of their favorite place anywhere in the world, then share the link with their followers.


A lot of startups ask for your email address, but few of them actually send you an email using it. Lab9 wants to be the company that helps you get emails from your favorite startups so that you can see what they’re working on and when they’ll be launching on their product.


A platform connecting customers with their favorite local restaurants and markets, enabling them to access a wide selection of local products and services.


A tool that lets you manage your favorite video games via their Steam API, allowing you to edit, create, and share with friends.


Idea: A subscription-based service that provides the tools to discover new favorite books


Idea: A way to make sure you don’t miss a story from your favorite blogger


Idea: This startup is building an alternative to Paypal for international money transfers, with a focus on Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite country, India.