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Faster Startup Ideas

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A company that helps you get your tax refund faster.


A company that helps retailers manage product returns and make refunds faster, more efficiently, and cheaper.


A tool that helps salespeople get paid faster


A new startup that aims to modernize the payments industry for businesses, making it faster, cheaper, and more secure.


A new search engine that’s faster and cheaper than Google.


See Thru is building a tool to help entrepreneurs get their ideas into market faster.


A startup for the sale of used cars, which is designed to be faster, cheaper, and easier than dealerships.


A startup that wants to build a system that helps patients get more affordable, higher quality, and faster-acting healthcare. The startup is starting in the UK and Ireland.


This startup wants to improve the process of buying and selling homes by using algorithms, AI, and machine learning to make the process faster and more transparent.


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to make a website load faster, by picking up on the most common web performance problems and offering solutions.


A B2B SaaS that helps businesses get paid faster and get paid right.


A self-serve platform for saving money on auto insurance or just comparing rates, which they say is “faster, cheaper, and more comprehensive then any other website”. They currently have $2.5 million in monthly recurring revenue and are looking to launch in Miami and Atlanta.


A SaaS startup that helps software engineers get their code reviewed faster and more cheaply.


 A company that helps you get answers to your problems faster by scheduling a one-on-one chat with an expert.


Cofounder Alex Zabludowicz co-founded this fintech company with his brother, Alex. It wants to make payments faster, cheaper, and more secure, with a focus on the developing world.


A tool to help your employees get paid faster, with 30,000 businesses working with it already.


A startup focused on offering a new way for people to get around. The company is focused on making public transit faster, more reliable, and more accessible, and it wants to do that by buying out bus companies and running them as its own private transportation network.


A startup that wants to help you get to work faster by providing an easy-to-use, low-cost way to book rides through Uber.


In May, the startup launched its first version, a $300 PC that it said could run as much as 40% faster than similarly priced machines. The company’s second version is a $1,000 PC that it says is twice as fast as its first version.


Small but growing business that helps retailers and restaurants get paid faster


A company that helps small businesses in the US grow faster by delivering online marketing, sales, and customer support. They have raised a total of $2.8 million since launching in 2018.


A platform that helps people collaborate on ideas in a way that’s faster and more efficient.


The startup is building a suite of tools to help coders and engineers work through code faster and more efficiently.


B2B software company that’s looking to replace the phone-based process of booking appointments with a website that makes it easier and faster to set up appointments.


A tool for automating and streamlining the many steps it takes to launch a startup. Currently focused on the US, they want to help companies “bootstrap faster, raise better and get funded more easily.”


A platform to help people find the right A startups for them. The startup wants to help users find the right apps faster and better.


A software development company based in Utah. They’ve built a platform that helps small businesses get paid faster by automating the process of bill-pay and credit card collection.


A company that helps athletes train smarter and reach their performance goals faster.


A network for home insurance agents that helps them find customers and get them claims faster


This startup is building a platform for doctors to take care of their patients in the digital world. The company wants to create a better patient experience, and help patients get the right information faster.


A tool for consulting, helping companies go from sales to revenue faster.


A company that helps small businesses get paid faster by paying out on their paychecks before they’re due.


A company that helps doctors and clinics get paid faster for their services. The company has partnerships with over 20,000 healthcare providers and raised $1.1 million.


A software company that helps creative teams work faster by way of music and sound design.


A microservices-based API which helps developers build applications which benefit from faster and more efficient data processing, often beyond traditional limits of the cloud.


A startup that helps entrepreneurs in San Francisco to get paid faster, and in the process, cuts down on fraud and lost payments.


A startup that creates webinars for startups that help them “scale” faster.


A tool for real estate agents to manage their listings better. They aim to make the whole process faster and easier.


A startup that helps the construction industry build faster and more efficiently.


The company wants to build a platform to help small businesses get paid faster. The company has raised $1 million from Lerer Ventures and other investors.


A speed-reading app that uses a “simulated reading algorithm” to help you read faster.


A travel booking service for customers who prefer to stay in a more local or independent hotel. The company wants to make the whole booking process faster and more intuitive.


A company that helps real estate agents rent out their property faster and for less money.


A startup for recording and sharing gameplay footage, enabling faster, more accurate collaborations between developers and players.


A web-based sales platform for small business. The startup aims to help them "sell bigger than them" and offer a way for them to grow faster.


A productivity tool helping people write more, faster.


A startup that helps people get their wages deposited electronically into their bank accounts. They’re using data from the US government’s MyEBT card and are aiming to make getting paid faster and easier for people who are on the edge of the financial system.


 A company that sells software to help people increase the efficiency with which they commute. People have been searching for ways to get from one place to another faster for a long time. Relay is a startup that wants to make that easier.


A shipping and payment service that wants to help Indian companies ship and receive packages faster.


A software development platform for custom software that helps companies get software built faster.


A startup that makes it cheaper and faster for online businesses to choose the best suppliers. It’s essentially a marketplace for business to compare suppliers.


A startup that helps employers find and mobilize employees faster than ever. It’s a cloud platform for recruiting.


Y Combinator alum Dan Ellis and co-founder Andrew Conway came up with the idea to make an app that would help people use Microsoft Excel more efficiently. The startup, which has raised $1.3 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz , works with large companies to help them get their work into Excel faster.


A tool that helps programmers craft their apps and websites faster. It’s built as a collaboration tool that allows developers to work on the same app idea at the same time.


A tool for learning how to type at a faster rate, with a focus on anti-fatigue and anti-stress.


A messaging app that eliminates the need for SMS text messages to communicate with a business in China. The startup wants to make calls and texts cheaper and faster, with a focus on reducing spam.


A SaaS platform that helps companies take advantage of the new EU GDPR regulations by making compliance faster and easier. The startup has raised $1.4M.


A new startup that builds tools for freelancers in the creative and tech industries to help them get paid faster.


A B2B platform for pharmaceutical manufacturers, letting them get products to market faster at lower cost.


A Chinese startup that wants to help people learn English faster and easier. The startup writes questions and answers on cards and puts them on a string, which people can play around with. And their idea is proving popular in China, with a million cards sold in three months.


A startup that is building out a faster, cheaper, and more secure IoT platform that will be used by startups and large businesses alike.


A software company that helps small businesses run their inventory, from stocking to payment processing. The startup wants to make the process of running a retail store “easier, faster, and cheaper”.


A startup that helps small businesses get paid faster via a mobile app for making online purchases.


A tool that helps brands and agencies create social media content that’s “faster, better, and more interesting”.


A company that does data collection for nonprofit events. The company is going to help nonprofits run better, faster, and cheaper events through a better toolset.


A platform for building products faster. The company has a number of clients already, including the Smithsonian, HuffPost, MTV, and the National Football League.


A startup that can help you learn English faster


An AI-based solution for managing HR. HR24 claims to have a unique process for hiring, which they say is 15x faster than the average hiring process.


A tool for managing the process of building a new product, with the goal of helping companies build products faster and better.


A program that helps distributed teams build and ship their products faster


A toolkit for managers to help them understand and talk about the problems that their employees are having. The toolkit is designed to help managers understand their employees better and fix problems faster.


A startup that pairs a user’s phone number with a set of features that are only available during a certain time of day. It’s meant to help users fill out surveys faster by making the process more convenient.


A remote brain-computer interface startup, which claims to be cheaper, faster, and more accurate than existing solutions.


A new way of building products that uses 3D printing to make them faster.


A way to help small-scale construction companies get paid faster. The company hopes to reduce the average settlement time from 25 to 5 days.


A company that helps people buy and sell things on the internet. The startup wants to create a marketplace to help people buy and sell things faster and easier, without the middleman.


A startup that wants to put chatbots in the hands of real estate agents, to make the process simpler and faster.


A company that uses machine learning to provide a better, more accurate and faster search tool for genealogists.


This startup is looking to create a digital tool that allows people to make and manage their own legal agreements, aiming to improve efficiency, and making the legal process faster and more accessible.


A startup that optimizes networks for video content delivery. The company is building tools for ISPs to deliver videos faster, enabling them to deliver HD video to more people.


Solve a consumer problem by using the power of the internet to make the shopping experience faster and cheaper.


A startup with a proprietary AI platform that helps applications with a heavy computational load run faster.


The startup aims to “reduce fraud and improve user experience” by using AI to make fraud detection faster and more accurate.


A company that provides software that helps small businesses to operate better, faster, and more efficiently. It’s a cloud-based service that helps small businesses staff sales, accounting, and other functions. The startup has raised over $4.6 million in funding, and found itself in the news recently for an employee lawsuit.


 A platform for people to make money by taking pictures of what they’re eating. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to use than Instagram.


A new approach to software development that promises to help companies deploy code faster and cut costs.


A company that makes a tool to help companies get their payroll done faster. The platform is based on the idea of a traditional monthly payroll cycle, but instead of hiring a payroll company to handle things, companies can outsource it to a company like Payroll Master, which runs the payroll for them for a monthly fee.


A tool for audio signal processing that can help vocalists learn new notes faster, with a similar approach to techniques used in speech therapy.


Idea: A startup that helps companies bring their products to market faster by providing them with the data and tools they need to make better decisions


Idea: A B2B product that helps doctors get paid faster by sharing their patient data with insurance companies. IntelliCare says it’s already working with 5 pilots and 2 paying customers.


Idea: A voice-to-text app for Android that uses the microphone to take notes. The startup claims that voice is 20x faster than typing on a physical keyboard.


Idea: A startup that makes a smart, wearable sleeve for injured athletes. The startup is meant to help athletes get back into the game faster after an injury. It is manufactured in the US and helps keep athletes safe from further injury.