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Far Startup Ideas

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The startup is building a digital platform to enable farmers to monitor and manage the health of their crops.


A software startup that wants to help farmers and growers more easily sell their products online, tracking inventory, managing orders, and ensuring quality control.


Web-based software that helps farmers increase yields and reduce costs of farming


Two different hardware startups that aim to help businesses set up a server farm on the cheap. Both claim their products are the lowest-cost solution for businesses looking to set up a private cloud.


A product designed to help farmers manage all their farm data.


A startup that uses affordable technology to help farmers in India learn to use technology to make better decisions


This startup is building a platform for American farmers to sell their goods to consumers worldwide. The startup aims to use a mix of digital store fronts and technology to deliver to consumers in countries like India and China, where the rural population has been growing.


It’s a Chrome extension that helps you create a to-do list and also adds a new to-do item to your calendar. The startup has raised $2.2 million so far.


A new way to book a car, with a carpool mode that will help find rides for people who live far from where they want to go.


A platform that helps farmers connect to one another and sell their goods


A startup that lets people track their food from farm to table.


A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program that provides customers with weekly deliveries of fresh produce and other items from local farmers. Customers pay for their weekly deliveries of local fruits and vegetables through a subscription model.


If you’ve been to a restaurant in the United States, chances are you’ve left a tip. But what happens to that tip What if that tip was shared with the next person who dined at the same restaurant Farbric’s app cuts out the middleman, allowing the restaurant to keep more of that cash.


This startup is building an app that connects farmers with their local food bank. The farmers will use the app to schedule deliveries of food, and the food bank will use the app to get the food delivered to their warehouse. The startup is building the platform with the help of a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


A computer science startup that builds simple, cheap, and fast hardware for India’s unconnected. One product, called the Laptop Bridge, is a $35 device meant to plug into an electrical socket and convert it into a computer-like device that can run basic programs and connect to the internet, so that farmers, students, or anyone else can use it.


Giving Demo Day startups advice can only go so far. So Y Combinator does a bit more to help startups. YC has created a forum for startup founders to share information and advice with one another. They also host “Ask-Me-Anything” sessions for founders to talk about their companies.


A tool to help people find the best airfare deals.


A startup that wants to “make the world a better place” by helping small farmers sell their crops for fair prices.


A startup that helps travelers plan their trip, determine the best route, and book the cheapest fare.


This startup is looking to make organic food shopping for the Whole Foods shopper a little easier. They’re working with farmers to create an easy-to-use app that allows users to buy produce from their smartphones. They’re currently working with three farmers in the Midwest and hope to add more in the future.


A travel booking app that lets consumers book airfare, hotels and car rentals all at once.


A computer vision startup that’s building AI to help monitor and improve plant health. The startup wants to take the burden of plant health monitoring off of the farmers and onto an AI platform.


A “factory farming” startup that plans to take over the entire process of raising and slaughtering animals from the farm to the table.


A iOS app that uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to help you figure out how far you have to walk to complete a given task.


A platform for small farmers that makes it easier for them to sell their crops online, with a cash-back guarantee.


A mobile app that allows employees to check in remotely, find their coworkers and learn about their whereabouts, and see how far away they are.


A platform to find and book airfare and hotels. The company’s mission is to democratize travel with a transparent and fair marketplace.


A startup that wants to start a new generation of (quasi-) peer-to-peer lending companies. The company has raised $1.5 million so far.


A startup that pairs patients with farmers via its mobile app, helping patients manage their personal medical records and their personal health data. The startup aims to build a “virtual pharmacy” that can help patients manage continuous care.


"We believe that the world’s 2.5 billion farmers deserve access to information they can trust. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to improve their lives. We believe that, in the long run, this is good for the planet."


Builds and delivers smart meters for solar farms in India. The startup claims that it’s the lowest cost alternative to utility-scale solar.


A startup that helps farmers and businesses avoid the high cost of getting loans, especially through microfinance.


A startup that helps connect farmers with restaurants and retailers, allowing them to order food on a real-time basis.


A secure messaging service for websites, allowing companies to communicate securely over the internet without having to worry about eavesdroppers. The startup has raised $9.5M in funding so far, with a $20M valuation.


A startup that helps people find the best deals on flights. Inspired by Tinder’s “swipe left” interface, buyer’s hunt for the best fares and sellers compete to get the most attention.


A new way for restaurants to sell their wares, working with local farmers and restaurants to offer a new way to buy local food.


This startup wants to build a toolset to help create a global network for small farmers.


A startup that works with farmers to make meat that’s healthier for the planet and less bad for people


A market for the world’s farmers, specifically those who want to start selling their excess produce in bulk.


A digital bank that’s working with farmers and fisherman to get loans


A social enterprise, with a focus on childcare, women’s empowerment, and animal welfare


 Startup building software for farmers to help them understand weather patterns and predict crop yields. It also plans to create a bank for farmers, and expand into a larger platform for farmers to exchange information.


A digital farm management solution which gives farmers a way to manage their farms on their smartphones.


A microfinance company that provides small loans to farmers in India to help them hedge against the possibility that their crops might fail.


Social networking for farmers. Farmline’s pitch is that as farmers grow and share more info about their crops, they’ll be able to reap more benefits from the same share.


A tool that helps people find the best travel deals, picking up on the long tail of unadvertised fares. The startup is pitching itself as a sort of early booking agent, where customers can search for flights and then call in to a travel agent.


A platform that brings together the local food community, including farmers, chefs and restaurants.


A smart phone app that makes it easier to find the cheapest airfare for travel on Facebook. The startup has already seen success with the app, and says they’ve seen a 150% increase in the number of people in India who use it on a daily basis.


A bicycle sharing startup that's looking to build a global network of bike-sharing services. The company wants to bring bike sharing to places it's been absent thus far.


A startup that helps connect the world’s food supply chain, from farmers to factories to distributors and restaurants. It will also offer apps to help track and improve inventory management.


A grocery delivery service that works with local farmers in the US. The startup wants to create a local food system for cities with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and food miles. The company is currently in the process of getting its first pilot partners.


A tool for the agriculture industry (including farmers) to manage products, expenses, and profit on a day-to-day basis. The startup is working with farms to improve efficiency.


Farmers can bring their entire supply chain online using a single management platform.


A digital platform that aims to make it easier for investors to invest in start-up companies. The venture has taken in $105 million in investments so far, but it’s still looking for its first customer.


A platform for sharing tools and services between people who need them. So far, they’ve been able to build a basic stack for a Kickstarter-like experience, and work on a basic version of the


A new startup that wants to provide a way for investors to connect with companies in the early stages of development, with a focus on B2B companies. The founder said it has around $24 million in funding so far, and has already worked with companies like TaskRabbit, Instacart, and Stripe.


A company that connects large retailers with local farmers, allowing them to buy produce directly from them and have it delivered to their store locally.


A platform designed to help small businesses with specialized needs, such as farming, travel, or restaurants.


While the idea of a self-driving car might look like far-fetched science fiction, the reality is that the technology is already at work on the roads of the United States and Europe. However, it is still too expensive for consumers to access. The startup, which is still in stealth, is working to make the technology accessible at a consumer level.


A mobile platform for farmers to automate crop management


A platform for farmers that wants to take on the backend of lending for the agriculture industry.


A digital marketing agency for mobile app developers, focused on helping them to grow their businesses. The startup is a spin-off from a digital marketing agency, and has raised $1.1M in seed funding so far.


A startup that helps people with bad credit build credit, working with companies like Wells Fargo and American Express to help people build their credit scores.


A startup focused on helping farmers manage their farm operations and track their crops and equipment.


A tool that helps consumers create a budget and track their spending. The startup has raised $12 million for its technology thus far, and is looking to pivot into a basic financial management tool as it grows.


A startup that wants to help farmers in the developing world sell their produce, and thus increase their income.


This startup wants to reduce the cost of purchasing and transporting food, building a hub to connect farmers to buyers via the internet through the use of smart contracts.


A platform to make it easier for farmers to sell their crops. It helps them organize themselves and sell their produce, and also connects them with buyers all over the world.


A wearable device meant to help people with visual impairments navigate the world. The startup is looking to deploy its product in the US and UK, and has raised $2.5 million in seed funding so far.


This startup is building an app that tracks the weather for farmers and helps them optimize their growing cycle.


This startup helps companies build, price and sell online courses. It charges from $5 to $50000 per month, and has seen $1.5 million in tuition so far. The company says they’ve built over 10,000 online courses.


A startup that wants to make it easier to get fresh produce from a local farm. The startup wants to use data from the farm to help shoppers pick out the best varieties of produce in the store.


To help the fresh produce industry, which is worth $100 billion in the US, Farmako hopes to build a “smart warehouse” that uses artificial intelligence to track when and where fruit and vegetables are grown, to help ensure they’re grown locally.


A startup that sells a “tax-only” model for small-scale farmers that would make it easier for them to get credit from banks and sell their produce in the US.


A company that is developing a technology that uses blockchain to track and trace a product’s journey from the farm to the home, to protect farmers and consumers from pests and contaminants.


This startup is building a platform to help farmers and ranchers generate and manage their data on a farm level.


A company that’s looking to change the hiring process for startups. The company says it’s the only one of its kind, and so far it has helped hire 100 startups, including Craftsy and Instacart.


A startup that helps people who don’t want to leave their house and travel to a remote server to control their home. For instance, they can open their front door, see if their dog is barking, and see how far away it is from their neighbor’s home.


The startup has raised a total of $1.6M so far, with current customers including Yardi Systems, Tesla, and Amazon.


This startup is building an online marketplace for building and selling custom-designed 3D printed products. The company has raised over $1m so far, and has its own 3D printer.


A tool that helps you discover the best deals on things like car insurance, airfare, and flight miles.


A startup that is working to use the blockchain for farming. They say their software can help farmers manage their inventory, track the quality of their crops and manage the relationship between farmers and distributors.


A company that provides a mobile app that helps farmers manage the business of growing and selling produce. The app is free and uses a system of “contracts” to help farmers manage their crops.


A startup that connects farmers with buyers. The startup helps farmers find buyers with the goal of making agriculture more profitable and sustainable.


An engineering staffing startup that partners with companies to bring in new talent. After a company does a demo, Minimum runs a search for top candidates using its proprietary algorithm. The company says they’ve so far found candidates at top engineering schools, raised $1.4 million in VC funding, and secured over a dozen jobs.


A game of strategy that’s similar to the popular board game of the same name, but with all of the complex rules of video games. Players will compete to collect the most points by trading, farming, and battling each other.


An online U.S. farm management tool that gives farmers access to real-time pricing information from their peers and the market to help them make better decisions on everything from crops to livestock.


This startup is developing a software platform to help local food producers and farmers grow and distribute their crops and foods.


A startup for building community gardens. The startup wants to make urban farming accessible to anyone.


A data science platform that helps businesses discover correlations and patterns in huge amounts of data. The startup was founded by a former Facebook data scientist and has raised $1.5 million so far.


A platform that connects small farmers to buyers. The platform’s mission is to eliminate the middlemen in global trade by making it easier and more cost effective to purchase local produce.


This company helps consumers compare credit cards, and also helps retailers understand the costs of credit cards on their in-store cards. The company charges an annual fee, but it’s so far been able to build a strong network of merchants and credit card issuers.


A company that helps urban farmers sell fresh produce directly to local consumers via a network of farmers.


A platform for restaurants to streamline their entire food supply chain from farming to delivery. They’re a bit like a cross between a restaurant registry, a restaurant marketplace, and a logistics warehouse.


A way to get agricultural data to farmers in real time.


A ride-hailing and logistics company that helps farmers and farmers markets sell and deliver fresh food and other goods to customers.


Idea: Previously, the company was raising money under the name Tender, which would have been a food delivery service that employed the same “crowd delivery” model as Munchery or Peach Now, the company is simply called Tender, and will be an online marketplace for farmers


Idea: This is a marketplace for landlords and tenants to find each other The startup says they’re doing $1 million in monthly revenue, and have over 250,000 users so far


Idea: A “personalized” bot that helps customers order and track shipping from stores The team says they’ve already generated $50,000 in revenue so far


Idea: A startup that helps Midwestern farmers sell their produce more easily on the West Coast. The company is building a series of farms in the Midwest that will grow produce for big companies in the West, and use an Uber-like system to deliver it.


Idea: A business that helps carpenters and plumbers schedule service calls. So far, the founders say they have $1,500 in


Idea: A startup that’s building a software platform for on-demand logistics, for things like food delivery, urban farming, and other forms of non-standard courier services.


Idea: A startup that helps retail businesses create personalized images and videos for their products. The company’s CEO says that the startup’s technology has already been used to create over 3,000 videos, and the startup has generated $50,000 in revenue so far.


Idea: A company that makes a $300 tool to help farmers measure soil quality.


Easily accessible credit. The idea here is to enable people to set up accounts and be able to borrow money for things like furniture, or home improvement. So far, they’ve raised $5.2 million.


iewhut is building a marketplace for influencers. The startup connects brands with influencers, who vouch for products in native advertising format. So far they have over 1,000 influencers and their homepage has over 1,600,000 followers.