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Extra Startup Ideas

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A startup that connects people who have excess inventory they don’t want to sell with people who want to buy it (eg I have 50 cases of extra inventory I need to get rid of I have it listed online and you can come pick it up)


Academic research: “We are in the midst of a digital revolution, where the ability to extract value from data is rapidly outpacing the ability to create it.”


A startup that helps companies “sell their data”. The startup uses machine learning to automate the process of extracting insights from business transactions.


A tool to help teachers identify students who need extra support, and groups them together so they can receive help and support.


A startup that provides a directory of people who have extra time and are willing to help others with chores, errands, etc


A startup that provides a service where people can rent out their unused vacation home for 2 weeks a year and make extra money


One of several startups that are building alternative work schedules that let people swap out their hours for the week. They all basically pair an employer with a local worker who can come in for extra hours in exchange for a small fee or a flat rate.


A digital platform that helps young professionals find a way of earning extra income while also spending time with their families.


This company is building a method of analyzing and extracting “magic moments” from video.


Yieldbot is a property management software startup looking to help people manage their real estate investment properties, and get an extra return on their investment.


This app helps people decide which services they should rent out their home for extra money.


Software that helps users extract additional value from images like Instagram’s new “Stories” format.


A messaging app for the US government that allows users to set up a “digital safety net”. Users can set aside extra money to pay for medical bills, car payments, or other expenses. The government’s been piloting the app with its own employees.


A blockchain-based, peer-to-peer platform allowing people to rent apartments and rooms in unused retail space to travelers in need as a means of earning extra income and paying for rent.


A startup that provides a service where you can hire someone to do grocery shopping for you but the twist is that they will only buy one of everything so you don’t have to worry about extra stuff taking up space in your fridge


A La Carte is a service that connects companies with independent contractors, and allows them to earn extra income via their own websites. They say that in the past few years they’ve signed up over 500 businesses in the Greater Boston area, earning over $2 million in additional revenue, and have scaled their operations to 3,800 independent contractors.


A “socially conscious” credit card that doesn’t charge users extra for not using plastic. The startup has a $1 billion market cap.


A solution for people who don’t have easy access to email, with email as an optional extra. The platform allows people to manage email by using a calendar app.


A company that lets you add coins to your app to earn extra money.


A startup for providing storage space to people who need extra space, with monthly fees starting at $30 — and no hourly fees.


A startup that helps companies explore their data across different data sources, with the goal of extracting the useful data buried in the data.


A platform to let people rent out their extra space on their homes.


 A “boutique” loyalty program that offers extra perks like free flights, hotel stays, spa visits, concert tickets, and more to frequent shoppers. The company is currently profitable and has a $7 million valuation.


A startup that provides a simple way for people to pay for their kids’ extracurricular activities


A platform that connects freelancers with companies that need extra work done, allowing them to work together in a single place.


A web-based platform that allows users to rent out their space. It’s meant to help alleviate rental costs for tenants, and allows them to earn extra money.


A startup that allows people to rent their extra space, be it a spare room, storage unit, or just a balcony.


Data is the new oil, and the oil of the future is data. And with the rise of AI, the data is becoming more valuable. The startup is meant to help companies extract value from all that data.


A startup that helps businesses to do more things with their data, including extracting actionable insights and analyzing their interactions with their customers.


The startup wants to build a marketplace for the next generation of employees, where companies can sell affordable part-time and contingent labor for tasks like cleaning, deliveries and other services. It wants to build a company that will be able to create a network of “micro-employers”, who can offer cheap labor, solve for the “short-term inconvenience of an extra employee,” and scale quickly.


A dating app for “extraverts”.


A company that helps small businesses get off the ground, with a library of tools that help companies with marketing, accounting, and sales. Company founders started it after seeing that many small businesses are launching on Facebook and taking on extra expenses to grow.


A startup that helps people sell off extra stuff they have lying around, including their own cars.


A startup that wants to be the Airbnb of car rental with an app that matches drivers to riders with specific car requirements. The business gives drivers a way to earn extra income without having to own a car.


A company that lets users rent their extra storage space to people who need more.


A startup that wants to create an Uber for the enterprise, connecting businesses with drivers who want to make extra income on their own time.


A company that allows employees to earn extra income on the side by renting out their spare time.


Acorn is a service that helps companies manage their data and privacy, and also allows them to take advantage of AI to extract more information.


This startup wants to let people pick up items from stores and drop them off at home, giving them a chance to earn extra cash without having to haul everything around themselves.


Idea: This startup is building a platform to help people who are looking for work, and encourage employers to post jobs and give them extra visibility


Idea: For people in unmanaged rental properties in the UK, companies like Greystar and F&F manage their tenants and bills. Pocketsquare is a service for these landlords to make some extra money by facilitating the rental process.


 A startup that helps people rent out their extra parking spaces