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Extension Startup Ideas

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A browser extension that tracks the cost of your everyday items (fries, cup of coffee, etc.) over time and cross-references this data with the Starbucks menu. In addition to the main purpose of tracking your coffee expenses, the tool also allows users to find out if they are spending more than they should and how to cut back.


A company building a browser extension that adds web-based editing to Microsoft Word, enabling users to do everything from adding images to creating tables and charts.


It’s a Chrome extension that helps you create a to-do list and also adds a new to-do item to your calendar. The startup has raised $2.2 million so far.


A Chrome extension that lets you keep a record of sites and the articles you read.


A Chrome extension that makes it easier for brands to create Facebook Live videos.


A company building a browser extension to help you organize your e-mail inbox.


A tool to help companies manage multiple workflows and processes for a single project. It’s available as a Chrome extension.


A Chrome extension that converts your clipboard to a URL, allowing you to share it as a link.


A Chrome extension that lets you monitor and report on the state of your own website.


A Chrome extension for user engagement with online content by “pinning” content to the top of the browser.


A browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to search for and filter in-app ads.


A Chrome extension for the visual management of your documents, allowing you to view and edit documents in your browser.


A Chrome extension that turns any website into a mobile app shop. Employs a “re-imagined” version of Google’s well-known design language.


A browser extension that lets you easily find free Wi-Fi, or a coupon for free Wi-Fi at an airport or hotel, and a reputation system to make sure you can always find good free Wi-Fi.


A Chrome extension that helps people find the best dog-friendly outfitters to take their dog hiking


 There’s a huge amount of open software in the world, but there’s also a huge amount of open source software. The company has built a platform that curates open source projects, allowing others to easily see what’s out there. The team is currently working on a browser extension, and says they’ve had “hundreds” of companies use the platform to create software.


A new startup that aims to bring the popular online chats of Twitch, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter together into a single video-based chat platform. They’ve built a Chrome extension that lets you embed Twitch, Reddit, or Twitter into a video chat.


A tool for creating and executing marketing and sales campaigns. Available as a Slack bot and as a browser extension, and also as a mobile app.


A platform for managing and selling social media accounts. The company plans to make a browser extension that will place your social media feed in a dashboard for you to see, and then allow you to manage all of your social media accounts from one place. It’s expected to raise $20 million in a Series A.


A platform for educators to receive classroom feedback easily. The platform is designed to be an extension of the teacher’s phone, allowing them to receive instant feedback from the classroom.


A browser extension that lets users embed a Google Analytics account into their blog or website, with the added bonus that it will also track the page views. It’s a simple idea, but one that could be very useful to small businesses.


A company that’s building a browser extension so users can automatically sign up for credit card promotions, using the credit cards they already own.


A browser extension for Chrome that allows users to find information about a website, like who runs it or what its purpose is.


A company that creates and sells software to let people leave reviews for products they’ve purchased online. The startup’s first product is a Chrome browser extension.


A company that makes a Chrome extension that aggregates all the tabs you have open in various web apps


A browser extension that lets you easily connect to your favorite messaging apps in one place.


The startup is a social platform for people to share and watch videos about the uses of things like vacuum cleaners, scissors, and extension cords.


The startup is working on a browser extension that makes it easy to find items on the Amazon website that are eligible for Prime shipping.