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Exercise Startup Ideas

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A fitness app for everyone, not just professional athletes. The app helps users track their daily activity and exercise goals.


A company that helps coaches and athletes turn their personal exercise routines into business opportunities.


A mobile app that tracks food and exercise, and allows users to share their data with others.


A startup that allows your smartphone to operate as a wearable device that can track your movements, showing you how much exercise you’re getting.


A wearables startup that wants to help people run more efficiently and exercise better. It says its product is worn like a wristband and tracks things like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep.


A startup that lets you track your food and exercise in a single place.


A startup that helps people track their workouts and plan healthy meals. The startup is focused on helping people who are healthy and want to keep it that way, and the company says that because the company’s algorithms are based on historical exercise data, it’s able to identify trends that are more accurate than what a person might individually determine for themselves.


A startup that wants to help sports clubs and teams track their members, including their workouts and exercises.


A platform for sharing and tracking your workouts with your friends, family, and exercise trainers.


A company that wants to give people a way to track their fitness exercises and their progress in real time.


A way to track dog and cat behavior. The startup is building a technology that monitors pet behavior, including sleep patterns, mood, and exercise.


A product for athletes that helps them train smarter and more effectively, using breathing exercises, temperature monitoring, and other data.


A mobile app to help them track their exercise progress. Users can share their progress with friends and get motivation and tips from other users.


A hardware company that makes sensors, including ones for weight and hydration, for home and for athletes. The company believes consumers will use devices such as the Nike FuelBand to track their health and exercise habits.


A mobile app that helps people track their exercise and lose weight. They are looking to expand into new markets, possibly in New York.


Using a mobile app called “Digital Health Profile”, which is currently in beta, they want to help improve the health of the elderly by tracking their health, eating habits, and exercise.


You take one of their books, but when you’re done you can download the PDF, which is much easier to read. They also have ebooks that include exercises, so if you’re a student, you can practice your reading over and over again.


A fitness app that walks you through step-by-step exercises to help you get fit.


 A startup that helps exercise for runners by showing them the route from where they’re running to their destination.


A Bluetooth-powered bra that connects to a smartphone app to track exercise and sleep cycles.


A mobile app that uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect whether a user is walking and provide immediate feedback on how to improve eating and exercise habits.


A startup that helps you manage your health and fitness, including exercise, sleep, stress, nutrition, and more.


This startup wants to help users find the optimal balance of sleep and exercise to optimize their health.


A social network for people doing exercise, with an API to allow third parties to build apps on top of it.


An idea for an app that lets you keep track of your yoga/exercise routine.


A startup that helps people find affordable housing, which they can learn about through a hands-on exercise that teaches how to get the best deal on an apartment.


Idea: A startup for helping people get a physical exercise plan from a personal trainer


Idea: A startup that aims to help people learn to code through a combination of chatbots and online courses The company’s founders say they’re currently working on an AI-powered chatbot that can make coding exercises more interesting