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A startup for selling and buying used computers from other people. Users can sell their old computers in exchange for cash or trade them in for newer ones. The company provides a platform to help people sell their old computers and also offers a buy credit option.


A mobile application that allows users to earn cash back on their purchases in exchange for providing feedback.


A “crypto-fiat exchange” where customers purchase cryptocurrency with fiat money and then pay their bills with the money they’ve earned.


A social network for engineers, designed to compete with Stack Exchange and Quora.


A cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on private investors. It uses a system of “certified wallets” with a touchscreen interface to allow investors to manage their holdings.


A new way to crowdsource ideas for new products, with the goal of helping fledgling startups get ideas for new products off the ground. The startup is building a platform for companies to crowdsource ideas in exchange for equity.


A startup that helps you set up a study abroad or exchange program at a college in the US. The startup is currently focused on China and has a pending partnership with a college there.


A blockchain-based protocol that allows the exchange of medical data, and allows for the creation of a "decentralized healthcare marketplace".


Digix wants to create a gold standard for digital currencies, with the goal of making a digital currency that can be stored and transferred digitally. The company wants to create a way for buyers, sellers, and investors to exchange digital currencies and reap the benefits of a global digital currency.


A startup that provides a service where students can get help writing a thesis in exchange for a small review of the thesis once it’s written


A company that makes it easy for startups to sell online. The startup is offering free service to startups for one year in exchange for equity.


One of several startups that are building alternative work schedules that let people swap out their hours for the week. They all basically pair an employer with a local worker who can come in for extra hours in exchange for a small fee or a flat rate.


Ponzi-like investment scheme for the bitcoin community. They are a bitcoin company that offers a service which allows people to invest or lend bitcoins without having to exchange them for other currencies. The startup is currently only operating in India, with plans to expand to other countries.


A company that wants to build a SaaS platform for “convenient, direct, and secure” exchanges for consumers and businesses.


A startup that lets people opt in to offer their digital photos to filmmakers in exchange for money.


A startup launching its own Bitcoin exchange.


A software platform that allows people to buy and sell shares in companies for free or with as little as $5. The company is looking to compete with both traditional brokerages and stock exchanges like NASDAQ and the NYSE.


 Startup building software for farmers to help them understand weather patterns and predict crop yields. It also plans to create a bank for farmers, and expand into a larger platform for farmers to exchange information.


A platform that allows users to exchange their data between different services, paving the way for a “four-in-one” app.


A startup that allows people to exchange information about their daily activities


A startup founded by Apple alum, which aims to make it easier for people to clean their devices. In exchange for every $10 the company makes, it donates $1 to environmental causes.


A chat platform that allows teams to connect to discuss work, exchange ideas, and collaborate. With the pitch, the company says it’s like Slack, but for TV.


A platform for freelance work, where users can bid on jobs, and get paid by a single company in exchange for a small fee.


A startup developing a novel technology allowing people to exchange information in a way that is secure and private.


Open-source software that provides a platform for the secure exchange of sensitive information


A new way to make small investments in companies via a traditional stock exchange, where a fund manager buys shares in a private company and sells them to public investors. A good example of a startup that is trying to bring the benefits of high-frequency trading to a more traditional model.


The startup is building a platform that lets people set up their own digital currency and exchange it for any other with any other currency.


Fintech startup looking to capture the $1.7 trillion market for international currency exchange.


A decentralized framework for trading in derivatives. Traders develop their own rules for risk and reward, and any order with those rules can be accepted. The idea is to make derivative trading easier and more competitive, reducing the amount of business going through big stock exchanges.


A company that makes it easier for people to work together and exchange ideas. The startup is in stealth mode.


A platform for all digital currencies. Their goal is to provide a universal wallet that allows users to exchange between digital and fiat currency directly.


“A startup for the exchange of surplus data between companies, where data producers can sell their data to the highest bidder.”


This startup aims to make it easier to give away more of their own property in exchange for lower rent.


A free online language exchange platform for people looking to learn a new language.


A cryptocurrency exchange for non-accredited investors. The company’s founders have said they’d like to build a decentralized exchange for non-accredited investors.


Blockchain-based ID verification system for cryptocurrency exchanges.


A bitcoin exchange for retailers and small businesses that want to accept the cryptocurrency. The startup is currently focusing on the US, with plans to expand internationally.


A decentralized exchange for crypto exchanges. The startup hopes to build a platform that is “as easy as Gmail”.


A startup that helps travelers with visa and currency exchange; clients include HSBC. The company has served over 3.2 million travelers since launching in 2011.


Someone that wants to sell you a guitar in exchange for your soul. (It’s not actually happening)


A startup for professional foreign exchange (forex) traders. The startup wants to disrupt the industry’s outdated, fragmented approach to trading, and provide a platform for trading 24/7.


A company that helps people accept payments in exchange for a good or service. It’s a subscription model that offers services like video conferencing and virtual assistants.


An idea management and idea exchange platform.


A bitcoin exchange for small-dollar retail purchases. It’s available in the U.S. and Canada.


Cryptocurrency exchange where users can send funds to one of their own accounts and then exchange currencies at a lower price.


A decentralized social network for users to exchange personal data, but which does not store any personal data.


A startup that provides a marketplace for users to sell their items in exchange for money and a small percentage of the sale.


A platform for connecting people with tools and services they need, and helping them exchange goods, services, and money.


A company that helps small businesses with credit, lending them funding in exchange for a percentage of the business.


A money transfer service for the A.I.B. family of countries. It aims to streamline the exchange of money from individuals to governments and vice versa.


A startup that helps to build smart contracts for businesses that need to manage foreign exchange, loans, investment, etc.


Idea: Open-source crypto-to-crypto exchanges


A decentralized exchange which trades tokens on a decentralized order-book using a hybrid of centralized and decentralized orders. It will handle the majority of trades on the decentralized exchange, with the rest handled by an off-chain arbitrator.


This company wants to build a platform for sharing and trading solar power. It’s an open source alternative to solar exchange markets.


A startup that pulls live market data into a dashboard for investment and trading. The startup says it has $1.2 million in funding and has worked with the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.


Magig is a startup that has a new take on how to borrow money. It’s sort of like Venmo, except for the borrower. The startup allows users to send money to their friends in exchange for lending them cash that they can pay back over time.


A startup that wants to build a network of lenders who offer small business loans in exchange for a small percentage of the loan.


A platform for users to buy cryptocurrencies in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Users can then convert their coins to other coins or cash out.


A startup that works with companies to send employees to company-sponsored training in exchange for them using the service.


AdExchanger ranked them as the #2 ad tech company to watch in May 2018, following their acquisition of Adform in September 2017. AdExchanger ranked them as the #4 ad tech company to watch in June 2018, following their acquisition of Rapportive in July 2017. AdExchanger ranked them as the #6 ad tech company to watch in July 2018.


A new kind of bitcoin exchange, where people can buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, and ether with a bank account.


In October 2017, AdExchanger ranked them as the #7 ad tech company to watch, and as of February 2018, they were ranked as one of the top 50 ad tech companies. In July 2017, they won the Red Herring Europe Award in the Enterprise Solutions category.


A digital currency exchange for emerging markets. The startup, founded in 2017, is building a digital currency exchange for countries where currency controls are still in place.


A cryptocurrency exchange based in Georgia. It was founded by an ex-Blackberry employee, who saw the need for a more professional cryptocurrency exchange.


A platform that allows customers to convert dollars into cryptocurrency with zero fees; the company also offers an exchange that allows customers to convert cryptocurrency into dollars, and vice versa.


A platform for companies to fund startups in exchange for equity in the startups.


A company that helps small businesses get started on social networks. The startup funds small businesses to build their social media presence in exchange for a cut of their sales.


A platform that allows people to buy and sell goods and services online in exchange for cryptocurrency.


Idea: A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade without a centralized exchange


A company that tries to make it easier for consumers to barter with one another. It uses social connections to make it easier for people to exchange goods and services without going through a middleman.


 A startup that aims to bring the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream. The company has already built a mobile wallet and the company is now working on an exchange platform that will make it easy for people to buy and sell their digital currencies.


A startup that offers to pay for a portion of your medical school tuition in exchange for a percentage of your earnings for the first 10 years you work after you finish


A startup that provides a directory of people who are willing to exchange services (IE I will clean your house, you fix my computer)


A startup that helps companies with foreign exchange risk management The company plans to build out an FX trading platform


Idea: Fastest P2P Crypto Trading Exchange


A crypto exchange that’s meant to serve people in the developing world. The startup’s founders say they only charge a small fee of 0.6% per transaction, compared to their competitors that charge 10% or more.


A startup that is building a marketplace for people to sell their unused electronics, and have a chance to get a new device in exchange.


A startup that offers an AI-powered video-chat system that allows you to exchange documents and files by just pointing at them