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Example Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps people who are preparing for retirement: for example, figuring out how much they need to save, etc


A tool that helps companies convert web traffic into revenue. It’s an example of a promising tool that will help democratize data.


A startup that provides a service to help people with cleaning up their digital presence For example, helping people close


A startup that has an online forum for people to talk about their problems For example, they would help people going through a divorce or would help people who are going through a hard time at work


This is a tool for businesses to get a customer’s information, and then sell it to marketers. For example, if you want to get your name and phone number out to people, you can use their product. The company is centered around the idea of a “content spider,” a simple tool that can crawl the web and pull up information it needs.


A startup that provides a service where you can order a box of products for a specific time period, for example, I want to try to eat healthy for the next month, so I


A way to sell excess inventory from a company. For example, if a company is making a lot of cases of a product that’s not selling very well, it can sell those cases to someone who needs cases.


A startup that builds apps based on data from the real world. For example, the startup has a tool for data scientists to visualize the conversation of a crowd and see what words and concepts are trending, and a tool for the government to monitor traffic.


A new way to make small investments in companies via a traditional stock exchange, where a fund manager buys shares in a private company and sells them to public investors. A good example of a startup that is trying to bring the benefits of high-frequency trading to a more traditional model.


A startup to help companies manage the data they collect in their stores, for example, that can be used to help them find new products or make marketing plans.


A platform that helps companies build their own “anchor stores” — the “experiences” that people want to do in a particular city. For example, a company like Amazon might want to open up a store in San Francisco, but they’re not the first company to do so. The startup builds out a list of all the other stores in the area, and allows companies to apply to open up a new one.


 A startup that lists the best deals on a given topic, for example, “The best pizza in San Francisco”


 The company with the combined vision of Google, Facebook, and Uber: A new kind of messaging platform that allows you to send and receive a message with a set of actions. An example: You can send a message to a friend and then order them a pizza, with the message automatically being routed through the app and then to the pizza chain.


This startup is building an AI that helps people manage their emotions. The startup works to remind people when they’re feeling down, and helps people change their state of mind. As an example, the startup is helping people who have depression manage their emotions more effectively.


The company helps streamers make money by renting out their Twitch channels. For example, the company will help streamer joan_j. make a living by helping her stream her game and get paid in advance for it.


A startup that helps people with travel planning For example, I need a hotel for my trip to New York, so I go to a travel planner and tell them that I want to go to New York and they find a place for me and then they also find me a flight and maybe even a rental car


A B2B company that delivers on demand services. For example, they can send someone to help clean up your garage or install a new car battery. The startup is currently focusing on the US market.


A startup that wants to make it easier for business owners to use the same tools to run their business online as they do in the physical world. For example, users can use a smartphone camera to scan a QR code on a package and automatically get the package’s tracking info.


This startup is building a new generation of web browsers, called “containers”, that work like operating systems. Containers are like virtual machines (VM) in that they run programs inside them, but they’re a lot more flexible. You can build a container that can run a Ruby or a Python, for example, and you can run a container that runs a ton of different kinds of programs. Containers can also be used to run a group of VMs, and VMs can run each other, too. The tech is still in its early days, but it’s a promising tech that’s been used to run the Linux operating system.


Mentioned on Forbes as an example of “a group of entrepreneurs who are making some smart decisions for the future of transportation.” They’re making an electric scooter that’s more than just a toy and aims to build a fleet of them for riders in places where people deal with traffic and don’t have a car — and to not just be a toy for rich people.


 A product that uses AI to help you plan your day; for example, it can tell you if your morning commute is too long or too short. The startup wants to build out the AI to make the planning process more seamless and to make the product more attractive to consumers.


A startup that sells a tool for people to learn how to drive (for example, they can get lessons on how to parallel park)


Idea: A platform for video collaboration, for example to make a video call with a bunch of people at the same time, along with a tool for editing the video together.


Idea: A B2B startup that provides a tool for logistics companies to sync their backend systems like their ERP and supply chain management, and make their shipments more readable (for example, by adding barcodes)


Idea: A startup that lets you create a link that “promotes” the creator of a link that you share. For example, if you share an article on Medium, you can give the author a little boost and help them get more views.