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Everyone Startup Ideas

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A fitness app for everyone, not just professional athletes. The app helps users track their daily activity and exercise goals.


A startup that says it helps marketers target their Facebook ads by machine learning. The startup’s CEO says everyone is already familiar with the concept of machine learning, but the way it’s implemented in Facebook ads is confusing and not very effective.


A food truck that turns every meal into a voucher, for use at any restaurant. The startup wants to make food more efficient, so that everyone can eat more.


A high-tech way to enable people to communicate with their doctors remotely. The company hopes to make that easier for everyone: patients, doctors, and caretakers.


As a person’s social circle expands, it gets harder to keep track of old and new friends. Fellow is a service that helps you keep track of everyone you know, and share them with others.


The co-founders of the company Seers are trying to undo the stigma of the “office dog”. They had their first pup, Mitzi, on the playground of Spotify's offices, and the company asked them to bring her to work. Now, she’s a dog who visits office visits from time to time to make sure that everyone is having a good time.


"We believe that the world’s 2.5 billion farmers deserve access to information they can trust. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to improve their lives. We believe that, in the long run, this is good for the planet."


A startup whose product is a secure private messaging app. In an environment where everyone is worried about their privacy, the startup wants to make messaging private and secure.


building a tool to help small businesses manage their paper files, like sales invoices, in a way that’s really convenient for everyone. The startup’s CEO says that they’ve already sold their product to three big companies.


The startup is building a social network for people who love to cook, with an emphasis on making it a place where everyone can learn from each other’s cooking.


A platform for artists to share their work, connect with fans and find gigs. It’s a storytelling platform, but what makes it unique is that it’s open to everyone.


A startup that is building out a system to help people invest in both the stock market and their own homes, with a goal of making investing affordable for everyone.


The startup wants to build a “third-party insurance-for-everyone” platform that offers affordable health insurance. The startup has already built a network that serves around 200,000 people in the US and has raised $3.5 million.


Everyone has a friend or acquaintance that they’d like to loan money to, but they have no way to do so. MoneyBroker does just that, pairing people with other people in need of cash with those who have funds to give. The startup has already raised $2.5 million and is currently on-boarding more than 2,000 users a month.


An HR platform for startups and solo founders, offering a way to track progress on team building goals, and check in on how everyone is doing day-to-day.


A startup that wants to create a universal code of conduct for employees, so that companies can be sure they’re following the same rules for everyone.


A small team of developers and designers are building a simple, yet comprehensive, social network for everyone.


A tool that lets users make their own GIFs. The startup sees it as a new way of communicating online and wants to make it easy for everyone to create and share GIFs.


A startup that wants to build a decentralized banking system. The founders say that banks are creating systems that are too expensive and too clunky to be used, and that the market is underserved — especially by credit cards, which are used by everyone in the world, but for which there’s no good way to transfer money across borders.


The startup wants to use machine learning to make sure everyone in the United States gets food stamps.


Everyone is doing it: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, then you have Home Depot and Lowe’s. But Meijer, a Midwest-based retailer that operates grocery stores and a number of other retail chains. Meijer is looking to use the e-commerce trend to stay ahead of its rivals and has begun selling products that haven’t been available in stores in the past, like wine and cheese.


A startup that connects insurance companies to underwriters in the event of a claim, allowing everyone to focus on customer service while the underwriting process is handled.


A startup that wants to build a social credit system in China. They say that if you’re the type of person who might not be able to get a loan in China — like someone living in a rural village — then your credit score will be pretty low. The startup wants to build an online platform to expand the reach of credit scores to everyone.


A tool for managing the chaos of information in a busy household. The app lets you track everyone’s schedules.


A social network for the “smart, social, and stylish” user, built on the premise that everyone has a story to tell and that people will share that story if they’re beautiful.


The founders have a vision of a world where everyone can pay rent or a mortgage, and have a constant stream of income without having to get a job.


A startup that aims to “make it easier for everyone in the world to have a home internet connection” with a hardware product that plugs into an electrical outlet.


A tool for scheduling remote work sessions. The startup hopes to be a one-stop shop for remote work scheduling, helping companies and remote workers find dates and times that work for everyone.


Ever the entrepreneur, Aaron Hinkley (of 25% Happier fame) co-founded a new startup, Arana, with his wife. It’s an online platform focused on promoting and discussing the benefits of meditation in a way that’s accessible to everyone.


A company that helps businesses organize their gifts and offers for clients, as well as events and employee recognition, to save everyone time and money.


A product that helps people better measure their credit score, with the goal of making credit accessible for everyone.


A startup that provides a service where you can post a free ad for your lost pet and it gets sent out to everyone in your


Idea: A platform to bring great coffee to everyone, everywhere The startup is building a barista-grade coffee brewing system using the Nespresso capsule format The company says it has $8,500 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A new consumer-focused mobile payments app to replace credit cards The company aims to reduce friction by letting users buy things with their phone instead of having to pull out their wallet They want to replace everyone’s credit card information The startup has processed over $1MM in payments


Idea: A company building zero-knowledge privacy VPN/proxy for web browsing Everyone from individuals to companies can use it to access the Internet privately and securely