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by @levelsio

Ethereum Startup Ideas

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A company that’s trying to solve the problem of how to get information from a decentralized public database like Ethereum to a centralized database.


A platform that makes it easier to build and deploy decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. The startup aims to make Ethereum as easy to use as a web app, with an initial focus on dapps for financial services.


Poynt is building an identity verification service for the cannabis industry, based on the Ethereum blockchain.


A platform that lets you upload your own smart contracts onto the Ethereum blockchain.


A company that wants to build a “blockchain for the real world”, allowing users to build things on Ethereum based on real-world things like physical spaces.


This is a 3D blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game pits users against each other, where they compete for virtual game cards and battle for blockchain-based prizes.


A business that wants to create a bank that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s planning to use revenue from that bank to fund the company’s own blockchain development.


A payments company that uses the Ethereum blockchain to “build a decentralized, secure, and transparent payments network.”


A digital library for art and music that’s built using blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized system, built on top of the Ethereum network, that tracks and stores art pieces, but also allows for them to be accessed via a web interface.


An advertising platform for artists that uses blockchain technology to smooth out the payment process. ArtPro is building a DApp on Ethereum that will allow artists to sell their digital work directly to their fans.


A company building on the Ethereum blockchain that wants to create a more efficient marketplace for small businesses. The startup charges a service fee for members, and will also integrate with a business’s accounting software.


A team of Ph.D.s and VCs is building a new language for smart contracts, making it easier to write and read smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain.


This company is building a new type of physical currency system. Their currency is tied to the Ethereum blockchain, but is not a cryptocurrency. It’s intended to be “for people who don’t have access to currency”.


Non-profits in the U.S. and abroad rely on donors and volunteers to get their work done. Unfortunately, they aren’t always able to rely on these people to do what they promise. BitGive is a platform for non-profits that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform lets non-profits raise money through cryptocurrency and use those funds to make donations to the causes they care about.


A company that offers a “crypto-native” platform for blockchain development. They want to build a platform for developers to build DApps or smart contracts that run in the Ethereum blockchain.


Smart contracts for the real estate industry, which are built on top of Ethereum, allowing parties to create smart contracts for leases, escrows and home sales.


This startup aims to help users of the cryptocurrency Ethereum create and manage DApps on their own platform. The DApp Store will let users deploy and manage their apps, and will be powered by a decentralized transaction system that allows users to send and receive payments for their work.


A company that uses the Ethereum blockchain and a native digital currency to buy and sell online content — with no fees and no middlemen.


A credit card company built on the Ethereum network that allows people to create their own credit cards and charge it to a credit card. They’re still working on their product for the moment.


A healthcare blockchain powered by the Ethereum network. It’s a digital patient ledger system that can share patient data with physicians, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies with the goal of reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.


A payment platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain to automatically handle payments and money transfers between parties.


A decentralized AI platform built on top of Ethereum that allows developers to build AI bots that can be programmed to perform tasks.


Idea: A new way to execute smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that’s meant to be more secure and less expensive


Idea: A simple, powerful, and intuitive tool for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain