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Especially Startup Ideas

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This startup wants to build a new type of credit card for the underbanked, especially in developing countries. It takes the form of a prepaid card and is available in any currency. Given the lack of banking options in many such countries, the startup sees a lot of potential for growth.


Meetup is a platform for people to meet up in person and interact with each other. It's especially useful for groups that have members spread across different cities or different countries.


A platform for visualizing the supply chain of products, especially food.


A tool for getting a lot of attention on social media, especially Twitter. It's basically a social media management app that helps you build a plan for driving lots of followers, likes, retweets, etc.


A new way to get paid for writing things, especially for writers who don’t want to write things for pay.


 A startup that secures your personal info, especially sensitive information like medical records and bank accounts.


A startup that helps farmers and businesses avoid the high cost of getting loans, especially through microfinance.


A startup that sells a tool that helps people manage their finances (especially for people with ADHD) A startup that provides a service to help people of Chinese heritage learn about their family’s history


A startup that gives a voice to a growing number of people who are sick of the medical system, especially in the US. It aims to help people connect with their health care providers in a more direct and human way.


This company hopes to help businesses get a better sense of their operations, especially when it comes to their supply chains and logistics.


A natural language processing startup that is building software that helps companies better understand user conversations, especially in chat. The company is launching in the US in 22 countries and is working on a US expansion for early next year.


A company that powers the chat experience in messaging apps. It allows users to completely customize the appearance and behavior of their chats, especially with respect to things like changing background colors and fonts.


A startup that wants to make it easier to build internet services for internet-connected devices, especially those that aren’t smartphones.


This is a B2B company that helps companies manage their legal agreements, especially in the area of intellectual property.


A grocery delivery business in the UK. Postmates offers services like same-day grocery delivery, which is especially useful to people living in urban environments where it’s hard to get to grocery stores.


A tool that aims to help companies manage contract negotiations, especially in the tech industry.


A startup that’s working to make the customer relationship management process more seamless, especially for small businesses.


A startup that wants to build a decentralized banking system. The founders say that banks are creating systems that are too expensive and too clunky to be used, and that the market is underserved — especially by credit cards, which are used by everyone in the world, but for which there’s no good way to transfer money across borders.


A personal finance management app that aims to help employees — especially those that work remotely — manage their personal finances.


A startup for finding and sharing vacation rentals — especially those with unique features — and connecting renters with renters.


A platform for organizing and sharing resources, especially by those with expertise in a particular field or trade.


A way to report fraud, which is a huge problem for both the customer and the store — especially when it happens over the phone.