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Equipment Startup Ideas

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A startup that allows you to rent kayaks and other water sports equipment in your local area


A startup that helps hospitals find cheaper alternatives to the expensive equipment they use in the ER.


A company that helps small businesses buy and sell all their equipment in one place, avoiding the disadvantages of Craigslist and other marketplaces, with a process that’s automated and secure.


A digital store for home users of medical equipment


A startup that’s building a marketplace for the sale of unused construction equipment.


A software company that provides a platform for connecting people with spare parts, including parts for cars, drones, and medical equipment.


A startup that is a marketplace for healthcare providers to rent out their unused medical equipment


A pair of heavy-equipment spare parts specialists in the Midwest. These guys help companies find used equipment, they’ve made over 200 sales to date.


A tool that helps companies set up predictive maintenance timers for their equipment.


A startup where the US government buys excess military equipment and resells them to civilians. It’s not the first attempt to make the surplus military equipment market accessible, but it’s the first to be backed by the US government.


A startup for buying and selling used office equipment, including desks, chairs, and computers.


The startup is working with partners to bootstrap the growth of a small-scale 3D printing community by providing the equipment and resources to move from a maker-model printer to a high-quality commercial printer.


An online marketplace for people who want to buy used music equipment and gear, with a focus on the UK and US markets.


Helping companies review, rank and purchase equipment such as tickets, office supplies and food. They have raised $35 million to date and have a database of 15,000 to 20,000 clients.


A company that develops a computer vision system for manufacturing equipment to reduce downtime to 15%.


A business that lets people take their unused gym equipment home.


A startup building a delivery network for equipment and equipment-related items, particularly those in the industrial market.


A company that helps improve the efficiency of service delivery for restaurants. Their model is to use automation to eliminate the costs of inefficient or underutilized staff and equipment, allowing restaurants to focus on creating more value.


A startup that has built an RFID-based sensor to help factories monitor the health of their equipment.


Rather than outsourcing maintenance of on-premises equipment, a startup called LifeSpan develops and sells cloud-based tools that help companies manage their equipment. It’s based in Austin, Texas.


A startup focused on helping farmers manage their farm operations and track their crops and equipment.


A tech startup whose product is a home-based network of technicians that fixes your home’s issues or installs equipment. The company says that since it launched in early 2019 it has already had several million dollars worth of work.


A company that sells kitchen equipment and supplies with a mobile app.


A BoxCar is an online marketplace for buying and selling used equipment and supplies, including furniture, construction equipment, industrial machinery, and vehicles.


A platform for individuals to sell their unused equipment.


Idea: Use machine learning to predict when equipment will break


Idea: This startup is building a way to automatically detect and diagnose problems in large fleets of industrial equipment


Idea: The team is building equipment for the workplace, like medical supplies. It’s trying to scale into a high growth business by partnering with large companies.