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Entire Startup Ideas

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A tool to help teams of all sizes manage the entire process of getting a patent from an idea to a working product.


A library of over 1,700 video lectures for developers on the entire set of AWS services.


This is a startup that makes it easier for people to understand that their health insurance isn’t covering the entirety of their medical expenses.


A platform to help companies control and manage their entire supply chain. The company wants to aggregate data on every step in the supply chain, create a comprehensive map of it and manage it all from a single dashboard.


This startup wants to build a platform that allows companies to manage their entire supply chain from their headquarters.


A “factory farming” startup that plans to take over the entire process of raising and slaughtering animals from the farm to the table.


A platform for managing your entire spend, tracking your bills, managing your expenses across different payment systems, managing your accounts, and making it easy to compare everything against each other.


Bizion is a network of companies that provide more than $1 million in annual revenue. Bizion enables companies to have a single point of contact for funding (usually a bank) for their entire business, saving a lot of time and money.


A startup that wants to help companies build special-purpose blockchains for their use cases, eliminating the need to create an entirely new blockchain. The startup is currently focusing on the health industry, with an emphasis on micropayments.


A way for people to rent out their spare bedrooms and living rooms on Airbnb, or even to create an entire home on the platform.


An API that helps companies create “live” chat functionality that is entirely private.


A startup that wants to build a platform for managing and organizing your entire digital life. It’s a way to keep things organized on all your devices, including a “calendar of everything” that can be accessed from any device.


A startup that helps people create and sell custom clothing through a web browser without having to design the entire garment from scratch. Loom wants to help consumers sell their clothing as a service — it’s essentially an Uber for fashion.


The idea is to give companies a better way to communicate and collaborate with customers. The app is designed to make it easy for businesses to send sales-related messages to their entire customer base, employees, and partners.


A tool that lets you create and manage your own personal e-commerce store. The startup aims to help you create a storefront, or online shop, on Shopify or WooCommerce that will be managed entirely by you.


A startup that aims to be the Uber of short-term rentals, allowing people to rent out their spare rooms or entire homes. Ethos currently has a pilot in place with over 10,000 users.


A company that makes solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles. The startup has built an entire flexible solar panel that can be connected to any car.


Farmers can bring their entire supply chain online using a single management platform.


A fintech startup built for natural gas industry. It allows users to collect and monitor their natural gas usage, and allows companies to monitor over their entire natural gas network.


A software-as-a-service that helps large companies manage and automate their entire supply chain, from procurement to inventory. It’s used by corporations like Apple, Ford, and Vodafone, as well as smaller companies like Clerys and GoDaddy.


A digital platform for the entire global construction supply chain. The startup is building a software platform that allows construction companies and construction service providers to manage the entire supply chain.


A company that plans to create a new kind of payments system that is more secure, transparent, and consistent across the globe. It aims to be a way for the entire world to transact in cash.


The startup is working to create an interface for the entire world’s supply chains, creating a single, centralized map that can be used to track and manage everything from production to delivery.


The answer is not entirely clear. Startups that are working to solve a business problem have the least success of any type of startup.


A startup that is building an insider-trading app that has a “whisper mode” that alerts the entire network when an event is happening. It’s working with clients like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.


A sales automation product that claims to help account executives automate the entire sales process.


A web and mobile app that helps small businesses manage their entire back end, including accounting, payroll, and e-commerce. It’s backed by a bunch of VCs, including Andreessen Horowitz, and has raised $10 million in funding.


A shopping app that shows the best deals from the entire internet as a single, unified product.


A software company that helps companies build a “digital warehouse” that lets them organize and access their entire warehouse from a single interface.


A micro-job platform where people can earn a few dollars an hour doing a task for a company that already has a full-time employee doing that same task. The idea is that someone can have a few hours of work on Mechanical Turk each day already, and that’s the entirety of their work week.


A tool that allows small businesses to create websites quickly, without hiring a developer or building an entirely new site. Currently the only product, it has 8 paying clients.


A company that creates a single platform to manage the entire sales, marketing, and customer support cycle for a product. Zolli currently has a pilot for a new product launch agency.


This startup wants to streamline the college application process by letting students manage their entire application through a single portal, with the goal of making the process easier and better for students.


This startup is building an online marketplace for people seeking to rent out their spare rooms, apartments, or even their entire homes.


A startup that helps employees manage their medical benefits, offering both the ability to manage the entire process at their fingertips and an automated process that could save employers up to 70% of the cost of doing it themselves.


A platform for restaurants to streamline their entire food supply chain from farming to delivery. They’re a bit like a cross between a restaurant registry, a restaurant marketplace, and a logistics warehouse.


Allows users to create a listing for their house or rental, then rent out their spare room or entire apartment.


A startup that provides a service where people can book a room to stay in for a night like AirBnb but instead of an entire house it’s just a room


Idea: A platform for managing the entire process of developing, tracking and paying for a freelance project


Idea: A solution for sending out targeted marketing messages to specific segments of a customer list, or the entire list


Idea: A home services marketplace that offers reduced commissions to contractors working for customers in the US They’re looking to handle the entire process on the backend, from scheduling and payment to cleaning and service


Idea: A startup that is building tools for small businesses to help them manage their entire operations, including keeping on top of all their vendors and sales


A startup that helps you manage the logistics of moving by managing the entire process from start to finish.


Idea: An AI-based recruiting tool. The startup wants to handle the entire resume screening process, reviewing resumes and suggesting candidates for a job.


Idea: A new way to order a steak. Instead of receiving an entire side of beef, customers can order individual cuts to their specifications.