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Ensure Startup Ideas

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A startup to help businesses work with their insurance providers to ensure their employees are protected.


A startup that uses a sensor and a mobile app to monitor heart rate and push the data to a doctor’s smartphone. This ensures the doctor has a real-time read on the patient’s health.


A B2B company that helps insurance companies ensure they’re offering the best possible coverage to their customers.


A startup that helps caregivers create their own day-to-day schedules for their patients to ensure they’re not over- or under-scheduled.


A web-based P2P lending platform that uses the blockchain to ensure the cashflow of the loan, using AI to predict default rates.


A startup that helps to ensure that you’re not being cheated by local taxi drivers. The startup offers a database of pre-vetted taxi drivers, helping to ensure that you’re taken to the right place, and not taken to a dodgy place.


A tool that helps companies automate their financial and operational reporting to ensure that they’re on track. The company is selling the software to businesses that aren’t online, and has worked with companies like Google and Target.


A mobile app for public health professionals to “ensure all patients are treated in the right place at the right time”


A platform that answers the question of how to ensure that your employees can always access the files and tools that they need to be creative and productive.


This email security startup is building a tool that helps companies ensure that their employees don’t use personal email addresses for work.


This startup is building a tool that helps restaurants manage the costs of delivery, predicting when customers will order and then using predictive analytics to ensure food is available when they need it.


A tool for realtors and brokers to ensure they’re working with the right title from the right company.


A startup that helps employee referrals, and has a system for vetting referrals to help ensure they’re legitimate.


A platform that allows for distributed teams to negotiate, ensure a project is on time and on budget, and track progress. They’re working on a cloud-based solution with a feature set that includes project management, time and labor tracking, and collaboration.


A cloud-based service designed to help teams manage their data and ensure compliance.


A way to communicate with one another during the busy time of the year, around the holidays. The idea is to help brands and retailers better communicate and sell to their customers during the holiday season, and to provide a way to ensure that customers are happy and retailers get their money.


A startup that wants to use blockchain to ensure that doctors and patients can be sure that the products they buy, from vitamins to birth control, are the real thing.


A cybersecurity and privacy company that helps companies ensure that their data is kept safe.


A software company that helps businesses figure out how much they’re paying for electricity, and then sets up a cash flow model to ensure they’re using less electricity. The company has a database of over 1,000 utility companies that it uses to calculate the cost of electricity.


A suite of tools to help prevent workplace stress. The company offers a virtual office, a health coach and a network of wellness experts to ensure employees are staying on track.


A startup that wants to ensure you get the right amount of sleep, so you don’t miss out on productivity.


This startup is building a system that uses a connected smartwatch to alert people to incoming packages and ensure they receive them.


This startup is working to ensure that your home insurance policy covers home repair, and will alert you if you’re not getting the protection you need. They’re already in the process of introducing a data-driven product to the US market.


A tool to ensure that employees or students are taking the right amount of time off, based on company policies.


A mobile app that ensures you don’t leave home without your phone charger.


A shopping service for large retailers that serves as a “digital concierge”, helping shoppers find everything they’re looking for, and ensures they get it, including delivery and returns.


A software company that provides cloud-based services for auditors to ensure that companies are filing their taxes correctly.


To help the fresh produce industry, which is worth $100 billion in the US, Farmako hopes to build a “smart warehouse” that uses artificial intelligence to track when and where fruit and vegetables are grown, to help ensure they’re grown locally.


A startup for insurers to upload their accounts and their clients’ accounts and ensure that premiums and benefits are reconciled.


This startup offers an alternative to the traditional lockbox for data centers. It’s a tamper-resistant container that can be set to be unlocked by a single person, making it easier to ensure that data is secure.


A company that helps nudge businesses to ensure they accurately report their sales tax to the government.


A tool for helping companies to ensure that the people they do business with are following the law.


A software for helping businesses monitor and control their energy use. The startup uses IoT technology to reduce energy use in businesses and ensure that every watt is used effectively.


A company that helps companies map out how their products are made, helping them ensure their supply chain is as efficient as possible.


Software that ensures a company's employees or contractors have a safe and secure way to get to work.


This startup helps companies ensure that the customers they’re losing never come back.


Idea: A startup that helps companies manage their tech stacks to ensure they stay on the bleeding edge of tech trends and have a clear understanding of their tech spending