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by @levelsio

English Startup Ideas

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This online service lets people learn Spanish and English through games and video, and allows people to play games with a partner. It’s currently running in beta in the US.


A startup that helps people in developing countries learn English online


A startup that helps people learn how to speak English online over Skype


A video game that encourages players to learn English. The game is web-only and currently in its beta phase.


A platform that helps English language learners practice by presenting them with text in a way that will help them understand.


A crowdsourced translation app that lets you leave a comment to help an Italian native translate an English text into Italian.


A startup that helps people who are non-native English speakers navigate the US immigration system. The startup is based in San Francisco and is hiring.


A startup that’s developing a tool for non-English speakers to translate their documents into a format that can be read by a machine.


A smart thermostat that’s more of a mood-based thermostat than a temperature-based one. In English, it means it senses your mood and adjusts your thermostat accordingly.


The company offers an online tool that lets users manage and track lessons for teaching English as a second language.


A tool to help users learn English, enabling them to follow along on a video while a native speaker reads the text.


A company that used to provide computer science education in English before shifting to the Indian market and focusing on autodidactic AI education.


A social networking platform to help English learners learn English, and for native speakers to learn Spanish.


A Chinese startup that wants to help people learn English faster and easier. The startup writes questions and answers on cards and puts them on a string, which people can play around with. And their idea is proving popular in China, with a million cards sold in three months.


A company that helps people order food using language. The startup is building a platform to translate menus and order food, currently focusing on Spanish and English.


A “dynamic” service that allows customers to take a picture of a receipt and have it automatically translated to 10 other languages. It also provides translation services for non-English speaking customers.


The company’s first product is an AI-enabled conversational assistant, available in the US and spoken in English, Spanish, and French. It turns a user’s smartphone into a virtual assistant, with text-to-speech capabilities, a voice dialer, and other features


A search engine for Japan, with data available in Japanese and English.


A startup that can help you learn English faster


A tool for finding and reporting on all the relevant information about any country, including the government, economy, and culture. It’s available in English.


This startup is building a chatbot that can help you map out your home renovation or design project. It's available in English and Spanish.


A mobile app that uses machine learning to help people learn Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, and Spanish. The company says that “Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, and it’s the second most spoken language in America.”


A network of local groups that help immigrants learn English and find jobs in the US.


A startup that builds a toolset for Nigerian students to learn English.


Idea: A Chinese-English dictionary to help people learn languages