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by @levelsio

Engineering Startup Ideas

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A startup that wants to build a “machine learning tool for creating music”. The startup wants to build a tool that will allow anyone to create music from scratch, without any of the engineering knowledge required.


A software engineering firm that helps companies connect their software systems to other software systems.


A startup that matches millennial engineers with engineering jobs


Building a product to help journalists stay safe from fake news and social engineering.


A social network for people interested in mechanical engineering, allowing people to find jobs, learn about new developments, and get connected with engineers and designers.


A startup that launched in May, Empowered Launchpad is a marketplace for a variety of services including legal, accounting, and engineering, with the goal of making it easier for startups to get off the ground. They’re already working with 100 companies around the world.


A tool that helps teams manage project workflows, and which the startup is building for sales, support, marketing, and engineering teams.


A startup for data engineering services.


An engineering service for companies that wants to build a feature with a low barrier to entry, but is expensive.


A resource for QA Engineers to find quality software engineering jobs in the US and Canada.


A software development and engineering company that builds mobile apps for enterprise customers.


A team management app for the engineering and design teams at a SaaS company.


An enterprise-focused Slack alternative, with focus on teams that need to collaborate. The company has also been expanding into other areas like marketing, design, engineering, and other business functions.


A blockchain infrastructure company focused on smart contracts and token engineering.


A group of engineers building a simple way to convert between different styles of engineering drawings.


A computer science & engineering company that makes software for automotive and robotics innovations.


A “full-stack engineering company” that helps clients build their app, website, or API on their terms.


An engineering staffing startup that partners with companies to bring in new talent. After a company does a demo, Minimum runs a search for top candidates using its proprietary algorithm. The company says they’ve so far found candidates at top engineering schools, raised $1.4 million in VC funding, and secured over a dozen jobs.


Philadelphia has a long history of technological innovation in the medical and engineering fields.


A project from a hardware engineering company, which wants to make a programmable, modular robot with an open source hardware ecosystem.


Idea: An AI-driven tool for filtering resumes for tech and engineering jobs


Idea: A startup that helps engineering managers coordinate software development teams


Idea: A social network for engineers that brings them together to discuss engineering problems and solutions.