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A company that is building a compensation plan for teachers, based on productivity and engagement.


An online platform where customers can review products they’ve purchased and engage with brands.


A tool to help companies manage their talent, helping them find and engage with prospective hires.


A health-maintenance company for the elderly, focusing on their social needs. The company’s founder and president, Alejandro Ortiz, said that for many older people, social engagement often goes missing, making it harder for them to stay healthy.


A tool that helps brands looking to engage with influencers. The company claims to be able to find influencers in any niche, bringing them into a social network.


A system for managing voter registration and voter engagement for political campaigns.


A “mobile-first” enterprise software platform that helps companies manage talent, HR, and employee engagement.


A marketing tool that lets you track your social media interactions, and see which customers are most engaged, most likely to buy, or engaged at all. The company has raised $2 million in funding.


This company wants to help businesses with employee engagement. The company wants to help companies with digital HR, specifically with recruiting, onboarding, and retention.


A customer engagement platform that helps restaurants, banks, and other businesses engage with customers.


A startup that provides a way to identify fake news by tracking the amount of engagement it gets on social media.


A company that is building a platform to help people get involved in public policy and political engagement.


This is a startup that helps companies find and engage with influencers in their market. They have a few clients in the likes of Unilever, Samsung, and others.


A platform for companies to hire, manage, and engage their freelancers. They are looking to introduce a marketplace of sorts that allows companies to post and search for the service of a specific individual. They are also looking to launch a marketplace-style app for freelancers and clients to find each other.


This startup is building a browser for the startup world. Its goal is to create a simplified version of the startup experience with tools for research, fundraising, and community engagement.


A startup that wants to add interactive games to a TV broadcast of a big game, and bring sports fans to the game and keep them engaged for longer than the halftime show.


A Chrome extension for user engagement with online content by “pinning” content to the top of the browser.


A company building a social media service that brings the power of a highly engaged Facebook group to a brand’s Facebook page.


A software company that helps brands with crisis management. They want to simplify crisis communication through their application, which allows users to create a plan of action, rally staff, and engage with customers.


A marketing agency for companies that want to engage with their customers in new ways. The startup is currently in Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 batch.


This is a B2B company that helps companies get the most out of their employees. It provides employee engagement tools, process management, and HR services like onboarding.


A tool to increase product adoption through better customer engagement.


A SaaS-based startup that helps retailers and brands connect with influencers and bloggers to create content that drives social media engagement and sales.


A customer support and engagement platform for businesses aimed at the Millennial generation. The startup is focused on helping companies improve customer support and engagement, but its founders say it can be used across the board.


A tool that allows companies to engage with customers via Facebook Messenger and SMS. The company has built out a few integrations with vendors like PayPal, Uber, and Shyp.


A social network for subscribers of the New York Times to share content and engage with one another.


A tool to increase employee engagement without creating a company Slack channel.


This is a company that helps companies connect with their customers to better understand their needs and market to them. Clues is looking to provide companies with a new way to engage with customers that goes beyond traditional marketing. It’s a platform that allows companies to create a “Stitchable”, a custom product and experience that is all about a customer.


A scoring tool for companies to evaluate the “health and engagement” of their employees.


A software platform for retail companies to “find and engage customers in the moment”, with an emphasis on in-store experiences.


A startup that is building an employee engagement platform.


A platform that helps brands get social media engagement from their customers. The company is developing a micro-blogging platform for brands, with a focus on its “Brand Advocates”, who are Instagrammers who are paid to share and promote the brands with their followers. The company is nearing $2 million in funding after raising $800,000 in seed capital.


A single platform to help companies understand and engage with their customers, and act on that data. The startup is testing out a platform designed to serve the needs of small-to-medium-size companies, and then help them scale as they grow.


A company which helps brands and event planners create love letters to their fans, based on their feedback or engagement.


A startup that wants to build an analytics platform for restaurants, which they claim will allow restaurants to engage in more precise, targeted marketing, and track employee satisfaction.


A startup that wants to be the “Yelp for small businesses”, helping them connect to customers and other local businesses in their area, and help them grow and engage with their customers. Currently has $100,000 in seed funding.


A program that helps businesses and nonprofits engage their volunteers through social media, newsletters, and email.


 This startup aims to help people change the way they use the internet. It looks to improve engagement, helping people find meaning in their lives and hobbies, and helping them find like-minded people for social interaction.


A way for advertisers to measure the success of their ads, and for consumers to see which products get the highest engagement.


An HR platform that focuses on employee engagement, and is aimed at small/medium size companies. They plan to announce a $2.5 million seed round in December.


A platform for medical professionals to engage with patients by creating a forum for their questions and concerns.


A startup that’s building a platform for online consumer engagement campaigns. It also aims to bring more transparency to the online advertising industry.


A startup that helps companies track the open rates of their emails and see which ones are getting the most engagement.


A startup that “provides an AI-powered, ad-free content-based search experience for social media that allows users to see engagement, content, and activity across multiple social media channels and news outlets.”


The company is developing an AI platform that uses machine learning to provide on-demand video content for brands. The platform is designed to help marketers better understand their customers and find opportunities to engage them.


 A company that creates a way for companies to engage with customers and prospective customers through video, with a focus on helping companies manage their brands through video.


A platform that helps companies create and manage an employee group, with tools to find new hires, measure engagement, and reward engagement and performance.


A startup that helps companies connect with their customers via videos and images in order to drive conversations and engagement.


A tool for finding out how many people have downloaded your app, and how many have used it in the past week. The founders say that it’s been integrated into 75 different apps, and that they’ve seen a 20% increase in user retention and engagement once they started using it, with a 50% increase in revenue.


A mobile app that lets people track their health and wellness, with the goal of keeping people engaged with health care.


A platform for engineers to build products, with a lean startup that changes the way engineers engage with customers.


A platform for customers to find and book speaking engagements with companies, without the need to cold-call.


A startup that helps small businesses in the US and beyond streamline their sales and HR processes, with a focus on increasing customer engagement and reducing costs.


A tool that helps people find and engage with influencers on Instagram with different metrics to measure campaign performance.


A platform for mobile service providers (e.g. cell phone companies, wireless carriers) to manage their business operations, and a business-to-business platform for mobile service providers to engage with consumers. The company has three contracts, all with mobile carriers.


A solution for tracking employee performance and engagement.


The startup, founded in April, is building an AI that can help people monitor and engage with their health. People can use the AI to keep track of their weight and health, and the AI will send them recommendations on how they can improve it.


An analytics tool for product managers to track user engagement with their products. The company wants to make it easy to track user behavior and design.


A content recommendation platform that partners with influencers to help them get more followers and more engagement. They say they’re already working with a number of celebrities.


A chatbot that helps automate customer service through customer engagement bots for companies.


A platform for brands to automate their email marketing to keep their customers engaged.


The startup is building a digital platform that uses video to help remote workers connect, collaborate and engage with each other.


 A B2B AI startup that helps e-commerce businesses track inventory, order fulfillment, and customer engagement. They have raised $20 million.


A startup that helps bars, restaurants, and retailers engage customers with digital menus and order-ahead functionality. It’s currently running pilots in Chicago and New York.


A startup that helps journalists publish content without going through Facebook’s “disengagement” process


A startup from the founder of Tumbr, which helps companies to engage with customers on Facebook.


BluePoint is a customer service platform that helps businesses acquire, retain, and engage customers.


A company that focuses on customer engagement for retailers and restaurants. It’s currently in beta for 10,000 users, and the founders say they’re looking to expand to markets outside the US.


A platform that makes it easier for companies to measure employee engagement. It analyzes text messages, chatroom messages, and social media posts to provide employers with insights into what employees prefer, what their priorities are, and what they’re working on.


A new way for startups to launch, with a “pay-as-you-go” model for founders and employees. It allows companies to grow without having to engage in the long, expensive process of raising a round.


A startup that helps businesses find tactics to help them engage with their customers through social media. The company has built a database of over 200,000 customers that it uses to get a sense of emerging trends and social media strategy.


A platform that engages users with content that’s relevant to them, whether they’re fans of an artist or a topic they’re researching. It’s a software-based approach to human curation.


A startup that makes it easy to visualize and track what’s happening with social media engagement, as well as what’s happening within the organization.


A platform for community leaders to recruit and hire community managers and engage their followers.


A video analytics platform for measuring video quality and engagement. The company recently raised $3 million in Series A funding and has 40 employees.


Ideny is a platform that lets users share their ideas in written form, get feedback from others, and see a live visual representation of their ideas – so they can see how others are responding to their thoughts. Their results indicate that they’ve successfully engaged more than 80,000 people in the process.


A way to help companies grow their email lists, helping them get more money and engagement.


A software company that makes “tools that help the world’s leading brands and agencies build and run their multi-channel customer engagement programs.”


An AI-powered employee engagement tool.


The startup is building a chat app aimed at social media influencers, driving better engagement on their social media channels.


“A cross between LinkedIn and Twitter”, used by businesses to post job listings and engage with employees.


Finds and engages new talent for software engineers.


A startup that helps companies build customer engagement campaigns around campaigns that are already successfully running, using their data to identify the best campaigns to cross-promote.


A platform that helps the 500,000 companies around the world with their live events. It helps them find, book and pay for speaking engagements, build an event calendar, and create a speaker’s profile for their attendees.


A platform that lets people engage with their cities in a way that’s more meaningful than voting; think of it like Nextdoor meets Twitter.


A visual storytelling tool that serves as a customer engagement tool for companies.


A company that is building a digital platform that helps people and companies engage with educational content and services through a $25 monthly membership.


A startup that’s building a toolset to help companies build a customer lifecycle. By tracking things like a customer’s first interaction with the brand, their engagement, and their final purchase, a company can better track how their customer is used across the brand’s products and services.


A startup that wants to use AI to help brands better understand how customers engage with their product.


Localytics is a startup that makes it easier for Android app developers to track marketing campaigns, create marketing automation, and improve mobile app engagement.


A startup that has built an AI-powered platform to manage the growth of your startup’s social media engagement, allowing the company to monitor customer sentiment, measure engagement, and optimize their content.


 A platform that helps brands engage with their customers by understanding what they are looking for, their needs, and what they are willing to pay for it.


An AI platform for retail that takes all of the data from loyalty cards and other sources and makes it all accessible to stores, allowing them to engage with customers in a more personal way.


A startup that helps companies maintain their brand and social media presence with a tool that’s meant to encourage engagement, build community and sales.


A startup that connects businesses to consumers to help them engage with each other. It helps brands engage with potential shoppers by helping them create a customized experience based on profile or interest.


A startup that wants to reduce the cost of donated blood in the U.S. by harnessing the power of mobile, in-person patient engagement.


An enterprise-focused “platform for employee success”, focusing on employee engagement and satisfaction.


A new-generation online video platform that aims to compete directly with YouTube. The company’s co-founders say they’re already seeing traffic and engagement numbers that rival the video platform.


A digital marketing agency built to help businesses compete on social media. The company wants to help businesses build lists, track engagement and build loyalty.


Pays users to browse Instagram and actively engage with posts.


A tool that helps brands and influencers increase social media engagement


Idea: A startup providing free credit scores to customers, funded by a paywall around their credit report They believe this will generate better engagement than the traditional credit monitoring model, which pays customers to read their credit report


Idea: A platform to help recruiters engage with potential candidates on social media The startup wants to give recruiters more time to spend on candidates that matter most


Idea: A startup that takes information about a company’s users and uses it to customize the in-app experience based on that company’s products For example, if the user has a subscription box service, the app might show them relevant articles or tips The startup says that, in testing, they’ve seen an average of 10% more engagement for the companies they’ve worked with


Idea: A customer engagement platform for retail banks. The startup helps banks build online communities that allow customers to chat about products and services from within the bank’s website.