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Emerging Startup Ideas

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A startup that aims to make banking better for the underbanked in emerging markets.


The concept of the accelerator is a young one, with the first accelerator programs emerging in the late 1990s in Silicon Valley and New York. In general, accelerators help startups get off the ground, providing capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


A payment startup with a focus on offering a simpler payment experience for consumers in emerging markets.


A company whose goal is to bring better health to all people, leveraging emerging technologies to help people get more out of their health care.


A small team that wants to build a decentralized, public-blockchain-based accounting system that’s easy to use for small businesses in emerging markets.


A “Kiva for the world”, allowing investors to crowdfund for loans to entrepreneurs in emerging markets.


A global payments platform, SendFriend is a virtual bank account and payments platform that allows users to purchase goods and services without a bank account. It’s similar to TransferWise but with a focus on emerging markets.


A startup that looks to make it easier for the elderly to get a second smartphone. They’re looking to make it easy for the elderly to get a second smartphone when they’re already paying high smartphone bills. They’re launching in a few months and have already received a $250,000 investment from an angel group in the Valley that helps solve “pioneering problems in emerging markets.”


A mobile-first banking app, with a focus on individuals in emerging markets. The startup wants to empower the unbanked in emerging markets.


A digital media distribution platform for emerging musicians


Another company built by former Quid co-founders, this one is building a suite of tools to make it easier for women to own businesses in emerging markets.


A place to go to get the latest news on emerging technologies, like drones, 3D printing, and robotics.


A book publisher for emerging authors.


a bank that uses Bitcoin to make it easier for emerging markets to access financial services.


A startup that is building a platform to help small businesses know the best loan options at the best rates. Part of their pitch is that they’re aiming to help people in emerging markets, where banks are more expensive.


A mobile money platform for emerging markets, where the company says it has already made $1 billion in loans to over 20 million customers.


A platform that helps emerging market companies and individuals get capital via blockchain.


A platform for banks to build lending products for small businesses in emerging markets.


A company that wants to invest in emerging companies, picking up equity when they are small and helping them grow.


A startup that helps businesses find tactics to help them engage with their customers through social media. The company has built a database of over 200,000 customers that it uses to get a sense of emerging trends and social media strategy.


is working with small businesses in emerging markets to help them use the internet without fear of cybercrime.


A startup that helps connect nurses and patients primarily in emerging markets. The app aims to help doctors and nurses access it directly from their smartphones.


Zulberry is a mobile payments and commerce platform aimed at growing business in emerging markets. The company wants to become a more effective digital alternative to cash.


A startup that provides mobile money services for emerging markets. The company has developed the technology for mobile money across Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania.


An investment bank for emerging markets. The startup wants to make it easier for businesses to access capital.


 an online showcase of emerging artists, curated by a curatorial team. The site showcases a rotating selection of the best of a given category of art, and promotes the artists on social media and in the press.


A digital currency exchange for emerging markets. The startup, founded in 2017, is building a digital currency exchange for countries where currency controls are still in place.


A “financial services for the modern age” platform for the US that’s “designed to meet the needs of the emerging millennial generation”.


A B2B startup that helps companies transfer money to emerging markets, by leveraging the global network of cash transfer organizations.


A way to make local micro-loans, especially to women in emerging markets, by offering them a small loan and providing them with training.


A startup for building companies in emerging markets, which focuses on the Indian market.


A global fintech company that provides a way for emerging markets to get loans from traditional banks. The startup has pulled in big names including Bill Clinton, who has joined its advisory board.


An automaker that builds electric vehicles, with a focus on selling electric cars in emerging markets.


Idea: A mobile-first consumer financial services company for emerging markets


Idea: A startup helping businesses in emerging markets manage inventory and orders using a mobile app and a desktop dashboard. The founders say they’ve already signed more than 50 customers in the past month (and have been accepted to Y Combinator,) and that the business has been profitable since it launched at the end of May.


A financial technology company for managing online payments in emerging markets.