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Eliminate Startup Ideas

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A company that makes a device to check a car's oil level and health. It plugs into a car's OBD port, and aims to eliminate the need to buy and install an expensive oil change tool.


The founders of this startup are building a device to help you identify the origin of your food. It can be used to eliminate food fraud, and help the world’s poorest populations.


A platform for micro-transactions for online merchants. The startup wants to eliminate the need for credit cards. The startup has its first pilot under its belt, with $300,000 in monthly revenue.


A company that helps people get their taxes done on time. The startup, which is looking to launch in January, wants to eliminate audits for clients with simple returns but complex returns, and is getting help from Y Combinator.


A startup that uses AI to help companies identify and eliminate wasteful expenses by learning from previous transactions.


A B2B company that aims to eliminate the $2 trillion in fees incurred by businesses in the US and Canada by providing them with a single online account to manage all of their accounts.


Smart home system that helps eliminate the need for people to put down their phones to manage their homes.


Using AI to help companies identify and eliminate loan fraud and waste.


This startup aims to overhaul the way employees are evaluated and compensated in the workplace. It’s designed to eliminate the “rat race” and create a better environment for those who want to work hard and see their contributions recognized.


A complete solution for data management. The idea is to let customers control where their data goes, then track and store it to eliminate errors and improve accuracy.


Eliminate the word “laundry” from your vocabulary.


A startup that wants to help companies and businesses grow by working with them to eliminate waste and reduce costs.


A company that helps improve the efficiency of service delivery for restaurants. Their model is to use automation to eliminate the costs of inefficient or underutilized staff and equipment, allowing restaurants to focus on creating more value.


A tool for managing and organizing your team’s Slack chat to eliminate the need for email.


A startup for flowers that lets customers customize bouquets. The company is trying to eliminate the need for in-store shopping.


A company building a marketplace for providers of clothing, accessories, and home decor. The startup aims to eliminate the middle-man and help customers find the best deals, no matter if they live in SĂŁo Paulo or Seattle.


A messaging app that eliminates the need for SMS text messages to communicate with a business in China. The startup wants to make calls and texts cheaper and faster, with a focus on reducing spam.


A business that is using blockchain to help eliminate the need for third-party services.


A startup for freelance designers that takes sticker prices and eliminates the middleman.


A startup looking to make it easier for companies to hire and fire employees. The system’s algorithms help companies find the best people, and eliminate the high-conflict humans in the process. The company also offers a “health score” for each job candidate. The company says they’ve operated in New York and LA and are now expanding to other parts of the country.


A startup trying to solve the logistics problem of selling and transporting used electronics. The company wants to eliminate the hassle of storing, moving, and recycling the product.


A startup with a team of 3 that’s going to help companies in the B2B space reduce/eliminate fraud at the point of sale of their products. They’re targeting B2B companies in the US, Canada, and Europe.


A platform that connects small farmers to buyers. The platform’s mission is to eliminate the middlemen in global trade by making it easier and more cost effective to purchase local produce.


A platform for meal-kit delivery designed to eliminate the “kitchen limbo” where people lose track of how much is left in the fridge and need to go buy more. It streamlines the process of sending the meal components to the client, then doing the cooking for the client and keeping track of when it needs to be delivered.


Tired of waiting for your toothpaste to dry PictureTec wants to eliminate that problem with a device that heats your toothpaste up to allow you to brush it out completely. The device has a small fan that heats up to just under boiling, which they say keeps the toothpaste from drying out too quickly.


A company that is building a tool that will help the banks eliminate the “bill of lading” (which is an important piece of paper in the way of trade), and make it easier to track shipments.


A startup that wants to take the pain out of booking a flight. The cofounders, who hail from three different continents, say they’ve been able to eliminate the pain in booking a flight by combining the data from various travel sites.


A new way to pay for parking. Rather than pay by the hour, you pay by the week on a pay-as-you-go basis. The idea is that it eliminates parking tickets and increases utilization, and the company says it’s already in over 500 cities and 30,000 businesses.


This startup is building an artificial intelligence that can read texts, detect sentiment, and predict the intent of a text. The company claims it can help organizations eliminate “false positives” and focus on the right people, at the right time.


The startup has doctors and pharmacists focus on the most important aspect of patient care. It is a free mobile application which eliminates the need for medical transcription or email communication.


A group of four college friends who decided to start a company to help create a more efficient way to source and manufacture electronics. The company wants to be the first company to completely eliminate the middlemen of electronics manufacturing and create more manufacturing in the U.S.


A startup for the hiring of independent contractors, who are currently forced to pay 70% of the FICA tax to the federal government. The startup wants to eliminate the tax on independent contractors, and instead pay the tax to the state.


A startup that helps real estate agents manage their homes. The startup’s technology aims to eliminate the paper trail of homes, keeping them in one place so agents can easily track and make changes to the house.


Idea: A company that eliminates the legacy process of coding in a proprietary language by using a visual language


Idea: A platform that allows users to bring their own phone to a carrier to get their service set up The startup wants to eliminate the need for people to go into a physical store to set up their phone plan