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Efficiently Startup Ideas

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A company that helps retailers manage product returns and make refunds faster, more efficiently, and cheaper.


This company is building an app that aims to help cities with data, allowing them to run services like parking and waste collection more efficiently.


 A tool that uses AI to help you schedule your time more efficiently.


A wearables startup that wants to help people run more efficiently and exercise better. It says its product is worn like a wristband and tracks things like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep.


It’s a digital calendar that allows users to have a “someday” calendar in addition to a “today” calendar. The startup wants to help people plan more efficiently.


A company that helps businesses adopt a Salesforce-like platform designed to help them sell more efficiently.


A software solution for governments to more efficiently and easily collect and process data and information.


A startup that helps companies find and pay contractors and service providers across the world. The company will use the P2Pool tech popularized by bitcoin to help larger companies find and pay out thousands of contractors more efficiently.


A startup meant to help agencies hire writers more efficiently.


A startup looking to help restaurant workers and their customers manage their time more efficiently, with a dashboard and scheduling software.


A tool to help companies manage their supply chains more efficiently, with an added focus on the green products that they’re able to source.


The startup is building a suite of tools to help coders and engineers work through code faster and more efficiently.


An “intelligent” health insurance plan that helps people spend their money more efficiently.


A tool for running your business through a more efficient, streamlined process that gets the information you need to inform your decisions and meetings more quickly. Tailspring is a software company that helps companies set up recurring meetings and manage those meetings more efficiently.


A B2B company that helps companies manage their supply chain operations more efficiently by streamlining it into a single network of vendors. The company helps companies manage and keep track of invoices, payments, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.


A tool to help employees collaborate on projects efficiently, which includes an email platform, file sharing, and task management.


A startup that provides remote workers with the tools to efficiently monitor, report, and communicate their team’s progress, with the goal of giving managers the ability to manage teams, with less need for face time. The company has raised $1.2 million in funding, and has customers in the UK, Canada, and Australia.


A startup that's helping companies manage and improve operations in order to operate more efficiently.


A startup that helps the construction industry build faster and more efficiently.


A SaaS platform for scheduling and managing your travel, with a focus on hospitality. The startup wants to help hotels and start-ups book their travel more efficiently.


A company that wants to help people buy and sell property more efficiently, to cut out the middleman.


A texting platform for groups of people to communicate efficiently. The startup wants to leverage its popularity in the soccer world to make the company a household name.


A micro-app that helps teachers (and students) create and share lessons online. Zoono is currently in private beta, and is designed to help you teach, review, and grade lessons more efficiently by providing a single platform.


A startup building a computer vision platform to help businesses more efficiently identify and track the performance of their products.


 A startup focusing on retail space management, with specific knowledge of the restaurant industry. They want to build a system that can help restaurants to manage their space and inventory more efficiently.


a startup that uses sensor data to help machinery and automated systems work more efficiently.


The startup’s tool aims to give landlords the tools to manage their properties more efficiently. It’s meant to be used by property managers, but the startup is looking to also work with landlords and property managers.


A data platform for companies looking to grow more efficiently.


A startup that helps companies manage their contacts more efficiently, allowing them to sync up with people they already know in different industries.


This startup wants to use blockchain technology to help companies cancel contracts as efficiently and as cheaply as possible.


Y Combinator alum Dan Ellis and co-founder Andrew Conway came up with the idea to make an app that would help people use Microsoft Excel more efficiently. The startup, which has raised $1.3 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz , works with large companies to help them get their work into Excel faster.


A platform that connects users to the right data and people to do the right work for them. The company’s founders say the tool will help companies build and scale their business more efficiently.


The team behind the app is looking to work with new and existing government agencies as part of the White House’s national cybersecurity framework. They want to help the Federal government more quickly and efficiently identify and contain cyber threats.


A company that wants to build a set of tools that enable teams to work together more efficiently across projects.


A system that allows small businesses to manage their supply chains more efficiently, changing shipments as needed to fit a customer’s needs.


A B2B company that provides a platform that allows the sharing of inventory data between companies, which can then be used to more efficiently target consumer and brand marketing.


A software platform to help the supply chain run more efficiently.


A software company building a business process management application that empowers small businesses to more effectively and efficiently run their businesses.


A company that provides software that helps small businesses to operate better, faster, and more efficiently. It’s a cloud-based service that helps small businesses staff sales, accounting, and other functions. The startup has raised over $4.6 million in funding, and found itself in the news recently for an employee lawsuit.


A cloud-based tool designed to help people manage their money more efficiently in ways that might not be obvious.


A company that bases its customer support on machine learning, and aims to help people more efficiently manage their customer service workloads.


A startup that wants to help retailers work more efficiently and make it easier for customers to browse products online.


This company has built an open-source platform for data science and predictive modeling. The company has built a platform that provides insights into data quickly and cost-efficiently.


The startup’s software enables users to track and report on their time and productivity more accurately and efficiently, and is currently being used by 100,000 people at more than 1,000 companies.


This startup is building a platform to help creative people like photographers and videographers collaborate more efficiently.


A startup that’s building a tool for creating interactive 3D models of objects, which are then easier to ship. The company wants to help them more efficiently use their 3D printers.


A software platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers find and hire employees more efficiently and accurately, and helps them understand up-to-date employee data.


A software platform for companies planning to do an IPO. The company provides pre-IPO planning tools for companies to enable them to do an IPO more efficiently.


A software-as-a-service platform for startups that helps them collaborate more efficiently by bringing their office into one place.


A marketing tool that helps doctors and other healthcare workers efficiently schedule social media posts and ads, including on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


A platform to help women in the US manage their menstrual cycles more efficiently


A platform to streamline the hiring process for contractors. The startup is working with the New York City government to build a platform for the city to hire construction contracts as efficiently as possible.


A platform that aims to help financial advisors manage their clients’ accounts more efficiently.


A company that aims to help people with low-level finance and business needs run their businesses more efficiently.


This startup is building a tool that lets cities and companies tag where their waste goes, so that it can be recycled more efficiently.


This startup is building a global secure container shipping platform for small and medium sized businesses. They’re building a “portfolio of services” to help companies get their goods shipped faster and more efficiently.


Idea: A software company that’s building a tool that helps lawyers and other legal professionals manage their case load It does this by building predictive models that help lawyers understand how they’re spending time, who they should be billing, and how to allocate their time more efficiently It also helps process payments The startup has $0 in funding and was founded in 2017


Idea: A self-service toolkit that helps companies organize their internal product development process so they can more efficiently build new features and fix bugs


Idea: A software company that helps banks run call centers more efficiently The company is currently working with two banks in Brazil


Idea: A startup that provides a software interface for NASA’s data, helping companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin build rockets more efficiently.


Idea: A way to help businesses run more efficiently by helping them integrate their separate sales and marketing platforms into one. The software has been in the works for a year and will be ready to launch in late August.


A software company that helps organizations manage their payroll more efficiently.