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Effectively Startup Ideas

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A chatbot that can help pharmaceutical sales reps sell products more effectively.


A startup that helps realtors and agents manage their listings more effectively, by allowing them to create a calendar of appointments, and turn it into a marketing tool.


A tool to help teams effectively manage freelancers, with features like payment tracking and invoicing.


A startup that allows you to create a “move” between friends, effectively turning a video call into a video-text-chat.


A platform that helps businesses manage their data more effectively, as well as connect diverse data sources.


A tool to help users write more effectively online


A new way to buy and sell media. The company wants to provide a new lens on marketing and advertising and help brands use data to reach consumers more effectively.


 A startup that builds programs to help employers hire more effectively.


A software platform that helps lawyers manage their time more effectively and optimize their efficiency.


Using a service that matches athletes to coaches, the company helps athletes compete more effectively.


A tool that helps companies manage their contracts more effectively, by allowing them to track and manage contract negotiations and agreements in a central place.


A startup that helps developers work more effectively with their code. The startup’s technology is built to help developers more effectively work with their code.


A startup that is building a scheduling platform for service companies, helping them manage their work orders more effectively.


A startup that wants to help companies find the best talent in the US and India, and help them hire more effectively.


A SAAS product that helps organize and manage all of a person’s relationships. The startup wants to help people communicate with their friends and family more effectively.


A product for athletes that helps them train smarter and more effectively, using breathing exercises, temperature monitoring, and other data.


A tool aimed at helping restaurant owners and managers perform their jobs more effectively.


A mobile app that helps to train employees and managers on how to work effectively in teams.


A podcasting app for journalists that aims to help them tell stories more effectively, so they don’t have to spend weeks on each episode.


A company that helps managers and employees to communicate effectively. It’s a private messaging app with a long list of partners that is easy to use and lets people stay in touch with coworkers.


A startup that offers a platform for network marketers to build teams and market to them, but also help them run their businesses more effectively.


A personal assistant for busy people, with a focus on “decision fatigue” and helping people make decisions and plan effectively.


A startup that will help salespeople pitch more effectively using a “Playbook”-like interface with a combination of slides, infographics, and video.


A company that is working to integrate the power of big data to help marketers target their customers more effectively.


A social network for personal trainers, aimed at helping trainers have a better online presence and work more effectively with clients.


A company aiming to help people with obsessive-compulsive disorder learn to deal with it, and to help their physicians and therapists more effectively treat it in the future.


A company that aims to help companies make smart decisions about the people and projects they hire. Talent teams can use the company’s SaaS tool to find people with similar backgrounds, track their progress, and see what needs to be done to help them work effectively.


A SaaS tool for sales reps to manage direct sales teams and customers more effectively.


A software company building a business process management application that empowers small businesses to more effectively and efficiently run their businesses.


This startup is building an AI that helps people manage their emotions. The startup works to remind people when they’re feeling down, and helps people change their state of mind. As an example, the startup is helping people who have depression manage their emotions more effectively.


A medical transcription app designed to help doctors communicate more effectively with patients.


This startup aims to help businesses automate their CRM processes, allowing them to more effectively manage their customer interactions.


A counter-intelligence platform that gathers information on how anti-poaching firms are competing against each other, and shares that data with clients, allowing clients to more effectively compete against poaching firms.


A startup that allows businesses to manage employee time more effectively while reducing risk of theft.


A software for helping businesses monitor and control their energy use. The startup uses IoT technology to reduce energy use in businesses and ensure that every watt is used effectively.


A company that brings data science to financial advisors to help them more effectively manage their clients’ portfolios.


“A data visualization tool for sales, marketing, and operations teams”, meant to help companies visualize their own data more effectively.


A startup that wants to help organizations cost-effectively learn, measure, and deploy AI.


The startup wants to use data science to help people more easily manage and communicate with their loved ones when they’re dealing with illness or injury. The startup is building a platform that combines data and artificial intelligence to help families stay in touch and communicate more effectively.


This startup is building a tool to help people manage their money more effectively, offering a way to personalize finance reports.


The startup aims to help communicate science more effectively, helping researchers and professors to communicate their findings easier and more concisely, and helping people learn more about the sciences.


Idea: A platform for B2B businesses to communicate more effectively with their clients


Idea: A startup that helps subscription companies sell online courses more effectively. The company is currently working with companies like The Great Courses, Lynda and Udemy, offering their software at no cost.


Idea: A company that offers a subscription service for pain relief patches, which they say will help users manage pain more effectively.


Idea: A startup that is building a system to help schools more easily track student attendance and track student attendance more effectively.