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Effective Startup Ideas

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A startup that says it helps marketers target their Facebook ads by machine learning. The startup’s CEO says everyone is already familiar with the concept of machine learning, but the way it’s implemented in Facebook ads is confusing and not very effective.


A software platform that lets brands communicate with marketing departments around the world — making workflows easier and more cost-effective.


A company that uses AI to offer “the most efficient and effective” treatment for patients with pain.


A company that’s building a “Netflix for fitness”. The company wants to be able to provide “instant-on, personalized, scalable, and effective fitness programs”.


A chatbot that can help pharmaceutical sales reps sell products more effectively.


A company that helps companies buy the most cost-effective insurance coverage for their employees as a group.


A software platform for remote companies to manage their recruiting processes and gain a more effective applicant tracking.


A platform for small business buying and selling services, which it says is more cost-effective than going through agents.


This startup helps companies deliver care to patients in a more efficient manner. The company works with hospitals to help them deliver care in a more cost-effective way.


A startup that helps small businesses create data and marketing plans that will be more effective and generate more revenue


A tool to help teams effectively manage freelancers, with features like payment tracking and invoicing.


A solution that allows small businesses to build and manage their own virtual teams. The startup aims to help companies build virtual teams that are more efficient and cost effective than traditional team management.


A startup that helps realtors and agents manage their listings more effectively, by allowing them to create a calendar of appointments, and turn it into a marketing tool.


A product that helps businesses streamline email management to be more effective, efficient and transparent.


Two founders left YC to build a $10 per month service to help food delivery services become more cost effective and more like an on-demand service. It’s available in a few cities in the US, and it’s simple: a “geofenced” area with a few delivery zones that are cheaper than a full city block.


A startup that allows you to create a “move” between friends, effectively turning a video call into a video-text-chat.


A startup that aims to democratize the profession of “salesman” by making the sales process more effective and efficient.


An on-demand marketplace for your home, pitched as a more effective, more satisfying alternative to Airbnb.


A new way to buy and sell media. The company wants to provide a new lens on marketing and advertising and help brands use data to reach consumers more effectively.


A software platform that helps lawyers manage their time more effectively and optimize their efficiency.


A company that helps companies be more efficient and cost-effective


A tool for tracking the effectiveness of a sales team.


A startup that helps developers work more effectively with their code. The startup’s technology is built to help developers more effectively work with their code.


Using a service that matches athletes to coaches, the company helps athletes compete more effectively.


A healthcare provider that uses AI to help doctors identify chronic illnesses and recommend effective treatments.


A software company built to help streamline the process of creating marketing messages and tracking the results. Its software can make it easier for companies to share their messages on social media, help them track how effective their marketing messages are and allow them to better understand what customers are saying about them.


A platform that helps businesses manage their data more effectively, as well as connect diverse data sources.


A platform that aims to make it easier for companies to build more effective employee referral programs.


A startup that is building a scheduling platform for service companies, helping them manage their work orders more effectively.


A tool that helps companies manage their contracts more effectively, by allowing them to track and manage contract negotiations and agreements in a central place.


Designed to help clients define and measure their social impact, Consequence is a software company helping nonprofits and for-profits better track their impact. It helps clients measure the effectiveness of their programs and measure employees’ impact, too. The company has a $10 million Series A, with $1 million raised in its first round of VC funding.


 A startup that builds programs to help employers hire more effectively.


Connecting a company’s marketing and sales efforts through a single platform. The startup is looking to connect sales with marketing, allowing companies to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and the ROI of different types of advertising.


A platform that helps people find the best and cheapest healthcare, based on the best information available on what treatments are effective, and what providers are best. HealthMap is targeting big cities in the US that have good healthcare options and are currently underserved by them.


A tool to help users write more effectively online


A startup that helps people create more effective ways to market themselves on social media.


A product for athletes that helps them train smarter and more effectively, using breathing exercises, temperature monitoring, and other data.


City-state management software company, enabling governments to be more dynamic, efficient, and effective. The startup was founded in May, and has over 50 clients nationwide.


A tool aimed at helping restaurant owners and managers perform their jobs more effectively.


A SAAS product that helps organize and manage all of a person’s relationships. The startup wants to help people communicate with their friends and family more effectively.


A way to help people make better decisions in healthcare, by making it possible to compare the cost and effectiveness of different treatments.


This is the startup building a more humane and effective way to recycle scrap metals.


A way to make “live meetings” more effective. The company hopes to help teams create meetings that feel more conversational.


A company that helps businesses develop more effective marketing plans


 A platform that allows for a more efficient and effective supply chain


A startup that offers a platform for network marketers to build teams and market to them, but also help them run their businesses more effectively.


A podcasting app for journalists that aims to help them tell stories more effectively, so they don’t have to spend weeks on each episode.


A mobile app that helps to train employees and managers on how to work effectively in teams.


A startup that wants to use AI to create bespoke, cost-effective car insurance policies based on an agent’s driving history


A way to automate the sales process, with software to help companies be more effective in talking to prospects.


A company that helps managers and employees to communicate effectively. It’s a private messaging app with a long list of partners that is easy to use and lets people stay in touch with coworkers.


A startup that helps hotels and restaurants get their online marketing more focused and effective.


The company is creating a platform for companies that want to take advantage of their networks of publicists, leading to more effective, more affordable marketing.


A wearable device meant to track and help manage the effectiveness of a workout routine.


Gives people the ability to “give back” in a way that’s easy, cost effective, and fun. It’s a platform that lets people donate a percentage of their income through a daily survey, which is then split between the nonprofit of their choice and the charity of their choice.


A startup that helps health care organizations make more effective referrals to specialists. It’s currently being used by a network of 20 hospitals in Boston, with plans to expand to the rest of the US within the next six months.


A company building a unified communications automation tool for companies to help streamline messaging and reduce paper. The product aims to make messaging easier and more effective.


A tool for creating more efficient, effective marketing campaigns for small businesses. Its founders say that a lot of small business owners could improve their marketing by using better tools.


A startup that will help salespeople pitch more effectively using a “Playbook”-like interface with a combination of slides, infographics, and video.


A software company that uses artificial intelligence to predict the effectiveness of a drug and adjust the dosage accordingly.


A startup that helps businesses manage their payments and invoices, which the founders say is significantly more effective than spreadsheets. It aims to be a full-stack solution for companies in need of a better way to manage their accounts receivable.


A startup that wants to help companies find the best talent in the US and India, and help them hire more effectively.


A SaaS tool for sales reps to manage direct sales teams and customers more effectively.


A medical transcription app designed to help doctors communicate more effectively with patients.


An SaaS data platform meant to help companies understand what types of influencers they should be advertising to and which ads are effective.


This startup is building an AI that helps people manage their emotions. The startup works to remind people when they’re feeling down, and helps people change their state of mind. As an example, the startup is helping people who have depression manage their emotions more effectively.


Idea: A platform for B2B businesses to communicate more effectively with their clients


Idea: A startup that helps subscription companies sell online courses more effectively. The company is currently working with companies like The Great Courses, Lynda and Udemy, offering their software at no cost.


A Slack bot that helps businesses run more effective meetings, using a combination of machine learning and human curation to help keep meetings on track. The company says they have $12,000 in recurring revenue.


Idea: A company that offers a subscription service for pain relief patches, which they say will help users manage pain more effectively.


Idea: A startup that is building a system to help schools more easily track student attendance and track student attendance more effectively.


Employers can access a single dashboard to track their employee’s performance. Performance is measured across different channels, including time spent at work, friend requests, and the effectiveness of their social media presence.