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Education Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps colleges and high schools provide students with career and technical education.


A tool that connects education with job opportunities in the US and India, by matching employers with vacant jobs.


A collection of online educational materials available for free.


A company that helps teachers who don’t have access to iPads and other education technology tools.


An educational tool that helps students in the US get certificates from universities around the world. The startup helps students get their credits in real time, with a guarantee that their credits will transfer to the school they’re attending.


A digital education platform for low-income students, helping them understand their financial aid eligibility.


A startup that provides a service where parents in China can pay to have someone with a degree in education check their kid’s homework


A startup that helps people make decisions about education and careers before they go to college


Idea: An online platform for verifying resumes for job-seekers The startup is working with employers like Microsoft, with plans to expand to the finance, health, and education sectors


A startup that connects doctors with patients via text messaging It’s a telemedicine platform that provides health information and education


A company that wants to help drivers get inexpensive fuel and drivers’ education through its website and mobile app.


An education platform that teaches women about safety in the home. It’s currently in private beta with select customers.


A creator of early childhood education software for schools.


 A search engine for finding people by education, gender, and location.


A startup that provides access to education for people whose parents don't have the time or inclination to teach them.


A startup that provides education on the benefits of Keto and how to go about it, has an ecommerce component where you can buy all your Keto needs


A no-cost education platform that helps students learn how to code by watching videos online. Arist wants to help millions of people learn programming.


A startup for people who want to start a business, but don’t have the time or resources to actually do it. The app aims to provide education, mentoring, and a place where entrepreneurs can network.


A startup that helps students and parents collect donations for their college education. The startup, which was founded in September, has raised $35,000 to date.


The startup is building a teaming platform focused on the education, construction, and manufacturing sectors.


This company builds educational tools for students in the US and Canada.


An online dating platform for young people that focuses on their education and career. The company wants to normalize youth dating by making it easier and more attractive to have a career as well as a dating life.


A tool that helps people achieve their “unrealized potential,” with a focus on improving education.


An education startup that connects students with tutors and provides tutoring plans that are personalized for each student.


A startup building a mobile app that allows users to upload and share 3D models that can then be used for business, education, art, or other purposes.


A tool to help connect students with secondary education with students in a similar grade at a university. The startup helps with translation and registration, and says it has successfully helped one student find a roommate for her roommate’s apartment.


An enterprise software company that works with local governments and educations systems, pitching its product as “the one app for everything.”


A startup that brings the “higher education experience” to students by connecting them with tutors. Notable alumni include Sarah Lawrence College, Harvard, and the University of Michigan.


Sphere is a new approach to online education based on the idea that online education is too expensive for many students and doesn’t provide high enough quality instruction. Sphere offers a free, high-quality education to anyone in the world.


As an online continuing education course for lawyers, this startup is hoping to enable higher education for lawyers without charging tuition.


A tool for students to earn money and help people finance their education.


A platform that aims to improve the quality of data in health and education, by using AI and machine learning. A result is a platform that makes data “actionable” so it can be used to simulate outcomes and make predictions.


A company that used to provide computer science education in English before shifting to the Indian market and focusing on autodidactic AI education.


A tool for creating VR/AR apps, currently aimed at the education market.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of re-marketing in higher education recruiting by building a way to help schools replace the need for multiple applications.


An educational video platform that funds new educational videos through a non-profit membership model.


A startup that offers personalized workouts based on how your body moves during those activities. The startup’s first clients are in the health and fitness sector, but they hope to expand to other sectors like education or corporate wellness.


A startup for people to buy and sell products directly from their phones, and for sellers to receive payment via Venmo. The company is looking to expand into a marketplace with services like insurance and education.


A team that’s building a platform to publish and sell educational content for students in the US.


A web app that helps teachers organize their lessons, then share them with colleagues. The startup’s founders are veterans of the education sector and the product is meant to serve as a kind of “Google Docs for teachers.”


An education startup that teaches users how to interact with smart TVs in order to manage their Netflix, Amazon, and other videos.


A company that makes virtual reality experiences for medical training and education, and has already trained over 50,000 people on its platform.


A startup that’s expanding into the US health insurance and education markets by providing a platform for healthcare providers to manage their patient records.


The founder of Code.org, a nonprofit working to make computer science education more accessible, wants to create a foundation to encourage high school students to learn software and programming.


Last year, I wrote about how some of the most successful Y Combinator companies are focused on solving the problems of the modern worker, like home care, transportation, and education. The most successful YC companies are built on the idea that technology should be helping workers, not fighting them.


Idea: Online education platform for traditional Indian crafts and art


The startup wants to bring online education to developing countries. It’s currently building its first pilots in India and Nigeria, where it’s pitched as a way to bring education to places that aren’t well-off enough to attract students from elsewhere.


 A dating platform for men seeking women, with a heavy emphasis on education. The company has already raised $1.4M after announcing the startup in December, with investors including former CEO of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.


A global education platform for students, parents, and educators.


KVRP-FM is a radio station broadcasting at 88.1 MHz in San Marcos, Texas which airs an Adult Contemporary format. The station is owned by Educational Media Foundation.


An education startup that’s trying to improve the way math is taught in U.S. schools.


Idea: Global Cybersecurity Education Platform


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool for online tutoring, but its focus is on the digital-first approach it’s taking: the startup sees the future of education as a lot more digital, and so it’s building a teaching platform that works with students’ tablets and phones.


Idea: A music education startup that wants to provide teachers for music students in a Snapchat-like interface.


Idea: An education platform for coding. With an estimated 1.5 million job openings in the next 5 years, the founders say they’ve got an opportunity to help provide the next generation of developers with


Idea: A financial education platform that teaches users about credit cards and loans


An online marketplace for education. The company says it has $3m in annual recurring revenue.