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by @levelsio

Dry Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides a service where you can hire someone to come to your house and do laundry, cook meals, etc for you


A company that merges the concepts of an “Uber-for-laundry” with the features of a “Netflix-for-laundry”.


A startup that lets you schedule and pay for your dry cleaning, pick-up and delivery all through your phone's native phone app.


On-demand laundry, dry cleaning, and dry-cleaning pickup service designed to make urban living easier.


A company that’s building a social network for the $1.4 trillion dry cleaning industry


A startup that provides a service for people to run errands for others like picking up groceries, doing laundry and other tasks


A laundry service that takes care of the dirty work of picking up, sorting, and delivering dry cleaning and laundry.


A startup that makes a product to help women do laundry


A tool to enable employers to create and manage their podcasts. The company is taking a very dry subject and making it fun, like “How to be a great manager”


A startup that sells a device that measures the humidity in your home and helps you manage your dry air


A crowdfunding platform for artists and musicians looking to live off their art after record sales dry up.


A startup that aims to replace on-demand laundry services with in-home washing and cleaning.


A household product company that sells laundry detergent and other cleaning products.


A startup that provides a service where you pay $100/month and they will do all of your laundry and ironing


A startup that hires people to run errands for you, like getting groceries, taking out the trash, or picking up your dry cleaning


The company has a fleet of self-driving delivery vans that can deliver anything from groceries to dry cleaning to furniture. The startup has 100 drivers in its first city of Los Angeles and plans to expand to other cities in the US and abroad.


A laundry detergent that provides all the benefits of dry-cleaning, in a low-water, low-energy, biodegradable form.


It’s an on-demand laundry service


A startup that provides a directory of people in your area who are willing to do small tasks for you (IE: I pay $25 and you go get my laundry washed and cleaned at the dry cleaner)


A payment system for small businesses with physical locations, like a barbershop or a dry cleaner.


A startup that connects users with local businesses, so they can find services and goods to buy and use. It also generates revenue by helping consumers save money on things like groceries, dry cleaning, and layaway.


In the meantime, the company’s founders have named the ghost town of Dry Fork, North Carolina.


Eliminate the word “laundry” from your vocabulary.


A monthly subscription service for home laundry detergent that offers recommendations for how much to buy, when and how to use it. The startup has already sold more than $2 million in the past year from its first customers–with over 25,000 subscriptions.


A company making a “smart” dryer, with an internet-connected app that helps users set the temperature on their washing machine and adjust the duration of the dryer cycle.


A home care services startup that helps seniors living in their own homes with tasks like cleaning and laundry.


The Startup Grind Philly Meetup is a group of local entrepreneurs, investors, and other startup enthusiasts who regularly gather to talk about entrepreneurship, funding, and startups in Philadelphia. The event is organized by a variety of organizations including the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, The Foundry and the Philadelphia Technology Alliance.


An on-demand laundry service for residential, commercial and industrial clients, primarily in the UK.


The name of the service is taken from the Latin word “diaspora”, which means “dispersed” or “dissolved.” The company is building a platform for businesses to offer their customers a daily or weekly service, such as cleaning, cooking, or laundry.


The company is building a platform that allows customers to place orders for products like laundry detergent and laundry dryers without an account. They allow customers to sign up with their email address and save shipping information, and then they can order products at their convenience.


The company wants to create a crowdsourced set of office supplies, including note paper, highlighters, a notepad, a pens, a pen holder, a pencil sharpener, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a red pen, a whiteboard marker, a dry erase marker, a mini eraser, a phone stand, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business card holder, a clipboard, a sticky note pad, a notepad, a pen, a pencil, a highlighter, a pencil sharpener, a dry erase marker, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business card holder, a clipboard, a sticky note pad, a notepad, a pen, a pencil, a highlighter, a pencil sharpener, a dry erase marker, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business card holder, a clipboard, a sticky note pad, a notepad, a pen, a pencil, a highlighter, a pencil sharpener, a dry erase marker, a stapler, a paper clip, a paper clip holder, a USB, a business


Ordering dry cleaning on the phone, meeting delivery times, charging for lost items, and tracking returns.


A “true” concierge service where homeowners and renters can get help with things like groceries and dry cleaning


Tired of waiting for your toothpaste to dry PictureTec wants to eliminate that problem with a device that heats your toothpaste up to allow you to brush it out completely. The device has a small fan that heats up to just under boiling, which they say keeps the toothpaste from drying out too quickly.


A product for people with a laundry list of complaints about the finance industry


A startup for a service that will pick up your dry cleaning


Idea: A mobile app for keeping laundry and dry cleaning on schedule and paying bills


Idea: A startup that is building a platform to handle the logistics of overnights, with a focus on the hospitality industry. The startup currently has over 500 hotels as customers, and has processed over $2M worth of laundry.


A startup that provides a service where people can get help with anything from gardening to installing a washer/dryer