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Driving Startup Ideas

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This company wants to build a platform that automatically adjusts the rate that your car consumes fuel based on a variety of variables (driving conditions, time of day, weather, etc.)


A tool for coordinating a group’s shopping trip with a single destination by using an app to do the driving.


A smart electric car startup that is working on creating a platform that makes battery charging more efficient, using AI to actually learn from the owner’s driving habits.


A startup that finds and pays contractors, driving up their pay.


A consumer-facing platform that enables publishers to curate content for users with the goal of increasing interaction with content and driving more revenue for publishers.


A startup which wants to build a marketplace for car rentals, with the goal that driving will be more fun and less stressful.


A self-driving car platform for developers and auto manufacturers. The startup wants to make it easy for carmakers to integrate self-driving technology into their vehicles.


A tool for getting a lot of attention on social media, especially Twitter. It's basically a social media management app that helps you build a plan for driving lots of followers, likes, retweets, etc.


They want to build a self-driving, electric, solar-powered truck that can deliver goods by the hour.


A platform for self-driving car manufacturers to build their own maps and run their own fleets


Delivery service that promises to get an item to you after a certain interval, following a route that minimizes driving, and lets you pick up items from a store.


App that helps travelers find and book carpools. The startup is equipped with a whole suite of tools for drivers looking to share the driving costs with others in the car.


A startup that powers the internet of things by allowing any connected device to be programmable for voice control, whether that be a home security system or a self-driving car.


A startup that wants to get a person into the driver’s seat with a new way to track driving behavior using mobile phones. It’s a bit like the sorts of things that Sonar and others are building.


This startup is building a chatbot service for driving sales and messaging.


The company has a fleet of self-driving delivery vans that can deliver anything from groceries to dry cleaning to furniture. The startup has 100 drivers in its first city of Los Angeles and plans to expand to other cities in the US and abroad.


A company that wants to make self-driving cars into a commodity product. They want to offer the same experience to driverless cars that people use in cars today.


A platform that helps people “find and share the best deals” for everything from gym memberships to long-distance driving.


A startup focused on getting more people onto their “right-sized” compact cars, with a focus on the East Coast. The startup is focused on targeting Millennials who are interested in driving small cars but don’t want to spend a lot of money.


Young startup that’s building a self-driving, electric semi-truck. Traveling 80 miles on one charge, the truck is meant to be used for local deliveries.


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Ride-sharing for the elderly. The startup is working on a ride-sharing service for seniors, called Seniorly. The company is also in talks with the US Department of Transportation to develop a pilot program for a level of autonomous driving.


A self-driving Uber for trucking companies.


The company operates in a similar fashion to Uber, but instead of driving people around, it takes shoppers to retailers. Shoppers use the app to locate stores and their location, then use the app to walk into shops and purchase items.


Digital training for self-driving cars, with courses that teach people how to become better drivers.


A self-driving car startup that’s raised a $5.5 million Series A.


A blockchain-based platform for driving and sharing autonomous vehicles, akin to Uber and Lyft but for cars.


A “tech startup” which, in their words, “builds and operates a network of high-speed automated parking garages for self-driving vehicles.”


A company that provides vehicle and driver safety solutions. The startup helps people find insurance for their cars by matching them to their driving habits.


This startup is building a platform for location-based mobile advertising aimed at driving in-app purchases and attracting shoppers. The startup is currently focused on shopping malls in the US, but they have plans to expand to other verticals.


A self-driving, electric semi truck. The company says they’re trying to “make it a safer, cleaner way to transport goods”.


A tool for managing a company’s fleet of self-driving cars. The startup is building a system for letting a driver take control of a car during a traffic jam, or for when a driver wants to take a longer break.


This Israeli startup is building a self-driving vehicle that, unlike Uber's autonomous cars, is purely electric and doesn’t need a human driver at the wheel. The company is planning to launch a service in Tel Aviv in July.


This startup’s goal is to help hotels and other hospitality businesses save money by using the same technology that powers self-driving cars to know where their employees are, and be able to send them on a break.


A startup that wants to use AI to create bespoke, cost-effective car insurance policies based on an agent’s driving history


While the idea of a self-driving car might look like far-fetched science fiction, the reality is that the technology is already at work on the roads of the United States and Europe. However, it is still too expensive for consumers to access. The startup, which is still in stealth, is working to make the technology accessible at a consumer level.


A platform of the future for self-driving cars, with a marketplace that lets companies sell their services to automakers.


A new content marketing platform that helps businesses create and distribute content quickly, with the goal of driving more leads through its platform.


A YC company that makes a mobile app that detects when someone is texting while driving.


The company aims to build a digital platform for self-driving vehicles that will allow users to manage their vehicles through a mobile app using a dashboard-like interface.


A “machine-learning” startup that builds self-driving cars that can navigate in most environments and drive itself.


A company that sells a system for autonomous vehicles to detect traffic and road hazards. The company is also building a self-driving car platform called Drive.AI


A self-driving car startup that builds its own hardware, to create a platform for car manufacturers to build autonomous cars.


A startup that’s creating a digital concierge service for everyday tasks. The company hopes to expand into household services, driving their business model with the same $1 per month fee they charge for their concierge service.


Waze is a software company that builds autonomous driving systems. Waze partners with car manufacturers to produce autonomous driving systems for cars, buses, and trucks.


A company that will replace existing safety tools for self-driving cars, including collision avoidance systems, with a dashboard that overlays cameras, radar, lidar, and other sensors.


The startup is building a chat app aimed at social media influencers, driving better engagement on their social media channels.


A self-driving, electric vehicle startup. The startup is building an autonomous electric vehicle that can be used in public transit. The cars are currently in beta.


A self-driving electric bike that can be rented by the hour that launches in Q4 2019.


A machine learning platform for self-driving cars


The startup is building a platform for the gig economy, letting people earn money through online activities, like cleaning homes, or driving Uber. It’s currently focusing on Indonesia.


A startup that provides a service where people can hire someone to help them get their driver’s license (maybe they’re from out of state and don’t have one, or maybe they’ve had problems with bad driving and need help getting


Idea: A self-driving car company that aims to give its vehicles to auto manufacturers for use in fleet operations and shuttle services


Idea: An In-Car Companion App for Self-Driving Cars