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Driver Startup Ideas

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A platform for restaurants to offer delivery and delivery drivers to order delivery items.


This startup is building an app that lets drivers pay for parking in advance from inside the app.


A way to book a ride-share with a friendly driver to your exact location.


A startup that lets users anonymously rate their Uber drivers and drivers rate them.


A mobile app that pairs with a “machine-learning algorithm” to help drivers find the best routes to their destinations.


A startup for Uber drivers, offering them tools to make their job easier.


A startup that trains drivers for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft.


A startup that sends a text with the location of your delivery driver to your phone


A startup that hires and trains drivers to deliver groceries and other items within a 20-minute window.


A startup that promises to be the next Uber for the taxi industry. Instead of incentivizing drivers by paying them directly, they’ll pay the driver’s customer base.


 A platform for connecting ridesharing services along with their drivers. The startup is targeting the US market, but has already expanded into Europe.


A startup that’s building a platform for small businesses to find and book their delivery drivers for their groceries, for delivery.


A product that helps transport companies find and hire drivers, with a focus on the U.S. trucking market. The startup is marketed towards companies that already use a third-party recruitment or “driver matching” service.


An IoT startup that uses sensors and algorithms to predict when a vehicle is getting a flat tire, and then alerts the driver.


A company that wants to help drivers get inexpensive fuel and drivers’ education through its website and mobile app.


An insurance-focused startup that collects data from drivers using their Android phones and then uses the data to sell insurance to them. It’s an insurance company that doesn’t actually write the policies.


Spots on the map that help you find the closest ride to your destination. The startup wants to make it easier for drivers to find the best ride deal by letting them mark where they want to be picked up and dropping off.


App that helps travelers find and book carpools. The startup is equipped with a whole suite of tools for drivers looking to share the driving costs with others in the car.


A B2B startup that helps companies like Uber and Lyft figure out how to best use their driver fleets.


A startup that helps to ensure that you’re not being cheated by local taxi drivers. The startup offers a database of pre-vetted taxi drivers, helping to ensure that you’re taken to the right place, and not taken to a dodgy place.


A company that pairs with local taxi drivers to make group rides more affordable.


A startup that aims to bring on-demand services like Uber to the B2B travel sector with a new service called Travia that will allow travel managers to hire drivers for their clients on-demand.


A system to help people get their driver’s license in 15 minutes


A startup that offers a mobile app that helps people schedule a ride with a licensed driver through the Uber app.


A smart parking meter that allows drivers to pay for parking by the hour.


A startup for rideshare drivers.


A navigation app for drivers that uses data from real-time feed from traffic cameras to give you turn-by-turn directions.


A startup that wants to get a person into the driver’s seat with a new way to track driving behavior using mobile phones. It’s a bit like the sorts of things that Sonar and others are building.


A company that wants to make self-driving cars into a commodity product. They want to offer the same experience to driverless cars that people use in cars today.


A platform for managing and operating autonomous vehicles without the need for a driver to be on board.


A car insurance company that helps drivers who are blind or visually impaired


A digital “wallet” for rideshare drivers (that’s UberX, Lyft, etc.) to pay expenses like deductibles, gas and maintenance. The digital wallet eventually will allow drivers to take rides anywhere and pay their expenses without having to have cash on hand.


The company has a fleet of self-driving delivery vans that can deliver anything from groceries to dry cleaning to furniture. The startup has 100 drivers in its first city of Los Angeles and plans to expand to other cities in the US and abroad.


A parking app that matches drivers with parking spaces based on availability, demand, and proximity to events. In this case, it’s a pop-up that shows up in the app when there’s a space available, whether that be in a lot or garage.


The CEO of this startup started out as a professional taxi driver and quickly realized that there was no way for him to know how to maximize his taxi revenue. He set out to solve the problem and came up with a solution. As a result, he says, “I’m making a lot more money than the taxi drivers in Bangkok, and they’re never going to tell me how to make more money.”


This startup is building a service that helps match strangers in cities to rent cars. Drivers can use the startup’s platform to find, secure, and book a car, and then get paid on the spot.


It’s an app that recruits drivers and cooks. The startup is looking to build a rideshare business on the back of its app.


Digital training for self-driving cars, with courses that teach people how to become better drivers.


A new app that helps drivers find nearby parking spaces, navigate parking garages, and pay for their parking through their phone.


The “Uber for Taxi” ridesharing service has a million drivers in India. UberGo gives them a way to turn their cars into cabs.


An AI that helps people find a good Uber or Lyft driver.


This startup wants to turn the monthly headache of renewing your driver’s license into a web-based process.


A company that provides vehicle and driver safety solutions. The startup helps people find insurance for their cars by matching them to their driving habits.


This startup’s utility is powered by the sharing economy. The app allows people to connect with local drivers and couriers to take care of what can be a labor-intensive activity, like moving a couch to a new apartment or delivering art to a new home.


A mobile app that allows users to report and receive ride-hailing pickups in real time, and to track the progress of drivers as they carry out both scheduled and unscheduled pickups.


A platform for on-demand valet parking. The startup provides in-car valet parking services for thousands of drivers in San Francisco.


A platform that allows drivers to earn money by sharing their knowledge of different cities.


An online platform for sharing and selling small tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and other DIY goods. The company’s founders say they want to make it easy for people to find and sell their tools, and the startup is planning to add more categories and tools in the future.


A startup that lets people book rideshare services, place trips, and get suggestions from the app. It’s already working with over 5,000 drivers.


A mobility platform that connects businesses with the right tools to make it easier for drivers to earn income by delivering packages and other items. The startup’s co-founder, Alex Boussard, says they’ve already seen interest from a number of major companies and has even managed to raise a few million dollars in funding.


This Israeli startup is building a self-driving vehicle that, unlike Uber's autonomous cars, is purely electric and doesn’t need a human driver at the wheel. The company is planning to launch a service in Tel Aviv in July.


A parking app that uses remote parking sensors to find available parking for drivers.


A tool for managing a company’s fleet of self-driving cars. The startup is building a system for letting a driver take control of a car during a traffic jam, or for when a driver wants to take a longer break.


“The last mile” of ride-hailing apps is the last mile to a person’s home. The startup wants to build an app that helps people find a driver to take them home.


A mobile app that tracks the mileage a person drives on their car, for use in calculating miles per gallon taxes. The startup has signed up more than 300,000 drivers, and has just begun rolling out to more drivers in the UK.


A Chicago-based startup that wants to make parking a breeze using an app that allows drivers to pay for parking via their phone.


A startup that is building a mobile app to help drivers avoid parking tickets. They’re also looking to partner with local governments.


A platform that helps pay for and schedule a ride with a driver in minutes. The startup has raised $200,000 and has 2 employees.


A company that aims to make the process of paying for parking more efficient, by allowing drivers to pay for parking on-the-go.


A shared vehicle rental service where drivers can split the cost of a ride.


A tool for finding and hiring professional drivers. The idea is to give customers access to a marketplace where they can find drivers and vice versa.


A “street level” mobile app that helps users select a local driver to take them to their destination, and pay for the trip via the app.


The company targets the unlicensed, unregistered, and uninsured driver market in the US.


A ridesharing app that will pair people with drivers who have a car that can fit the rider’s luggage. The startup wants to make it easier for people to visit the city on vacation.


A program for giving tips to Uber drivers. It’s a mobile phone app that facilitates the sharing of tips and information with drivers.


A B2B service for transportation management, which helps clients book transportation, manage supplies, coordinate with drivers, and track data.


A company that helps restaurants, cafes and other foodservice entities track social media and driver reviews, and use those to increase sales.


A startup that lets people ask Uber to have their drivers arrive at all kinds of remote locations, including airports, stadiums, and parks.


A platform for booking a ride-share with Uber or Lyft. It is a competitor to UberRush, a company founded by former Uber and Lyft employees that allows ridesharing users to book a ride from a driver without a credit card.


A startup that has built an automated rail system focused on the trucking industry. The rail system is connected to the trucking fleet, allowing drivers to scale back to a more leisurely pace and still maintain a safe route.


A video game that teaches how to drive a car. Players control a virtual car and drive around a course, following the rules of the road, and avoiding obstacles such as other cars and pedestrians. The game is meant for the very beginning of novice drivers, teaching them to drive without the risk of crashing.


A platform for the sharing economy. The startup’s idea is to “unlock” the sharing economy by making the legal process simple for drivers and allowing them to charge hourly for their services.


A software that uses a data-driven approach to help identify potential drivers of consumer sentiment.


A startup that lets companies receive real-time feedback on their customer service. The founders say that customer feedback is the number one driver of company growth.


A platform that automates the process of getting a temporary license for a new driver in a foreign country. It’s a temporary insurance that helps new drivers who sometimes don’t have a valid license.


The startup is building a platform that tracks a driver’s career, optimizing the way companies hire and manage their drivers.


A startup called Ava is the first to offer a solution to the “last mile problem” in ride-sharing. It’s a payment system that allows riders to send money to driver partners via Venmo.


A startup that wants to be the Airbnb of car rental with an app that matches drivers to riders with specific car requirements. The business gives drivers a way to earn extra income without having to own a car.


A London-based startup that wants to sell a service that helps auto-rickshaw drivers get paid for their rides.


A web-based app that allows truckers to both hire and manage their drivers remotely. The company is also working on an app for drivers to manage their trucks remotely, and to improve safety in their trucks.


A startup that helps truck drivers manage the products they’re carrying, getting products loaded and unloaded correctly.


A platform for drivers to find customers via chat. Currently operating in New York City.


A mobile app that connects restaurants with nearby drivers, who can pick up and drop off diners on their way home.


A ride-sharing service that uses algorithms to match drivers with customers, as an alternative to the taxi companies that dominate the market. The drivers are paid when they’re matched with customers with a ride, and the startup is profitable.


A way to find and book your Uber driver faster than ever.


 A smartphone app that allows you to leave a tip for your Uber driver at the end of a ride.


A startup that wants to help people get a driver’s license from their phone, which can be used as a form of identification.


A company that helps companies like Uber and Lyft to gain access to a large number of drivers for


A startup for on-demand drivers that allow them to find customers and get paid quickly.


A solution for the “on-demand economy”, giving users the ability to book drivers through their phone. Users can book drivers through the app or through an API.


A connected car service that uses data from the car for the driver and the device for the company. It uses the data to create personalized recommendations and “intelligent insights”. It currently has over 3,000 cars on its platform.


A utility token for the global ride-sharing and car-sharing sector. The startup wants to bring a new level of transparency and collaboration to the industry, by creating a platform for drivers and riders to manage all their accounts on one platform.


A startup that wants to create an Uber for the enterprise, connecting businesses with drivers who want to make extra income on their own time.


This app allows you to rent a car from other drivers in your area, without having to do business with traditional car rental companies. The app operates on a peer-to-peer business model.


A startup that allows people to request a ride with a driver, and then pay for it with a single tap of their phone.


A platform for recruiting drivers. The startup claims to have reduced turnover and increased productivity by 30 percent.


A company that connects riders with drivers for ridesharing and carpools.


Becoming a New York City taxi driver is a good way to make good money, but only if you have a clean record. The startup, which has a number of New York City employees, wants to make the process of getting a taxi license more efficient, and safer. They’ve gotten a lot of traction in New York City, and have promised a monthly income of $1,000.


The startup behind a new parking app that uses a “floating fee” to charge drivers for the time they spend looking for parking.


 A startup aiming to compete with Uber drivers by letting the public order rides the same way they order food.


A startup founded by former Uber employees to help Uber drivers connect with riders through a network of private messaging


A web app that allows you to pay a delivery person with a credit card or a mobile app that lets you tap a picture of a receipt and pay the driver directly.


The founders of this toolset are building an app that lets drivers find gas stations in their area.


A social network for drivers. It’s meant to help drivers find new and interesting drivers to carpool with.


This is a SMS service that’s used to hire on-demand delivery drivers. The startup is working to make payments and routing as seamless as possible.


A platform for organizing and tracking group rides. The company is also working on its own app, but it’s working on turning volunteers into drivers to spur growth.


A visual dashboard for Uber's drivers, letting them see how many hours they've driven, what they've driven, and what they were paid.


 The startup aims to disrupt the Ubers and Lyfts of the world by creating an app that allows rideshare drivers to make money by making their own deliveries.


This startup wants to help restaurants with their delivery needs by creating a system that uses an app to manage and organize delivery drivers.


A company that takes on the role of the “Google of the trucking industry,” iCars is building an app that will allow truck drivers to make payments, track their expenses, and connect with others like them.


This is a carpooling service for drivers looking to save money on gas and time. It’s also a way for drivers to find fares for ride-share services like Uber and Lyft, as long as they’re willing to take a longer drive.


A startup that sells a tool to help someone prepare for the Spanish or French exam required to get a driver’s license


A startup that provides a service where people can hire someone to help them get their driver’s license (maybe they’re from out of state and don’t have one, or maybe they’ve had problems with bad driving and need help getting


Idea: This is a mobile app that makes it easy to get a ride using your smartphone Riders can also use the app to manage their ride, directly with the driver, without speaking to a dispatcher It’s currently available in the Bay Area, with free rides during the trial period


Idea: A tool that helps you develop “driverless” presentations for business


Idea: A company that connects car mechanics and drivers to make repairs easier


Idea: This startup is making a wearable device to help train new drivers The device plugs into a car’s OBD-II port and tracks various metrics like steering speed and braking force


Idea: A software company that’s building a consumer-facing interface for the up-and-coming world of automated vehicles The company is meant to help people understand how to interact with driverless cars


Idea: A market for people who want to rent their vehicles to others for a few hours or the day The company has grown to 15,000 drivers in the Boston area They’re aiming to be a trusted marketplace that makes it easier to rent cars, and more profitable for their drivers


Idea: A mobile app that will help truck drivers save money on gas, with a companion physical device that trucks can plug into and get gas price recommendations


Idea: Building a platform for the logistics industry to manage their fleets and drivers.


A startup that provides affordable vehicle insurance to people under 25. The startup wants to become the go-to resource for young drivers and disrupt the current auto insurance industry which targets only the high-risk demographic.


A startup that helps people find services for hiring ride-sharing drivers