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Driven Startup Ideas

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A data-driven tool that helps companies build better websites by looking at the user journeys they’re taking across the internet.


A startup that is building a consumer-facing app that’s essentially a data-driven diary. The startup wants to help people understand what they’re eating, how much they’re exercising, etc.


A platform for the creation of community-driven training videos.


Merkle is an AI-driven search engine that helps you find the best way to spend your money based on the things you’ve bought in the past. They’re based on a “Netflix for shopping” approach.


An online marketplace for the sale of used bikes and other goods. It’s also a user driven marketplace where users can connect with sellers.


A tool for building, hosting, and connecting with data-driven digital products


A startup making data-driven, machine-learning-driven, and AI-driven messaging tools for SaaS companies. It’s unclear what they will be selling to SaaS companies.


A company that creates AI-driven widgets for SMS. The startup’s CTO called out the company’s AI as a “turnkey solution” for businesses to send messages from a single point.


This startup has created an out of office messaging app that lets you send all of your team members an email with a message and a URL to a video recording that you’ve made. The app is all about helping small teams manage their in-person workflow and avoid technology-driven distractions.


A company building a platform to enable "goodwill-driven" giving by connecting donors to nonprofits


A company that offers data-driven marketing automation to B2B companies.


A platform for running and publishing community-driven events, such as hackathons and meetups.


A VC-backed startup that’s building a car that can be driven by people with limited mobility.


An AI-driven platform that comes with a team of data scientists, software engineers, and designers, and which wants to help companies find talent in India.


A system for managing and tracking IT systems for distributed teams, using an event-driven approach.


This startup is building a better way to find local services. The company is taking a data-driven approach to finding services for residents in a given city and helping them find what they are looking for.


A “mobile-first” market research app that helps companies make more data-driven decisions.


PowerMeter is a smart meter data company. They want to provide “a data-driven mobile application for consumers and businesses that uses data from the smart meters to provide insights about power consumption, cost savings, and energy savings on a monthly and annual basis.”


A gaming platform that connects developers and gamers. It’s a community-driven platform that connects gamers to developers.


A startup that is building an AI-driven customer service platform that automates phone support for tens of thousands of its customers.


A free, open-source and community-driven email client built on the Electron framework.


A platform that helps cities manage their parking data, allowing cities to make data-driven parking policies.


A data-driven research and reporting platform for companies to help them do in-depth research. The company is building for both business use and academia, with a focus on the latter.


Does marketing automation for Indian startups with product-market fit, using a data-driven approach to help them optimize their marketing.


An AI-driven coaching platform helping companies hire the right people for the right job.


A student-driven airline that’s been in operation for less than a month. Its founders are trying to get the airline off the ground by asking students to fund the startup, but now they’re asking for $25,000 to accelerate growth.


An AI-driven (no more than 20 people) enterprise software company that is using “human intelligence” to predict and prevent customer churn.


An API-driven platform for companies to send invoices, track customers, and also for small businesses to ship online.


This startup is building an AI-driven platform for finding freelance contractors, similar to Upwork or Freelancer. The startup has raised $4 million and is based in the UK.


A startup that helps businesses better understand their data and make data-driven decisions. The startup is building a platform for businesses to aggregate, visualize, and visualize their data.


A loyalty app driven by a points system. Loyalty points can be earned and redeemed at over 3,000 retailers including Target, Best Buy, and Whole Foods. The startup says they are adding new retailers every week.


A platform for carpooling driven by carpool apps like Lyft.


This startup is building an encrypted, decentralized, and community-driven marketplace for buying and selling drugs.


A data-driven B2B platform that helps companies manage their contracts and contracts management.


A startup that offers data-driven insights into the performance of a restaurant’s kitchen team.


A venture-backed, data-driven performance marketing company that helps companies find out what people are talking about, what they’re talking to each other about, and what people are saying about their brands.


A member-driven credit union that allows members to invest their money in peer-to-peer lending. The startup raised an $8 million round in April 2019, and plans to roll out to the UK and Germany in 2020, as well as other countries.


A tech company focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs increase retention of new hires through a data-driven approach.


A data-driven company that makes a program that helps people pay their utility bills every month. The startup is focused on helping customers keep their utility bills at a minimum.


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to create a set of data driven, predictive models that can be used to predict possible customer behavior.


A chatbot to help people learn on the fly about deep learning, AI, and AI-driven technology.


A self-driven car service for people who want to be driven around


A utility that allows you to control your home appliances remotely and with an app. The company wants to use the same tech to let you control your car like you do your computer, so you can remotely lock and unlock your car (like BMW’s ConnectedDrive feature) or even get notifications when it’s being driven.


A platform for data-driven advertising


A data-driven way to price insurance.


A recruiting platform for tech-related positions, which they say is “designed for professionals with a track record of building technology-driven products”.


A data-driven platform for B2B businesses looking to make smarter hiring decisions. The company says they have over 10,000 customers, including YC partner Stripe.


A way to track every action you take on your phone — from every app, to every game, to every message you send — and turn it into a data-driven game engine that lets you play games without the need for a giant library of content.


This startup is working to ensure that your home insurance policy covers home repair, and will alert you if you’re not getting the protection you need. They’re already in the process of introducing a data-driven product to the US market.


A startup that offers a distributed human-powered AI that can help organizations build AI-driven chatbots.


A startup that’s working to help companies with their data-driven decision-making. They are building a product that empowers teams to make data-driven decisions and automate the process.


An AI-driven investing app that uses algorithms to invest across stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.


A company that provides data-driven marketing for small and medium sized businesses.


A software that uses a data-driven approach to help identify potential drivers of consumer sentiment.


A B2B company that allows banks to choose between an AI/ML-driven platform and a human-driven platform for OCR, fraud detection, and other similar tasks.


A specialized car that can be driven while you sleep


A data-driven software platform for in-house property management. The company plans to charge customers monthly for the success of their properties, with a goal of building a multi-million dollar business.


A data-driven platform that helps brands find new customers on Instagram. Each week, it finds tens of thousands of new customers that are likely to buy based on data such as recent activity and location.


Seems like the startup is building a lightweight, stylus-driven browser that looks like Chrome, but is actually built from scratch. The company is looking to make it a more natural way to interact with your phone’s browser, and create a more “personal” experience.


An API marketplace for scheduling and booking workers. It’s an API-driven marketplace for arranging for human labor.


The engineers behind this startup are using a “data-driven” approach to build a better email marketing platform. The company’s CEO says that email marketing is better than ever.


An AI-driven tool for helping banks detect fraud and other financial crimes, and for the public sector to visualize and understand their finances and data.


The startup is building an AI-driven customer service product for online retailers.


is a startup that uses an AI-driven search engine to find freelance gigs. is currently being built as a per-project app that pays 40% of each job’s total bill.


Idea: Data-driven process to help people use all of their vacation time


Idea: Data-driven software for prosecutors and public defenders that aims to reduce incarceration and recidivism


Idea: An ML-driven job candidate ranking platform


Idea: A “data-driven” solution to help e-commerce companies sell more goods online The startup wants to help them make more informed decisions about what products to sell


Idea: A programmatic way to hire people on-demand, with data-driven validity checks


Idea: An AI-driven tool for filtering resumes for tech and engineering jobs


Idea: A customizable, machine learning-driven planning engine for autonomous vehicles


Idea: A startup that wants to bring data-driven insights to the human resources world.


Idea: A data-driven chatbot for hiring and managing remote workers and contractors. It’s built for managing teams of freelancers.


Idea: A SaaS business that wants to help companies create and publish data-driven web content. The startup wants to make it easier and more efficient for companies to publish content on the web.


Idea: A startup that collects different data sources and makes them intelligible, allowing people to make data-driven decisions.


Idea: A startup building a data-driven tool for portfolio management for investors. The software mines a portfolio for things like tax losses and areas for growth in order to help investors make better decisions with their investments.


Idea: A data-driven advisory service for venture capitalists


A community-driven platform for sharing product usage data.