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by @levelsio

Door Startup Ideas

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A "smart home monitoring" startup focused on energy efficiency. It's currently in a pre-launch stage, with a device that allows users to remotely turn off lights and lock doors with a smartphone, and the company says it has acquired $2.4 million in seed funding


A monthly subscription service that sends home delivery and grocery shopping to your doorstep.


A hybrid of a car and a bike that can be unlocked with a smartphone app. It’s aimed at people who don’t want to own a car and are willing to go outdoors for errands.


A startup for professionals to sell their expertise, such as fixing your computer, building your app, opening your car door, or giving you a pedicure.


A small, family-owned business that sells and installs windows and doors. The business doesn’t have a website, so they’re counting on this campaign to help them grow their business.


A food delivery service that promises to deliver food to your door in under 30 minutes.


A $12-per-month service that brings an emergency food box to your doorstep. The startup has already helped more than 300 people, and partners with a network of food pantries.


A smart doorbell that can notify you when there’s a delivery.


A physical token that can be used to unlock any door in the world


A technology that helps retailers track customer activity from the moment a customer opens the door to the moment they leave.


This is an outdoor camping stove that can cook in cold weather.


A platform for people to sell their old belongings on Craigslist. The startup wants to take the pain out of selling your things while also guaranteeing that they’ll show up at your doorstep.


A startup with a built-in revenue model selling an outdoor jacket with built


A food delivery service that will allow its customers to order their own vegetables, rice, and protein and have it delivered directly to their door.


A company that helps restaurants deliver delivery right to customers’ doorsteps. The founders say they have over 200 restaurants, including Shake Shack, that they’re working with


A startup that provides a service where people can order a box of pre-selected items for their doorstep


A platform that allows customers to buy a specific film or lens and have it shipped directly to their door.


A startup that lets you order a batch of custom-made grilled cheese or pizza from 24 different restaurants, and have them delivered to your door. The startup is still in the R&D phase, but hopes to launch the service early next year.


A startup that wants to provide on-demand errands to local residents. The startup wants to compete against services like DoorDash and Postmates.


A "grocery delivery and store-of-value" app, allowing users to order groceries, have them delivered to their door, and then sell them for a profit.


A company that makes smart front door locks that can be controlled remotely. The lock can be unlocked from a smartphone app, or from a website.


A ‘Book of the Month’ subscription service that promises to send a book to your door with the month you sign up for. It’s currently in the UK and Ireland, with Australia and New Zealand plans for 2020.


This software startup is building a tool that will help users manage their beauty orders and have them shipped to their door within a few days.


Blockchain hardware for smart homes. The company wants to build a $200 smart lock that would allow owners to automate their home with blockchain tech that would allow them to unlock the door remotely.


A startup that sells a “customizable, open-source video doorbell”.


This startup is building a smart door lock that learns to open itself based on who’s trying to enter.


A home security system for renters, allowing them to lock and unlock doors on their own and record video.


A start-up that builds small devices for the home to measure temperature, humidity, and other factors. The company is also developing an indoor location service.


A startup that makes deliveries like Amazon that come to your door via a private fleet of cars. GetGo is currently in San Francisco.


A company that connects stores’ cashiers with our grocery delivery apps. Express Grocer lets customers order groceries from a local store and have them delivered to their door step.


A home security startup that monitors in-home security cameras and allows customers to turn on their lights or lock their doors remotely. The startup, which has raised a $750k seed round from a variety of investors, is already working with a dozen customers.


This app is designed for people with mobility issues to schedule and manage their indoor activities. The startup wants to bring technology to a new market of people with mobility issues.


A platform that helps customers pay for services from companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash through a single checkout page.


A company that makes the world’s first smart fabric for outdoor clothes.


A retail solution that allows customers to order groceries from a variety of retailers and have their goods delivered to their doorsteps within a few hours. In the first year of operations they had 10,000 customers and raised $1 million in seed funding.


A home security platform that uses facial recognition to let users see who is at the door, even when the doorbell isn’t ringing.


A company that sells ‘smart’ access cards for venues/events, allowing guests to swipe their cards, turn on an app, and receive push notifications of things like door status and food and drink orders.


A company that is creating “smart doorbells” that can help you know when people are around your house and send them text messages.


 A maker of waterproof backpacks for the outdoors, a market that’s worth $1.2 billion and growing.


A block of code that can unlock any door.


A web and mobile app for restaurants, allowing them to manage their kitchen operations from anywhere in the world. The startup also works with the restaurant delivery companies Postmates and DoorDash.


A company that provides indoor voice commands for Amazon Echo or Echo Dot in the home, including turning on and off lights, opening doors, and playing music.


This startup is working on a new type of door handle, called a “keg handle,” that turns any door handle into a beer tap.


A company that allows customers to order groceries online, picking up their groceries and then dropping them off at their doorstep.


A way to get food delivered from the market to your doorstep. Founder Josh Wilson says he’s already signed a deal with a local deli to deliver.


A startup that helps people who don’t want to leave their house and travel to a remote server to control their home. For instance, they can open their front door, see if their dog is barking, and see how far away it is from their neighbor’s home.


An idea that lets the consumers to subscribe for some services and then receive it at their doorstep.


A food delivery app for restaurants and food trucks, with the goal of helping them cut down on wasted food by bringing it right to the front door.


Opendoor works with home and business owners and helps them sell their house, and then helps them buy a new one.


A utility for "smart" homes from the makers of Nest, Dropcam and Honeywell. Eko is a new company that aims to bring more automation to everything from thermostats to security cameras. The company started with a thermostat that can be programmed through an app and communicate with a connected garage door, but it’s now also trying to develop a home security system that will stop someone by recognizing their face and sending a message to their phone.


Cybersecurity startup. A hacker could turn off the security controls on a machine, causing it to create a backdoor for someone else to use.


A digital platform for the organic food industry to sell directly to customers, with its current focus on e-commerce fulfillment. The founders envision a future where they can send one of the world’s most trusted brands of food directly to your doorstep.


Idea: A home security system that leverages a camera that’s focused on the door to see when someone is coming in.


Idea: This is a startup that makes a “smart” doorbell. It has a camera, a microphone, and a speaker. Users can talk to delivery and service providers through the doorbell, and the device can be used to monitor and intervene in domestic abuse cases.


A startup that lets you order prescription drugs online and have them delivered to your door


Idea: Delivery of groceries to your door


Idea: Grow food indoors using smartphone apps


Idea: A startup for “last-mile delivery” to help customers get packages from warehouses to their door The startup has been live for a few months and has $6,000 in revenue per month


Idea: Overlaps with Postmates, Instacart, and DoorDash — a delivery app for small businesses.


Idea: A home security company that is turning your door into a touchscreen