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Doing Startup Ideas

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A startup that lets employers access their employees’ social media profiles to see what they’re doing at work.


A startup that tracks how often your employees are socializing and drinking, to monitor if they’re overdoing it. Based in San Francisco.


A rewards platform that lets people earn points for doing things with their phones, like taking a photo, following accounts and businesses, and more. Bunch can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or travel.


A startup that creates a platform for people to get together and work out by doing things like hiking, biking, etc


This is a company that wants to build an artificial intelligence chatbot that can check in with your company or your clients regularly to make sure they’re doing OK.


A chatbot that gives real-time insight into what users are doing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and helps them avoid the most toxic content.


A visual way to understand what your network of friends and contacts are doing, which the startup says will eventually include things like board games, sports, and other group activities.


A company focused on doing the same thing as Freshbooks, but for freelancers.


A new way of doing customer service that can cut costs.


A way to help human resources departments get a better picture of how workers are doing and whether they are happy in their jobs. The startup is looking to help HR departments with new tools to reduce turnover and better focus on employee retention.


A company that wants to help companies find their best employees by showing them what they’re doing wrong and how they can fix it.


A startup that lets you monitor what the weather is doing at any time, including real-time forecasts for specific locations. They are building a tool that can give you a heads-up on what the weather will be like when you next leave the house.


A startup that builds an app that helps people with ADHD filter out distractions at work and focus on what they need to be doing.


A startup that provides a service for people to run errands for others like picking up groceries, doing laundry and other tasks


This startup is building proprietary algorithms to help companies give their customers a deeper sense of what they’re doing for them.


A system that helps connect people across the world who are interested in doing freelance work, such as writing, editing, and design. The startup was founded in March and is looking to raise seed funding.


This is a new kind of tool that lets people create and edit videos together, and helps them collaborate on what they’re doing.


There are also a handful of open source startups doing interesting things:


A new way of doing customer service that’s designed to be more personal and efficient than the call center model.


Workers at companies like Google and Apple can get paid to do their job. The startup, which was founded in April, wants to make work day-to-day easier by integrating those jobs into payroll and HR, letting people switch jobs and be paid for the work they’re doing.


A tool that helps you organise and share what you’re doing.


A platform for creative agencies to aggregate and manage data on their clients, and for the clients to see how their creative is doing.


A tool for managing your finances in a single place. The startup wants to help people take care of their money, and also wants to help people manage their money, as many people are not doing so.


A company that helps software engineers gather data from the Internet of Things and bring it in a common format, allowing them to better understand what their end-users are doing.


A startup that simplifies the process of selling online, allowing anyone to list items on multiple shopping sites. The idea is that doing so is more cost-efficient than having to curate items individually on each.


A company that helps companies provide more services in-house. The startup helps companies go from outsourcing certain tasks to doing them in-house.


A tool to help employees track, prioritize, and keep track of their progress at work, and track their performance with a visual dashboard. The startup aims to “help make the invisible visible” by keeping track of what employees are doing, who they are doing it for, and how they are doing it.


A company that wants to help people get paid more for doing things they already do. You’re already writing emails on your phone, so you should get paid for that.


This startup is making lifestyle capture devices that help people remember what they’re doing and where they’ve been at all times. It’s like a Fitbit and a Misfit combined.


A mobile app that helps people find their friends and family in a community, and you can share what you’re doing with them in real time, without sharing everything.


create a tool for hiring managers to create hiring goals for their team, and then track those goals to see how they’re doing.


A digital health startup working with the health insurance industry. They’ve been doing R&D in Canada for a year and have a healthy $1.4 million seed round.


An instant messaging app that helps you figure out who is online, what they’re doing, and when they’re doing it.


A startup that sells a service for doing an initial audit of a company’s finances to help them get on track


A tool for doing data science on a continuous basis, allowing companies to pull real-time data rather than waiting for an annual report or project to happen.


A platform for video-game developers to track what their players are doing and monitor their progress.


A startup that helps startups in the US save money when they need to send a large amount of product to consumers, which they say they’re currently doing by renting a truck to which they attach a giant cooler.


A startup for freelance designers, meant to help them find work, keep track of their clients and spend less time doing administrative tasks.


We've had plenty of success with travel apps that make it easier to find flights and hotels. Now with Spring, we're doing the same for car rental.


A startup that combines real estate investment with hotel management, with the goal of investing in hotels that aren’t doing well.


A platform for the self-employed that automates their payroll process, so they can spend more time doing what they love. It’s a great story about how an app is designed to solve an employee’s problem, but can also be built with their customers in mind.


A SaaS platform that takes the pain out of doing things like setting up a blog, managing a mailing list, and publishing content online.


A startup that helps programmers write beautiful code, built on the fact that we’re all just doing the best we can with the tools we have and doesn’t expect its users to be professional programmers with developer-level command of the language it’s written in.


A blockchain-based system for doing business in China — including a way to do digital currency conversions.


An HR platform for startups and solo founders, offering a way to track progress on team building goals, and check in on how everyone is doing day-to-day.


A startup that’s helping dental offices reduce costs and improve patient experience by adding a 3D tool that lets dentists see what they’re doing in real-time.


A building-management software for rental units that tracks who has access and what they’re doing in the property.


A customer service app that helps you manage your customer service cases and provides real-time updates on how your customer is doing.


A startup that used to be about doing silly things and now is about investing.


This startup is building a social network for doctors and patients to share experiences and track how a patient is doing on a particular ailment.


“A product discovery platform for product teams”. It’s essentially like a resume manager that lets you see what your peers are doing in other companies, and gauge how you stack up against them.


Want to find out how your friends are doing Lookalike is a tool that can tell you how many shares someone has on Facebook, how many times they’ve posted, and the likelihood that they’ll post again.


A tool that helps businesses track their social media posts to see how they’re doing.


This startup wants to connect investors to early-stage startups. They’re currently doing a soft launch in San Francisco.


While all of these startups are doing great things, are they actually doing anything


A platform that lets you create and manage bids for your project's bids for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.


A tool that helps you manage your restaurant right on your phone. The startup is currently doing a seed round with $1 million.


A company that helps people make the most of the time they spend in transit: the company’s “smart luggage” tracks where you are and what you are doing.


Everyone is doing it: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, then you have Home Depot and Lowe’s. But Meijer, a Midwest-based retailer that operates grocery stores and a number of other retail chains. Meijer is looking to use the e-commerce trend to stay ahead of its rivals and has begun selling products that haven’t been available in stores in the past, like wine and cheese.


A company doing what many startups are doing: automate their admin tasks and help them spend time on what makes them money.


A platform for homes where homeowners can share tools and services, and get paid for doing so, similar to AirBnB.


This company is building a platform for remote employees to share their screen and have feedback on how they’re doing.


A platform that automates the process of doing social media advertising. It uses AI to match ads to consumers based on their interests on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


An adtech startup that targets ads to users based on what they’re doing on the web. They’re currently focused on mobile apps and are looking to expand to other platforms.


A Hong Kong-based startup that is doing a joint venture in China with a Chinese partner. The two companies will work together to build a consumer product in China, and then later in Hong Kong.


A micro-job platform where people can earn a few dollars an hour doing a task for a company that already has a full-time employee doing that same task. The idea is that someone can have a few hours of work on Mechanical Turk each day already, and that’s the entirety of their work week.


A software company that helps insurers create reports on how they’re doing financially


A startup that wants to help companies track new hires in order to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.


A mobile and web-based intelligence platform for financial advisors and those doing financial planning.


A platform for meal-kit delivery designed to eliminate the “kitchen limbo” where people lose track of how much is left in the fridge and need to go buy more. It streamlines the process of sending the meal components to the client, then doing the cooking for the client and keeping track of when it needs to be delivered.


A startup that helps companies automate security. After logging into their system, users can create “scripts” that connect to their systems and tell them what they should be doing to keep them secure.


A B2B service that’s been in beta for over a year that helps restaurants manage their finances. The service helps restaurants manage their business from a single location and get a better sense of how they’re doing and where their money's going. The company was founded in 2013 and is profitable and growing.


A company that helps teams manage the accounting, invoicing, and other aspects of their work. Operating in the non-profit sector, the startup is helping them get organized so they can spend less time managing accounts and more time doing their work.


A physical hardware system that helps people remember what they’re supposed to be doing at work.


A startup that will allow you to “track your position in the world of work” by allowing you to track how you’re doing in your job search.


A startup that lets anyone—including home-based workers—get paid for their time doing simple tasks.


A startup that helps employees manage their medical benefits, offering both the ability to manage the entire process at their fingertips and an automated process that could save employers up to 70% of the cost of doing it themselves.


An AI-based tool to help recruiters and HR teams find and track “talent”. Think of it like a LinkedIn for people to apply for jobs, but completely different in that the company that provides the platform is doing the screening and interviewing for them.


A tool that helps developers by allowing them to see exactly where their users are coming from and what they’re doing on their site.


A company that lets businesses forecast demand for their products. They’re currently doing predictive maintenance for industrial equipment.


A startup that helps small business owners in the US get loans, doing so without all of the red tape.


A startup that sells videos of people doing things that they are good at and then they give the people who buy the videos personalized lessons on how to do the things that they’ve learned


A startup that makes it easy for people to sell their old books (I know there are a lot of startups doing this but it's a big market)


A startup that provides software to help people with their finances by doing things like managing their budget


Idea: This is a marketplace for landlords and tenants to find each other The startup says they’re doing $1 million in monthly revenue, and have over 250,000 users so far


Idea: A startup that makes it easy for US consumers to buy Mexican avocados. The company is doing this by helping consumers order avocados online, then providing a service that ships the avocados to them from Mexico, taking care of taxes and other details. It’s already working with several large grocery chains, including Costco.


Idea: A way to get paid for doing a bunch of small jobs via text.


Idea: A startup for organizing and publishing video interviews with people on the internet, initially for people who are doing YC interviews before Demo Day.