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Distribution Startup Ideas

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A platform for the distribution of affordable and affordable housing.


A tool for distribution of food and groceries to people in need, in the form of a vehicle equipped with a fridge, a microwave, and a coffee machine, and that can travel down the street from a central hub. The startup’s founders are veterans of the American military.


A platform for pharmaceuticals that wants to be the Uber for drug distribution. Instead of having to find a distributor, the startup wants to connect patients directly with pharmacies that can provide them with medicines.


Online content creation and distribution company that has helped over 250,000 artists and entrepreneurs connect with brands like Nike, Dell, Mercedez-Benz, and Amazon.


This startup is building a digital library of sorts for the music industry. It hopes to replace the print-only distribution models with a digital distribution platform that allows users to sell music with minimal friction and low overhead.


A startup that makes it easier for brands to manage their PR, social media, and content distribution in one place. The startup is building a ‘media dashboard’ that allows brands to manage all their social media and PR channels, and track their performance.


In this article, Rob writes about the startup’s plan to make a video service that lets you edit and share video from an iPhone through a web browser. A few months later, the startup pivots to focus on video editing and distribution.


Idea for a new video distribution platform:


A digital media distribution platform for emerging musicians


A tool that helps you visually approximate the distribution of code within a project and can even show you how much time you’ve spent on each line of code.


A platform that helps companies “create and manage high-quality video content” by coordinating video production and distribution.


An “open-source ‘on-demand’ service for the generation, distribution, and consumption of media”.


A digital music distribution startup that aims to make it easy to find and buy music.


A platform for food and retail delivery in India. The startup wants to help the 1,100 billion rupee (US$14.8 billion) food and retail sector in India optimize its supply chain and distribution.


A startup that wants to turn the internet of things into a powerful business tool. The company, founded by former GE engineers, wants to build a platform that combines everyday objects into a platform that can help with manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management.


An API for managing a video distribution, with plans to integrate with the YouTube publishing platform and other video-sharing sites.


This startup is building a platform for digital security and distribution of secure communication apps through a mobile browser.


As a company that offers a service to connect freelancers with employers, Cofoundr has an exclusive relationship with a major content distribution platform.


This startup is building a platform that aims to help small businesses connect with global clients and distribution channels.


Software that helps companies manage the distribution of their products to multiple distribution channels.


A decentralized open-source marketplace for the distribution of high-quality digital content.


A platform designed to help independent musicians, record labels, and music supervisors build digital distribution platforms. It hosts collectives, which are essentially websites for independent bands, allowing artists to share their music, playlists, and receive royalties.