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A tool for creating tools. The startup’s founders say they’re building a tool that allows users to distribute GitHub tools, like their own GitHub for Excel, by other users.


A software platform that allows producers to create, edit, and distribute videos, audio, photos, and text.


A company focused on the web and mobile performance, making the world’s largest distributed network for web and mobile services.


A company that helps brands create and distribute in-store marketing content across traditional and social media, allowing for a more efficient way to reach customers.


A networking tool for engineers that streamlines the process of deploying and managing distributed systems.


Idea: A tool to help companies manage their distributed workforce


A company that helps home builders like ApartmentPlace, ApartmentGuide, and Zumper create a single-page listing that embeds all of their properties into an app that they can distribute through the Apple Store and Google Play.


The startup wants to build a global “decentralized, distributed version control system” where users can collaborate directly with each other to do things like improve code or collaborate on core products.


A system for managing and tracking IT systems for distributed teams, using an event-driven approach.


A company that helps companies manage highly distributed teams. It provides a toolkit for companies to build chat, file sharing, and collaboration tools.


A startup that is developing a platform that helps creative agencies, brands and agencies capture and broadcast videos with social media. The idea is to help brands showcase their work and have the material distributed through a variety of channels.


A platform that gives musicians the tools to create and distribute their music, as well as an online store.


A platform that allows teams to create video content, which the company will distribute.


With the help of a $500,000 grant from the New York City Economic Development Corporation the company is building an app that lets companies share the same schedule in one place, regardless of whether they’re centralized or distributed.


A distributed file system on a blockchain.


A project management tool that focuses on helping distributed teams communicate with one another.


A startup that helps companies pull reports from their company's distributed computer system and then distribute them to their employees.


Distributed Storage for Machine Learning


A company that distributes plastic bags to shoppers in developing countries so they can buy groceries on credit.


The App Factory is building a platform to build, distribute, and manage applications from a team of developers and designers. It’s a mix of Slack, Trello, and Jira.


A company that manufactures and distributes high-end headphones, digital cameras, and other electronics. The startup is focusing on the “high-end” market by offering higher quality products priced at the same range as its competitors.


A project management app for iOS. Per the startup, it’s a “new kind of project management app,” and they see it as a “platform for bringing order to the chaos of distributed teams.”


A platform that helps companies create, manage, and distribute videos in an online environment.


A distributed ledger platform for managing people’s cryptocurrency assets.


Cofound.it is a platform for fundraising, with a $50 million fund to invest in startups. It has already distributed over $40 million to startups.


An e-commerce platform for online marketplaces seeking to help brands distribute to more people. The company’s first product is a tool that helps fashion brands find more ways to sell their clothes.


A startup that aims to make it easier for newsrooms, news publishers, and TV channels to collaborate on sharing content and distribute video. They focus on sharing video content, and do so in a way that Twitter and Facebook can’t.


An API for the creation of short videos to be distributed across social media platforms.


A tool for teams and organizations to build and distribute apps.


A platform that allows teachers to create interactive class lessons and distribute them to their students. The startup has raised $9.6 million in funding to date.


A startup that helps influencers gain access to the best brands and products. The startup is a tool for influencers to distribute and promote products.


A company that helps its customers to “reduce the friction” between their customers and their employees by using a distributed ledger called Hyperledger.


An investment platform for early stage startups composed of a distributed network of partners who provide seed funding and advice.


A complex, distributed system that turns your phone number into a digital identity. It aims to provide a digital identity for every person on the planet, allowing them to access online services.


A distributed team management system that moves employees to a new team instead of firing them.


It’s a way for companies to distribute benefits to employees without increasing their payroll costs.


A distributed blockchain that can accommodate the 100,000 transactions per second that will be needed for the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


A platform that allows for distributed teams to negotiate, ensure a project is on time and on budget, and track progress. They’re working on a cloud-based solution with a feature set that includes project management, time and labor tracking, and collaboration.


This is a fully automated dairy company that aims to sell its milk in a box. The startup uses a robot to make the milk, and plans to distribute in 100,000 restaurants.


A free, open-source platform for building and managing distributed applications. Uses a programming language called Akka.


A project management app for small teams and distributed teams of people that don't want to be tied to a computer screen.


A new content marketing platform that helps businesses create and distribute content quickly, with the goal of driving more leads through its platform.


An AI-based platform for marketers to create and distribute large-scale email campaigns at scale. The startup wants to help marketers copy and paste some of the work they do in traditional email marketing to email marketing automation.


A software company that helps healthcare providers and pharmacists create and distribute apps.


A software company that makes it easy for companies to develop and distribute an app that allows them to manage and track their retail inventory.


An audio platform for artists and labels to sell and distribute music and audio-visual content to customers.


In an interview with TechCrunch, the company said it was building a “mobile first,” “on-demand” fully-distributed video streaming platform.


A company that helps filmmakers to create and distribute videos. The startup has raised $2.5 million in funding and has 10 customers on board, including Filmora.


A startup that offers a distributed human-powered AI that can help organizations build AI-driven chatbots.


Open-source, distributed computing that allows people to build and manage their own supercomputers. The company wants to provide people with the means to build their own supercomputers, allowing them to “live in the cloud” at home.


A startup that wants to build a “video news network” that allows video content to be created and distributed by anyone with a smartphone.


A tool for businesses to create and distribute their own branded podcasts, video and audio content, and digital marketing materials.


A tool for contractors to build, manage, and distribute their work projects easily.


This startup is developing a software platform to help local food producers and farmers grow and distribute their crops and foods.


The company wants to help its clients build and distribute “native” apps for their web properties.


A program that helps distributed teams build and ship their products faster


A podcast company that wants to reinvent the way we consume podcasts. Hosts other companies that use their software so that their podcasts can be distributed on their platform.


This startup is building a machine learning tool to help people create and distribute their own live video streams, much like the aforementioned idea. They’re also building a “discovery pipeline” that lets users vote among the new tools that emerge from voting.


An open source, open culture distributed ledger platform for distributed apps. The company wants to create a standard for the distributed web.


a startup that allows people to sell each other their unused gift cards, with the proceeds distributed to charity


A startup that helps distribute the wealth of people who are well-known in tech.


A platform that aggregates and distributes content from across the web. Source wants to make it easy for anyone to find, manage and share content from different providers.


A software company that wants to build a “one-stop shop for out-of-the-box, customizable content”. The startup wants to make it easy for brands to create and distribute custom content.


A platform for book publishers to sell and distribute books to buyers.


A startup that helps companies get the most out of mobile employees. In a nutshell, it’s a mobile management platform for managing distributed teams of mobile workers.


A platform for running distributed IoT applications


A platform to create and distribute high-quality, curated content for marketing and education, including online courses and videos.


A digital media studio that helps brands develop their own digital content, then distribute it through various digital channels.


A distributed computing platform that helps businesses automate tasks they do every day.


A digital tool for producers and sellers of music and arts to manage and distribute their content.


A network of startups working together to build a new ecosystem around distributed ledger technology. The goal is to build a platform that spurs the creation of startups that can power an ecosystem built around blockchain.


A “social media and content software platform” that helps users create, manage and distribute content.


A platform connecting anyone with a product or service with people to help them sell or distribute their products and services.


This is a startup that’s seen as a smart contract for insurance. It’s a platform for self-insured employers who want to collect and distribute payments to their employees.


A software platform that allows companies to develop and deploy secure, integrated and distributed applications. It’s built for organizations that want to build applications that can connect, securely, with their own internal networks, and with other applications and services.


An online media publishing tool for creating and curating videos for social media and targeted website traffic. The startup wants to make it easier to create and distribute visuals for any social media platform.


This company is working on a “P2P” trading platform for the long-tail of penny stocks. What sets it apart from other trading platforms is that it’s built on a distributed ledger rather than a traditional database, meaning that it can respond to market fluctuations in real time.


A tool for developers to build, manage, and distribute digital applications. The company also offers a developer platform that lets users build, test, and deploy digital applications.


Idea: Tastemade is building a platform for brands and media to upload, organize, and distribute videos The startup has two offices right now — one in New York and one in LA, with a few employees in each


Idea: Digitize and distribute membership cards and other physical cards


Idea: A startup that helps online businesses understand how their product is interacting with the real world It’s like an interactive version of Google Analytics The startup’s software is built on top of a distributed programmable database called BigTable and is currently selling to a handful of enterprise clients


A startup that creates and distributes a special kind of credit card that people can use to pay all of their bills online